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Emmeline wakes up in a room, and has no idea why. Her incapability to understand her recent kidnapping sends her into hysteria and she faints. She wakes up again in the hands of beautiful being that looks human but is actually known as, a Creator. What Emmeiline doesn't know is that she is one of the many humans from other various planets that have been conquered and taken captive to be used as servants and slaves for the Creators, an alien species with supernatural powers. Emmeline discovers that Earth is destroyed and her home is now a planet as large as the sun. As she learns of the duties that a human must do, she rebels. Yet her thinking lands her into a most dangerous situation that sets her up against the much more powerful species. She embarks on journey with other rebels and is used as a symbol for sympatheic Creators that actually view humans with souls. This is a story of love, hatred, fear, bravery, and good old fantasy. View table of contents...


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I hadn't been asleep, and I certainly hadn't been dreaming. Yet my eyes had been shut for who knows how many days and no part of my body had been in motion but the steady beat of my heart. The disturbing component of the situation was that every contributing factor counted for me being asleep, but my sense of awareness hadn't been aware. My body had been working as it should, but there had been no soul. No thoughts, no imagination. Just robotic unconsciousness and screaming silence. So when I woke up in a room made of metal and glass on a mattress made of a fabric that I didn't recognize, I screamed bloody murder. I bashed my head against the medal walls and screeched my anguish and confusion. There was no door, no nightstand, no mirror that could have given me my current state. I scratched my nails against the floor in despair and kicked at the walls. I truly was going mad.

When I was done, and had regained my composure, I sat back down on the mattress and ran my hands through my hair. It was greasy and reminded me of the wet straw that the rabbits would feed on in my backyard. I also wasn't wearing underwear, just a long cream shirt that touched my wrists and knees. The horrors of my mind used this new setting to tease my common sense. Oh God, is this some type of trafficking? Why am I not wearing any underwear? The fuck happened last night? I've been kidnapped, and for what use? OH God, perhaps this is like the human centipede movie and I'm going to be used for some experiment. Some psycho probably wants to cut me open. No, he's probably a canninbal with some major OCD issues. Maybe it's a she. What, what is this fabric? I've never seen it, or felt anything life it. Why, why, why.

I started to sway as nausea took it's course. My mind became fuzzy and my vision blurred. Suddenly I was in a state of hysteria and was feeling sick with apprehension. I probably would have started up my wild raging and screaming again if hadn't been for the song. It was some sweet melody that my eardrums welcomed with pleasure. I recognized the tune, but its name had escaped my knowledge. I looked around for a speaker, headphones, anything that would have drawn me back to normality. Nothing. The music got louder, and my head began to pump with pressure. It's soothing voice suddenly was belting out notes that seemed to tear at my ear canals. It got louder, the bass was rattling my flesh to the core.

"STOP!" I shrieked, "PLEASE STOP!!" But my cries only increased the volume, and my vain attempts seemed to produce a cycle. As the song got louder, I grew more anxious and my sanity was clouded over by sudden uncontrollable fear. Yet the more I thrashed and screamed the more the music amplified. It pounded on my eardrums, and the sound of the drums pummeled through my veins. I covered my face in misery, but my hands were met with something wet. My nose was bleeding.

And with that, I fainted.

* * *

I woke up, again. This time was different, I dreamt this time.

I had dreamt of home. I had dreamt of waking up in the morning, and counting to ten before I actually stepped out of bed. I had been eating Life cereal, as I usually did, and then I had brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, and was brushing out the wrinkles of my shirt so that I could head off to school. My mother had wished me good luck on finals, but luck didn't really help. I was laughing with friends. We joked about how hard the finals were, and it seemed we were competing to see who sucked the most. It had been good dream.

Then, I woke, and was met with a cold stare of something. "Something" being a being that looked like a human, but wasn't. He had cold blue eyes that numbed my soul, and a set of characterful eyebrows that I would have found handsome if my arms and waist were not strapped to a bed. I think it was a bed. The fabric was soft, too soft, and it looked like silver silk.

He had a gorgeous jaw with a 5 o'clock shadow. He had this glistening, white stripe that curved across his neck. His skin was almost metallic; it resembled polished marble. His hair was white with some streaks of gray, which I took it as a sign that he was an older being. And he was tall, he was so tall.

"My name is Sin," he spoke, flashing a pair of pearly whites. He moved around me, picking up a a square of thin glass and what looked like a pen. Where was I? The ceiling stretched high, with an assortment of various chandeliers hanging down from it. I wanted to see my surroundings, but my head wouldn't budge.

"Hmm, heart rate seems normal for the situation," Sin observed as I flinched away from the cold fingers that felt around my neck. He wrote on the glass with the pen, and the words scribbled in bright light across it.

He smiled, "You seem confused darling."

That made me angry, I started to shake, "What do you want with me?!! Who the hell are you?!"

"Shhhh, I can't tell you yet, so be quiet. After all, blank pages do tell the best stories don't they?" Sin glanced down at me in amusement as he recorded my reactions on the glass.

"How dare you, what, what are you doing?" I strained to see what he was pulling out from his black coat.

He spat, "Don't use that tone with me human!" He pulled out a knife.


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