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When you wake up in a room filled with nothing but a metal box and a sheet of instructions- what do you do?

Yasmine wakes up with no idea where she is or how she got there- and a splitting headache. When she opens the box to find supplies and a list of instructions telling her how to survive the game, she knows what is ahead of her won't be easy.
She must find five others like her in a maze of riddles, dank passageways and dangerous creatures and survive until the end.
The six teens must stick together, because the only way to win is to answer one final riddle- one which involves all six of them- or game over. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 15, 2011    Reads: 220    Comments: 38    Likes: 14   


I woke up on a cold, metal floor, the sounds of screeching wheels and steaming engines filling the otherwise empty space. There were no lights, the room a lonely dark, void in front of me- except for the occasional flashes of blindingly bright red and white coming from a gap in the roof above me. The noise was a constant roar, filling my ears and making my head spin.

Where was I? One minute I was sitting lazily on the beach on a hot summer afternoon, the next I wake up covered by darkness. I search my memories, trying to find anything that could lead to this conclusion, but came up empty. When I say empty, I mean nothing at all. I couldn't remember what town I lived in, when my birthday was or even who my parents were. All I could remember was my name. Yasmine Gray.

I slowly rose to my feet, my hands in front of me, reaching for something to grab hold of. When they came into contact with the smooth, hard surface of a wall, I almost collapsed with relief. I slid them slowly along its length, trying to find my bearings- how long the room was, how wide- and most importantly a way out.

After what seemed like only minutes, I had walked the whole way around the dark space, finding nothing but the smooth metal of the walls and a tiny window in the far corner. As I peeked out all I could see in every direction was the smudgy blur of trees, grass, the night sky, speeding past me at a million miles an hour. Although the room I was in was fairly small, when I looked on either side of me the outside walls seemed to stretch on for ages in both directions- seemingly having no end.

It was then I realised I was on a train. I felt the blood drawing from my face, my heartbeat getting faster. Why was I on a train? Where was it going? The thing that scared me the most was not even knowing how I got here in the first place.

All of a sudden the train began to rock, shaking as the wheels slipped back and forth over the tracks. Oh God, we're going to crash! They screeched with a grinding effort as they tried to gain traction on the rails, only making them lose grip completely, tumbling off and sliding onto the ground beneath. The power of it slammed me into the wall, my head impacting dangerously with the metal.

Dizziness filled me, making my head throb and ache as I was tumbled over and over in the rolling carriage. I landed on the ground with a thud as it came to a stop, resting on its side I assumed, as the small window was now above me.

My arms and legs began to get colder and colder, the sensation eventually spreading to my chest and head. At first the coolness was relieving, making all of my pain go away. But it kept growing, until it had consumed my entire body, enveloping me in an icy blanket.

It covered every inch of my body and it even began spreading inside me, clutching at my heart. The calm started receding, a sharp pain filling its place. This pain grew and grew until every part of me ached with it. I felt as though I was on fire, but with ice. Every part of me was being stabbed, over and over by tiny needles of cold, an icy hand taking a grip on my heart, squeezing until it could no longer beat.

As I felt myself slipping away, I noticed something move past the now broken window, something white. It was a dove. A dove with the letter six painted onto it, flying off into the night. Weren't doves supposed to be a sign of peace? I thought hazily to myself, just as a soft darkness began to creep into my mind. It slowly spread over my body, erasing the pain and dragging me under- under into the dark oblivion below.


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