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I made a short story out of this and I really wanted to make this into a novel. It is a story of love and adventure. Of Whit and combat. Not combat skills... It takes you to this world that's secret to humans. Only the time traveler breed knows. And only one can save it. View table of contents...


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From the beginning of time, there has been man. From Adam and Eve to the latest in pop culture, we have roamed earth, discovering creation, inspiration, and imagination. We know what to expect from life. A career, a family, and the usual vacation we look foward to. But what if there was something that we didn't expect out there? Something miraculous, something seemingly spontaneous. How would we react? How would we take it?

"Lee!" a voice shouted from down the stairs,"Time for training!" Lee Jacobswas working on his science project, a super deluxe mini roller coaster that collapsed into being easily portable. As he worked, the rain drops flickered on the window pane ofhis room, making that annoying pitter-patter noise. Pitter! Patter! Pitter! Patter! He had been working onhis projectfor weeks, making it just perfect. Lee finally found a stopping point,finishing thelast structure. He ran downstairs, meeting the voice who had called him a few minutes ago, his mother. The Jacobses were thought of as your average family. Mr. Mark Jacobs, a caucasian travel agent who was practically never home. Mrs.Antari Jacobs, a housekeeper/ unexpected wonder to the world. And of course, Lee Andrew Jacobs, the 15 year-old only child of the Jacobses.

Lee was known as the school's genius, but he was far more than just a brain in the front of the class. Lee was a time traveler, a powerful beingthat could stop, look at, and travel through time (not to mention teleport to any place he wanted). Mrs. Jacobs and Lee shared this gift (Mark didn't know due to his reactions to things), coming from Antari's bloodline.She came from auncharted island that can never be found. They are a small breed of time travelers amoungst fascinated normal natives, but not even Antari knows what advantages they use from their gifts. Antari escaped from the chaotic island and traveled to America, met Mark, and the rest is obvious.

"Mom," Lee complained, "why do you make me practice when you won't allow me to use the stinkin' power anyway?"

Mrs. Jacobs smiled at Lee, "Because you never know when you might need it." Mrs. Jacobs was a very clever mother. She always had an answer for everything, mainly because she can look into the future. "Okay, Lee, let's start with something small, like seeing what I am going to be wearing, say tomorrow." Lee began to concentrate, closing his eyes, and making a serious face. After a moment, he answered. "Well, Mom, it looks like you're wearing a pink and orange polk-a-dot shirt with purple and green striped pants."

"Ha ha! Very funny," Mrs. Jacobs replied sarcastically, "now come on, I don'thave all day." Waiting a moment, Lee looked at his mother.

"A pink sweater with dark denim jeans." To see if he was right, Mrs. Jacobs closed her eyes, following the same porcedjure as her son. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes. "Bravo my son," she said in an angelic tone. " I see you've finally started to blocked out your sense's desire to enter REM cycles."

Antari called it the "sense", the part of your mind that went into time, and saw. While developing time traveling skills it was a very hard thing to grab hold on to and use. The sense loved to fool you by making you think the future was a dream or something youimagined. After the age of ten,the time traveler usually had complete control of it, in other cases, as Lee's, it just became controlled a few months ago.An hour went by, an hour of practicing the powers that he wasn't allowed to use outside of his home.

"Mom," Lee began, "I gotta go finish myscience project, it's do tomorrow." She nodded, allowing him to be free of her daily hour of time traveling practice. Heraced towards his room, walls covered with bulletin boards andclassic rockbands' posters. He's was off to his own little world, perfecting his project. It had to be perfect, he was countingon this project to repute himself. If heaccomplished that, maybe histrue love, Jori Winters, the girl with a book alwaysat hand,would actually notice him. He'd have to wait till tomorrow to find that out. It would be a long wait.


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