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The Adventures Of John Ford

By: C E Sherrod

Chapter 1, It is about two Christian boys go on a journey to thier uncle\'s castle


The Adventures Of John Ford

March 31


The story Of John Ford is a book about two Christian boys who go on a long Journey on a big adventure.       By:  Coby Sherrod    Age: 11                    [Recommended for children 10+]    








Chapter 1: The Story Begins!

A long time ago there was a boy named John.  He wasn’t like the other kids, he didn’t play very much.  And he mostly stayed Home after school.  And the thing he did most was reading and writing, but when he was eight years old he became a Christian.  Then he started reading the Bible and praying a lot more.  One day he decided to go into the attic and see all the old things that were up there.  So he went upstairs, pulled down the ladder to the attic and went in.  There were a lot of odds and ends, but what caught his attention was an old map in a new picture frame.  He studied it and found that it was a map showing the way to an old castle in Canada.  Then all of the sudden it came to him, his uncle had moved away when he was 5 years old and went to Canada, this was the map to his uncle’s castle!  The next day he got up, got ready for the day and ran as fast as he could to the house where his friend Jacob lived, he knocked on the door once, no answer he knocked again and Jacob came to the door, I have something very important to show you, said John, alright just let me put on some shoes and we can head on over to your house, said Jacob.  Jacob quickly came inside and told his mother that he would be at John’s house, and then he put on his shoes and they headed off for John’s home.  Okay so what’s this big important thing you wanted to show me, said Jacob, I found an old map in the attic, said John.  So, said Jacob, I think it’s the map to my uncle’s old castle, said John, wow said Jacob that’s cool but I still don’t get why it’s so important, well, I’ve been thinking that we might be able to go to my uncle’s castle and live with him for a while, after all we only live in Wyoming, said John, plus I have already asked both of our parents if we could go and they both said yes but we’d better pack we have a long journey ahead of us.  Yes we do, said Jacob.     


               Chapter 2:  Swamp of lethal lizards.

They started the journey pretty easily until after a while they came to a very large swamp, which had tons of islands and large rocks.  And they had to jump from rock to rock and island to rock.   They had been doing this for about 1 hour when John looked and saw very strange looking rocks, and he thought they looked like giant lizard heads, but this was before people knew very much about alligators.  Then he saw that Jacob was standing on one!  Then all the strange rocks started moving!  “Jacob, get off that’s not a rock.  Jacob was already jumping off because he saw that the rock he was standing on had eyes.  He landed on one of the islands, then, John jumped to the island, one of the alligators swam up to the island, Jacob pulled out his knife and stabbed it in the stomach.  Then more of them came and feasted on the dead one, the boys saw their chance, they had just enough time to jump over them and onto more rocks.  The alligators saw that their appetizer was getting away, they swam after their prey.  “Quick we have to get away!  Come on there is an island with a big tree in the middle.  We have to get to the tree before those lizards get there.  Jacob and John jumped as fast as they could to the island.  But when they got up the tree they saw that they were not the only ones seeking refuge.  There in the tree was a boy who was about 12 years old. The boys looked at the boy for a minute, then, Jacob recognized him and said, Matthew, is that you?  Yes, who are you? It’s me Jacob, cousin it’s been so long since I saw you last, said Matthew. How did you get here, said Jacob? Well you know that I went with my dad on the journey to Canada.  But then while we were exploring I got stuck in the swamp.  And my dad came to help me get to one of the islands.  So we started hopping along on the rocks. Then, the rocks started moving.  When we got to the island one of those lizards came up on the shore, my dad killed it and a bunch more came to feast on it.  That gave us just enough time to climb the tree.  But then, my dad grabbed a rotten branch and fell.  Then those lizards chased him and he had to run to shore without me.  And from then to now I have simply been eating the plants and fish that are here.   Wow, said Jacob, you have been missing for a year and I can tell you right now your father has indeed made it to Canada.  Wow, thank you guys, but now we really need to get out of here! Ok but how do we get out of here?  I think I know said, Matthew.  I have been waiting a long time to do this.  What we need to do is, grab a bunch of fruit and throw it the other way from which we are going.  And then jump as fast as we can to get to shore.  What good will that do they will see us and go after us, said John.  No they won’t because the fruit attracts frogs and fish.  Oh I see now the lizards will go after the bait and we can get to shore, let’s go.  Then John, Jacob, and Matthew quickly gathered some fruit and got ready to go.  Then they threw the fruit away from the shore, and all of the sudden tons of frogs and fish started to snatch the fruit. Then, the alligators swam out to get the bait.  The boys saw their chance and they darted away on the rocks.  But something they didn’t notice was that a big alligator had swum away from the others and now it was chasing them!  But luckily the boys had brought extra some fruit, and they threw it to the side of them, and the alligator stopped and started gulping fish and frogs.  And when they were almost at the shore when they realized that the rocks ended.  We’re trapped said Jacob, then Matthew said, we’ll have to swim, so they swam and got to shore just in time for the alligators had finished their main course and now they wanted an seconds.  But the boys were already in the woods on the far side of the swamp.  Quick thinking Matthew, said the two boys, without you we would be lizard stew.  Yeah nice job but now we need to get on our way to our destination, next stop Montana!



Chapter 3: A narrow escape.

 It had been a long time since the trio left the swamp and they were getting tired.  I wonder what is between us and our uncle’s castle. Said Matthew, I hope it’s not too much longer we’ve been at this for 1 month. Let’s look at the map, suggested John, and when they looked at the map to their utter disappointment there was a gigantic forest between them and the border of Canada and Montana with a big lake in the middle.  But then they looked again and they were delighted to see that there was an old cabin two miles away.  And they decided to head straight to it.  And with little difficulty they found the old cabin they went inside and found a stove, 4 cots and a pantry with fresh food they were wondering about this when they found a note.  It read, this food is for weary travelers and is restored every two weeks by a hunter who lives in these woods.  They ate a little of the food then they dropped off to sleep.  When they awoke they heard a sniffing sound by the door.  When Jacob looked out the window it was not hard to find the source of the sound.  It was a black bear, Jacob backed off the instant he saw the big black shape.  There’s a bear outside the door.  The boys didn’t exactly know what to do.  The boys were getting nervous.  They had never fought a bear before so they discussed what to do for a little while.  Then John stood up and said.  It isn’t much use sitting around talking while that bear breaks the door down.  I think we should jump out the window and run.  No, said Matthew bears can run really fast.  Then Jacob remembered something that he had read in a survival book.  Guys I just remembered something bears can’t climb trees and they are scared of noise.  So I say we grab our pots and pans and jump out the window banging them together and then climb up a tree.  And they all agreed and they carried out their plan.  When they got out of the window they started banging their pots and pans and the bear started running away.  Then the trio all started climbing up trees. But the bear wanted at least an appetizer and ran to John’s tree and started hitting the tree with his claws.  And the tree started to fall but luckily it was falling on the bear. And as soon as the bear saw the tree falling down towards him he took off and John landed in a pile of leaves.  Are you ok John said Jacob?  Yes I’m fine said John. Good let’s get going before that bear comes back.  So they were off again but this time they had to be content with setting up camp at the base of a tree.  When they had set up camp and eaten they thanked God for helping them on their journey.  And then they all went to sleep.                  

Chapter: 4 the frozen lake.

They slowly made their way through the forest but to their dismay the big lake was right in front of them it would take too long to go around so they decided to walk right across.  It was cold and they were running out of food and water.  After going across for 1 week their food was pretty much gone and they only had 3 pints of water left but as they were walking along they saw an edible plant and they saved it for the next day.  But when they woke up on the next day the sun was shining brightly and the ice was starting to thaw!  The ice became very slippery and a little ways behind them they started seeing holes in the ice! They all started to run but soon they slipped and fell but a miracle happened, they kept on sliding! They went faster and faster until they were going faster than they would on a galloping horse, and to their amazement they were soon heading straight for the other side of the lake! They tried to slow down but they couldn’t so they went faster than ever and hit the powdery snow! Well that went better that expected, said John, yes it did, the others agreed, they thanked God for getting them across the lake and then they continued on their way up the small mountain down the other side and finally across the Canadian border.

       Chapter 5: The castle

Hooray we are finally in Canada I can’t wait to see my uncle, John said, me too, said Matthew.

 I can’t wait to see a real castle, said Jacob.  So they continued on until they hit a patch of woods and then they saw it a gigantic building with a moat, drawbridge, towers, and guards.

How do we get in Jacob asked John how about we use the giant knocker on the front gate, said Matthew, well I guess there’s no harm in trying, John said, so he grabbed the giant knocker and swung it hard against the door almost an instant later a porter opened it and asked who it was and John answered two of Mr. fords nephews and one of their friends.  Then come in little boy he enjoys visits from his relatives, so they came in went through a courtyard down a series of passageways, up and down staircases and finally to a big study where their uncle was reading a book he looked up and said, John is that you? Yes sir I am. And aren’t you Matthew? Yes I am sir. Ah and who are you? My name is Jacob sir oh you’re the one my sister keeps writing about, but I’m talking to much tell me of your journey to get here so they proceeded to tell him everything that had happened so far and when they were done he said that’s an amazing story, But I have a question for you.  What is it sir, they said simultaneously, well I’m wondering if you

Would like to stay with me for a while, would you like to?  John answered him and said yes sir if our parents say.  Terrific you will have a wonderful time at my castle but at the moment you need to get some sleep, good night young adventurers.    




Chapter 6: our jobs in the castle

So far in my uncle’s castle it has been fun but also our jobs take a lot of perseverance.  Here is a list of our jobs: cleaning the stables and bathrooms, cleaning the fireplace, bringing drinks to the guards, and helping in the kitchen. Also our school includes: reading, poetry, grammar, literature, spelling, science, history, vocabulary, art, and my least favorite mathematics.  But now I am going to tell you what happened three months after we started living there.  Today I have some very exciting news, my uncle said, next week it will be Christmas!


Chapter 7: Christmas in the castle

This is going to be the best Christmas ever, said Jacob, yeah I cannot wait to sing carols in the snow and play in the snow and have no school and snowball fights, said Matthew, basically play with a lot of snow, said John, yeah pretty much, said Matthew.  On Christmas day though there was a terrible storm but right in the middle of the day there came a knock at the gate, please let us in said a boy with his little brother next to him.  Of course we’ll let you in we have way too much food anyway. So for the rest of Christmas they stayed with us but before they left we managed to get their name they were Sam and Jonathan Richardson.






Chapter 8: Spring is here again

I love this time of year when we can play outside without wearing a coat, said John, it’s so much fun to see all of God’s beautiful creation, said Jacob.  Too bad we have to do school again, said Matthew, plus we are going to have to go home soon, said John, just then my uncle came up behind us and he looked very sad, boys he said in a sorrowful tone John’s mother said that johns father is sick with TB. What’s TB it’s a lung disease if not treated properly john’s father could possibly die so you need to go home.  So we went to our rooms and packed for the journey ahead of us.  The next day we were ready to go but before we went we said goodbye to my uncle and promised to see him again someday so they left.  It was easier going back home than going to the castle they went across the lake through the forest and around the swamp then finally they were home and the first thing they did was go see Mr. Ford but they were surprised to see that he was well again Johns mother said he had recovered a lot faster than the doctor had anticipated and was son back to normal it was a miracle.





                   The End.


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