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Lashuae (Angel)

By: chrissy5

Chapter 1, Venessa is an unfortunate girl, no one wants to be her friend she gets bullied in school and gets abused by her parents. She has no other siblings. But she has one toy which is a lalaoopsy little doll. One day she makes a wish and her lalaoopsy little doll comes to life but forms a human figure, with white long hair. Her name is Lashuae. Only Venessa can see her and Lashuae helps her through all the hard times in her life.

 Chapter one

"gotcha" a voice said as a hand was put over Venessa's mouth to prevent her from screaming. All of a sudden she was dragged to the 6th years hangout nickname the "Dungeon". Venessa was freed from the person's arms. She turned around to see who captured her. It was Morius, a sixth year. She started crying as Morius un-zipped his trousers. "Suck this" he told her. Venessa did not move a muscle and looked up at him. "Now!" he shouted. Venessa wiped her tears and obeyed what he told her.

Soon her clothes were taken off her and she was made to lay on the broken couch as Morius had sex with her. It was oh so painfull, Venessa moaned and screamed but nobody could help her. When Morius finished he pinned Venessa against the wall. "You tell anyone about this and you're dead" he warned her as he let go. Venessa nodded as she put her clothes back on. 

She could barely walk. She was only 13 and her virginity was lost and she got raped and she could not tell anyone about it. She had no friends in school to comfort her. Not even her parents would help her, they barely even knew that she existed. The only thing she could talk to was her Lalaoopsy doll, which she got from her favourite Aunty before she passed away.

She stood by her window with her Lalaoopsy doll and confessed to herself. "I just got raped today, i will never tell anyone except for you" she whispered as she cried beside her Lalaoopsy doll. Eventually she fell asleep. As she slept, the spirit of her favourite Aunty, wizzed through her room. She did some magic and transformed the doll into a human.

The doll turned into a girl about the same age of Venessa, with long white-silver hair and aqua blue eyes. She was an angel. The spirit of Venessa's favourite Aunty told the angel what to do in a strange language. Venessa was still asleep but the angel laid down beside her until she awoke in the morning.  

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