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Butterflies: The Novel

Novel By: CuteAnimalLottie
Action and adventure

Pixie is a girl about drama, with a best friend named Amber, and a best friend named Stanley, she will discover something entirely new, and stop something entirely new... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 7, 2010    Reads: 62    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Stanley prepared himself for the final round. He winked at Pixie, and stood up to walk to the microphone. He walked casually over, raised the stand and gulped into the microphone, waiting with baited breath for the speaker to announce the word. "The word is… Kaleidoscope" There was a short silence. "Umm, Kaleidoscope…" Stanley knew that he knew this word. He had one, a beautiful red, orange and green one that you could stare into for hours, and he did. And that was why he was so great at spelling bees, because he could always find a way to connect the word with something, or a memory, that was important to him, and then connect that to the spelling. "K, A,L…E,I,D,O,S,C,O,P,E, Kaleidoscope." "That is correct" The crowd clapped quietly and Pixie's heart leaped. She was happy to see him get it right, and hoped that he won, because she knew that he was the best speller, even though he was the underdog. Pixie had been winning spelling bees ever since she was 6, and she was good at it too, but not as good as the rookie, Stanley. He was Pixie's best friend, and she was the one that got him into it, So, he started to, and she never even realized until the nationals, where only her and Stanley remained. "Number 11, please." Pixie coughed, stood up straight, and put her hands behind her back. She looked strong, but felt sick and weak. She walked over to the microphone, adjusted it and looked straight ahead. Sweat dripped down, and she felt like she was going to vomit. "The word is… Homeostasis." Pixie gulped, trying to hold back her nervousness, anxiety and tears, from the crowd. She softly closed her eyes and thought. She just could not remember the word, what it meant, and most importantly, how to spell it. She stood straight, let a tear fall, and walked away from the microphone, disappearing into the big blue curtain, as Stanley ran after her. "Come on Pix, you can't just give up. This has been your dream, don't ruin it." Pixie knew that this was the truth, but she didn't want to admit it. She turned around and sobbed, falling to the floor. This had been her dream, and she was getting closer and closer. But like in every other competition, or play, or any sort of performance in front of a crowd fear got the best of her, and she would mess up even though she deserved to excel, and win. She tried to pull herself together and she stood up. "You always win every competition I want to win, or ace every project with flying colors, while I get a 'good job' from the teacher." "Look, Pix, you just get to nervous, and that's just because you are a naturally shy person. I remember that when I first met you-" "NO! Listen, you always win because you purposefully enter every competition or event that I do, and then beat me by just being you!" "Look, I think you are pulling this out of proportion, okay, chill." Pixie realized that she had taken it too far, and she did need to chill. She walked over to Stanley, smiled her white smile, and hugged Stanley. She just started to feel better when… "Sorry Miss Pixie but you have been disqualified from today's spelling bee. Please leave the facility. Stanley, you have won today, and will be going on to Nationals. Congratulations!" Everybody went wild except for Pixie and Stanley. He frowned and whispered, "Maybe next time." Pixie took that and stood straight; she sucked in all emotion, and slowly trudged out of the building, onto her bike, and away onto the path. © CuteAnimalLottie


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