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Legend Of The Warrior

By: Chocolate Ice

Chapter 1,

LEGEND OF THE WARRIOR CHAPTER 1 -THE BEGINING- 10 years later- "Alexzander"  "Alexzander"  "ALEXZANDER!!!" "What." "Wake up sleepy head todays the day you train to be a Roman warrior". "WHAT!! What time is it!" yelled Alexzander. "umm an hour till noon". "OH CRAP IM LATE"yelled Alexzander. He ran towerds the training arena.         



"Why hello there Alexzander". "I see that your late for your training." "Yeah sorry bout that" said Alexzander. "But im here now so can I start my training now?" "Yes of course you can follow me". They walked through so many hallways that Alexzander lost track of how long they'd been walking.



"Are we there yet" asked Alexzander. "Yes we are actually". In front of them was a huge building with a dome on top. "THIS is the training arena?" said Alexzander. "Yes lets go in." "o..ok lets go" Alexzander stammerd as they walked in the glass door.


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