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Meet Amyra De Clareyans, fourteen year old prodigy living her normal life of school, until she gets recruited. Recruited into what? The secret underground academy of spies. Action packed missions, this girl will take you all on a wild ride. View table of contents...



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***OKAY SO THIS IS FOR SCHOOL 6 pages of writing for school*** I haven't gotten the time to update Bloody Bite, but look you guys can read this chapter and tell me what do you think continue yay or nay? Because I am literally obsessed with action packed novels. So I got this idea. EVERY THING IS PURELY FICTIONAL, and I know nothing about spies...so i made up titles and you know. It's a story. :) THIS WAS ORIGINALLY MEANT TO BE JUST CALLED I SPY, BUT THE TITLE WAS TAKEN :'(
Any way, on a different note I just read ' The fault in our stars by John Green.' And I bawled like a baby...:'(

I SPY (Academy)


'Can Amyra De Clareyans, come to the principal's office now. Amyra De Clareyans.' the voice announced loud and clearly from the speaker box in the corner of the classroom.

All twenty pairs of eyes turned to me; even my teacher had a shocked expression crossed over her face.
In all my years of schooling I have never been called up to the principal's office, I stood up slowly and started to gather my books and my pencil case. I could feel the eyes burning into the back of head, if their eyes were lasers and the intensity of the burn was measured by the power of the stare, my head would be a seared patty right about now.

I looked down avoiding the eyes trying to pile my things in a hasty manner to leave as soon as possible. I turned away from the sterling grey, the piercing blues, mossy greens and honey ochres and dull browns. The colour rushed into my cheeks as I blush bright crimson of embarrassment and humiliation under their curious stares.

Holding the books to my chest, I walked out of the classroom forcing my lead legs to push me forward.

'Wait. Amyra!' My teacher Mrs Jones called out.

I turned back and trained my eyes on her.
'Here, your essay.' She handed over my essay back to me, as if I wasn't coming back.

'Thanks.' I mumble.

I strode back out the door, and looked back at the paper now clasp tightly in my hand, new wrinkles formed across the crisp flat paper.
A+ as always, she graded.

It didn't matter; I didn't cheer out or squeal out in joy. I was in trouble and I could not even think of a reason why I am. In less than a few minutes, I find myself standing right in front of the cream coloured door, with the sign advertising 'Principal Chapman's office.'
Breathing in and breathing out, I anticipated and braced myself for my terrible fate.

I knocked once and then twice then the familiar deep voice invited me in. I turned the knob and stumbled in, almost tripping over my shoes. The first smell that hits me like a ton of bricks is the strong shot of coffee floating through into my nose, then the smell of fresh new leather.

'Principal Chapman.' I acknowledged politely.

'Amyra De Clareyans, straight A student in all her subjects.'He rises up from his leather seat and says in a tone with no trace of emotion.

I stayed silent not knowing what to say to that. What is going on? Is my father going to be contacted? He is going to be so disappointed, I sigh sadly. I don't like to make him disappointed.

He sits back down and glances at his watch.

'They're going to be here soon.' He says casually, as if I knew who 'they' were.

I wavered near the door, not knowing what I should do.

'Sit down.' He gestured to the seat in front of his desk.

I nodded and sat down in the seat he motioned to.
Principal Chapman then picks up the mug on his table and drinks from it, taking loud slurping obnoxious sips. He places it back down on the table letting the mug form another ring of coffee that overlaps the dozen ones stained on the table. I focus on the circles, trying to avoid any moment of awkward eye contact with him. He notices me watching, and he quickly wipes up the fresh formed stain with the back of his sleeve, however unfortunately for him the old ones are still present and very prominent. For a principal, he didn't really act like one.

Suddenly the door behind me opens and in strides two authority looking figures, the first person I notice is a middle aged woman with jet black hair, tied into the neatest bun I have ever seen, not one piece of hair out of place. The woman's intense eyes are cinnamon brown and duty-full glancing at me shrewdly. The second person that followed behind her had molten golden eyes that had the same duty-full expression. His hair was cropped short and combed back neatly. He looked to be around sixteen!

'General Anders.' Principal Chapman rises immediately and stretches out his hand to hers and nods at the young boy beside her.

General? What would a General want with me?

'Chapman.' She says bluntly turning to him, showing no enthusiasm whilst taking his hand.

'Amyra De Clareyans.' General Anders states glancing back at me, now acknowledging my identity.

'Th-Th-That's me.' I stammer, nervously.

'I'm General Anders, this is my escort Lawrence.'

'Nice, to meet you.' I stretch out my hand nervously.

She gives me a fake smile and nods, taking my hand in hers.
I stretch out my hand to Lawrence, and mutter softly.

'Hello, nice to meet you Lawrence.'
'Hello, and I too.' He says in a polite tone.

'Amyra you need to come with us.' General Anders commands sternly.

'Why?'I question anxiously, tempted to bite my nails.

' We will explain at the academy.'

'Academy?' I say inarticulately.

'Yes.' She nods, impatient.

'My father does he know?'

'He will be contacted shortly.' The woman verifies.

'Okay.' I comply.

What is going on?

General Anders stalked out of the room confidently her heels click clacking on the floor, Lawrence gestured for me to go first before him. Probably so he can trail behind and ensure I don't make a run for it.
We stop in front of a black car with tinted black windows.

The chauffeur comes out of the car immediately when we're close, he opens the door for General Anders, I follow in after her and then Lawrence is the last person to be seated. The chauffeur slams the door shut and heads back into the driver's seat.

The car is so spacious and big, I sit perfectly in the seat and cross my legs like a proper lady.
The rest of the car ride is silent. After a few twists and unknown turns into streets I have never step foot on in my life, we arrive at this secluded landscape with an ordinary looking building sitting on top of it. The building is dotted around with a few ordinary looking homes. It looks to be new, the building white and window less.

'This is the academy?' I say in disbelief, without noticing I said it out loud.

'No. This is part of the academy.' General Anders says slightly irritated at the sound of my voice.

I clam my big mouth shut.

The chauffeur stops the car and immediately comes out of the car again to open the door for General Anders, Lawrence and I.

We walk up to the building; it still looked pretty ordinary to me.

We walked through the glass doors, of the white block building. There is no one here but a few people sitting behind desks.

General Anders, walked up to the desk and muttered a few words to a mid twenty year old with ash blonde hair.
The blonde mid twenty year old nodded and muttered a few words into the speaker headset she was wearing.
'General Anders coming down in five minutes tops, with a new trainee.'

The door that I thought had been part of the perfectly bleached white walls pushed forward and slid to the side, exposing a hidden staircase that lead underground.
Impressive, I gush silently.
General Anders takes the lead and starts for the stairs.

'Impressive huh?' Lawrence says behind me.

'Yeah... it looks like an ordinary building from outside. Why?' I answer him back with a question.

'You're meant to be one hell of an impressive student to be here, yet you can't figure this out?' He waves his hand around and chuckles.

'Impressive... student to be here?' I mumble foolishly.

'Yes, you were selected and the ordinary building is just a disguise... for this.' He gestures around us, the narrow stair case disappeared beneath me and is now replaced with a large white stretch of space. There are ten sealed off passage ways guarded by metal doors and can only be accessed by codes, fingerprints and a personal I.D card.

Signs are placed on the wall besides the metal door to show where they lead to, 'Training ground', 'Dormitories', 'Cafeteria', 'Education', 'Library' I don't have the time to look at all the signs before General Anders swipes her card and enters the code to open the passage way that leads to Dormitories and we follow her in.

I am greeted with a few curious faces and smug arrogant faces that are looking me over, however every one of them addresses General Anders with complete and utmost respect, in polite elegant clear voices. I look down, trying to avoid their eyes.

Finally, we make it to a private room away from all of the watchful eyes. I am lead into an office where General Anders sits down behind the desk, that is decorated with files piled neatly.
'Sit.' She orders sternly.

I obey and sit down; I sneak a glance behind me to see if Lawrence was still following us. He was gone, nowhere in sight.

'Listen, and do not interrupt.' She instructs.

I nod.

'You, Amyra De Clareyans are one of the selected. One of the gifted, one that possesses brains, one that shows excellent potential, one of us. We have kept a watchful eye on you since you were 8, when you began to academically excel ahead of all your peers at an impressive rate, and yet you still continue to do so. You have been accepted into our secret underground academy that helps train the country's most gifted prodigies and make them into world saving spies. You will undertake training for two years, as well as using our resources to further develop your education. In your third year you will take the ultimate test that will determine your future.'

A spy? Me? No, that's ludicrous! I nodded along with everything she said, pretending to agree with her. Finally she stopped, and asked.

'Any questions?'

'I-I-' my voice begin to falter.


'What if I refuse?' my voice cracked.

She took a deep breath in and exhaled out sharply.

'Why would you want to do that? You could be saving the world.'

'I...want to live a...normal life.'

'Amyra, you could be saving lives, thousands of lives. We need you, your country needs you.' General Anders recites this; she thinks I'm a fool. I'm not the first person she said this to. It's been said to thousands of teenagers exactly like me.

Despite knowing this, I couldn't refuse the people, the country.

'What about my father? Will I ever see him again, and what about my identity?

'For your father's safety and in your best interest it's best if you don't contact him again. But you may contact him if you wish; I'm telling you now the consequences are deadly if information about you gets in the wrong hands. Your true identity will be wiped off everything no one needs to know about the prodigy girl who disappeared, it's best if you have a new alias.'

I can't put my father in danger! That means I will never see my father again! The thought of it made me shudder, I was the only person my father had left. My mother decided to abandon us when I was five years old, she chose a wealthy man over us, and now she has his snobby children. She never wants to see or speak to us again.
And to think, I will never hear my name Amyra De Clareyans said again. Amyra has been my name for the last fourteen years, how could I respond to a different name?

'Here is your schedule for training, resting, education, et cetera .' She hands me a white piece of paper with a weekly time table on it, drawing me back from my silent relapse to give her my full attention.

'I'll have Lawrence escort you to your room, for now you may get settled in but tomorrow you will begin training. You may be excused.'

I stood up and twisted the handle of the door forward. I didn't have a choice in this did I? Dad, I'll never see you again. I don't want you to feel alone, I don't want you to be worried.

Lawrence cleared his throat, he was watching me. He was already waiting for me, was he here this whole time? Was Lawrence even his real name? Of course not it's his alias. This was actually insane, a secret underground spy academy that selects only the brainiest. Oh no. Lawrence knows my real name. He can't reveal that to anyone can he? He had to have sworn to secrecy.

'Did you pick it out, your name?' He says under his breath, it was almost as if he read my mind and knew what I was thinking.

'Yes, it's now...Amy- It's Amy.' It was the closest I could think of to my name.

'Amy.' He says rolling it out on his tongue.

'Amy Parker.' I correct him.

'Amy Parker, nice to meet you I'm Lawrence Conaway.' He beams down at me.

'And I too.' I mimic him from earlier, and beam back at him.

'Shall I take you to your room?' He says in a fake British accent.

I giggle and nod. He begins to walk ahead of me, and I follow, watching as all of the doors I pass by all have numbers nailed on them. Dorms, I guessed. I avert gazes with the people passing by.

Finally we make it to my room, room 812. The door is closed. I twist the knob and shove the door forwards and walk in. I first spot two made beds separated by a small white table in the middle. The table has an alarm clock centred in the middle. One bed is actually occupied with clothing strewn over it. I look around there are two desks on each side of the room; one has make up supplies organised neatly next to a portable mirror.

Stepping further into the room, I could see how large and massive it really is, by my calculations it was 10 metres by 10 metres with a height of three metres. The walls are a bleached stark white, the space is incredible. There is a cork board on the wall nailed above the table with the alarm clock. There is already something pinned to it, a replica of my time table.

There's a suitcase by one of the made beds, that isn't occupied I'm taking a wild guess here but I think that's mine.

'I have some duties to attend to. See you.' Lawrence waves to me and takes off. I forgot he was still lingering behind.

'You must be my new roommate!' A perky, pretty teenage girl with dark chest nut wavy hair squeals with delight. She appears out of nowhere from a door I hadn't spotted until now.

She had burning intense grey eyes flashing with excitement.

'That is me.' I smile at her brightly.

'I'm Samantha Reed, but you can call me Sam.'

'Nice to meet you Sam. I'm Amyr-' I was about to reveal my true name without even realising, then on cue, I recall General Ander's voice.

'I'm Amy, Amy Parker.'


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