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Meet Mace Williams, after getting herself suspended again from school, her mother and Step-father decided to send her to Roaming academy. Only Mace doesn’t know it yet but she has a gift and Roaming is only a stepping stone for her. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

"This sucks," I flung myself down onto the bed in my room

"It cant really be that bad," Jake's voice called from my door way

"Oh it is, boarding school, because I got suspend, again," I sighed "My life legit sucks right now,"

"Well Mace, Mom did warn you," My brother Jake said coming to sit down on the bed beside me.

"But it cant be boarding school bad can it? I mean I've only been suspend.." I trailed off

"12 times in the last two months, for-"

"Fighting," I cut him off. "Why are you the perfect one?" I said throwing my pillow at my brother.

"Because your not," He laughed "Better get packing," he got up and padded out of my room, Well let me introduce myself, My name is Mace Williams I am 16 years old, I am 5'11, long dark brown hair bright hazel eyes and a nerve for fighting, I play lots of sports and would consider my self a tomboy as girls cause way to much drama,

"Mace!" My mom called, I hurried out of my room and to the top of the stairs, "Down here now!"

"Yes?" I asked walked into the living room. My mother sat beside my step father, Joey,

"You got suspended again, young lady," Joey said

"And your point Joe?" I said rolling my eyes "Your not my father," My dad left my mom while she was pregnant, after I was born my mom met Jo and had Jake.

"Show some respect," My mother said "Anyways we warned you of what would happen if you got suspend again, you will be leaving for Roaming Academy for trouble youth on Friday,"

"A school for bad kids? Great choice and if I get suspend from there?"

"We are sending you to military school if you manage to get yourself kicked out of there, I can pull some strings." Joe said, Joe was a general for the Army.

"Roaming academy it is, can I go now?" I asked

"Yes, but I want your cell phone and laptop," Joe said

"Fat chance, I bought both with my own money. So you cant have them,"

"You live under my roof young lady,"

"Only till Friday, You cant have them," I said running back up stairs. I flopped down on my bed, Jake appeared at my door,

"I hid your laptop, and ill take it to school tomorrow, so Dad cant get it, I'll make sure I slip it in your bag before you leave Friday,"

"Thank you," I said getting up and hugging Jake, "I love you little bro, I'm going to miss you,"

"I'm going to miss saving you," he said he kissed my cheek and headed back to his room. I went back into my room and began to sort through my things. Boarding School.... Great.. I thought to myself.


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