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Knight is a lone soldier who's only purpose is fighting a war that's been going on for years. The world now split into three forces and Knight stands strong at the front of USE the biggest faction. However, a chance meeting with a female medic on the battlefield takes him on a journey to protect those dear to him from the place he once called home as well as finding his true self. View table of contents...


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Sword Of War

** = Point of view change

Chapter One - Child Of War

I twisted my wrist so that my sword was behind me. My blade cut through the steel armour as I slashed with all my might. One after another they came and one after another I mowed them down like a relentless hurricane. That was my first taste of battle. I was only sixteen back then and I've been fighting ever since.

The day of my eighteenth birthday marked the fifty seventh anniversary of war. The world had been fighting since the beginning of the 22nd century. Humanity split into three factions. I belong to the United States Of Europe or USE for short. USE is the strongest of the three factions. Their reach includes parts of Europe and most of North America. There is also the Collective Organisation Of Asia, COA for short. They control pretty much all of the Asia, well what is left of it anyway. Finally there is the United Kingdom. The UK is the smallest faction. It hasn't changed much over the years apart from the fact the rest of Ireland joined. They were asked to join USE but profoundly refused, a very stubborn lot they are. After 57 years of war there have been so many deaths. In 2022 a universal law was passed to outlaw guns. I do not know the full reason why but there are no guns on earth but the war still raged on.

The North American USE base was the Head Quarters and I had recently been moved there. We all gathered in the large hall. Countless soldiers young and old but regardless of age we've all been face to face with death. The Vice Commander of USE walked on stage. He was only 48 but the stress of the job had made his hair grey. His face was covered in many scars but that was to be expected from the second most accomplished veteran in USE.

"Fellow Soldiers! It has been 57 years since this war began. I swear to you that all of our losses will not be for nothing. The USE will surely take victory soon!"

The whole crowd cheered as if he was a music idol. Being addressed personally by the Vice Commander was a rare thing so I guess everyone felt honoured.

"Tomorrow we shall fly over to the UK and conquer their eastern coast. It's time we expand our territory once more!"

The soldiers around all roared like beasts. We had been at war for so long that battle was viewed as a necessity. Later that evening while I was heading to my room, the Vice Commander approached me.

"Good evening soldier," said the VC as he saluted.

Like a good soldier should, I immediately saluted back.

"Evening Sir!" I said in my most formal tone.

"Come now soldier no need for such formalities. I've heard a lot about you Knight. You're only eighteen years of age yet you have already accomplished so much for USE."

"It's my pleasure to serve sir," I replied as any worker drone would.

"I'm sure it is soldier. I've always wondered the reason behind your name. Your record says your name is just Knight. No last name or any record of birth parents for that matter."

Things begun to feel more like an interrogation than a casual greeting of comrades.

"Apparently I was found in USE territory as a child, Sir. The only thing I possessed was a figurine of a medieval Knight so they called me Knight on a temporary basis but it became my permanent name."

"Interesting. Well it's a very fitting name for a soldier of your ability. I look forward to seeing you in action tomorrow as I'll be joining the battle." The VC saluted once more before leaving.

I shook my head in confusion while wondering what the hell had just happened. I didn't ponder for too long though because tomorrow I'd return to the battlefield.


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