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Astral Domination: The Domination begins

Novel By: darkherio
Action and adventure

For months, no for years the city of Astral has been torturing us. We suffer, we beg, we cry and we die. But now it is all about to change, we shall dominate, we shall give them what they deserve, give them what we have gone through.
Let the Domination begin. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 18, 2012    Reads: 67    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   


For months, no for years the city of Astral has been torturing us. We suffer, we beg, we cry and we die. I live with my Mom and my brother Nathan. Our family has lost 4 members, my Dad, my Sister, my baby Brother and my Aunt.

Astral always search for us in town Crimzen, that's where we live. We've been hiding for days and nights, every second and every hour. My Mom tries to communicate with the other people in other towns or cities, but they refuse to help us. What they don't know is that Astral will come and attack them too.

In the town of Crimzen, every one of us has a special power. Nathan and me have the power of singing, when we sing things bloom, when we sing birds tweet a beautiful tune, when we sing we cry.

My Mom on the other hand she has the power of weeds. She can't control it, whenever a weed or a plant is around, the plants/weeds will automatically attack the nearest person other than my Mom.

!!!!!!!!!!!!PRESENT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"They're coming again." I brushed the hair away from my face. We were sweating like crazy; somehow Nathan loved running and all that 'adventure'.

"Oooh! Once again we escape! This is what it feels like to be an explorer!" Nathan said arrogantly. I rolled my eyes, Mom was out trying to find a phone. She said to meet her tomorrow at the rooftop of Central Mall (which was abandoned). So for today Nathan and me have to survive. It was quite normal really; we've been doing this since the day I turned 5. Now I am a 17-year-old girl fleeing for her life with her 18 year old Brother.

"Sssh! They'll hear us!" I hissed. Nathan giggled in excitement. Even though he's older than me, he acts like a 6 year old.

"Ay chief?" One of the soldiers asked. I knew he was one of Astral's; the soldiers wore flashing suits with helmets that covered their entire face

"What 63?" The Chief barked. I went deeper and deeper down into the hiding place almost squeezing Nathan to death.

"I think I heard something."

"Must be dreaming 63," The other soldier replied.

"Stop your chitty chatty men and get back to work!" The chief slapped their heads.

"But Chief there is obviously no one here!" 63 said. The Chief was silent, and then went out of the area we were hiding in. I stepped out of the hiding place stretching my arms high in the air.

"Nathan get out of there, the cost is clear." I said to Nathan. His eyes were wide open, he was grinning big.

"Whoa that was like…AWESOME!" Nathan yelled. I looked around to see if anyone heard us.

"Quiet you dumb ball! We can get to the other hideout if you go on the rooftops." I jumped onto the metal stairs, Nathan followed along with excitement.

We weren't the only ones trying to save our lives, many people that lives in Crimzen are trying to find a good spot to hide. Luckily, there is a hideout where all Crimzen members hide in. This is our first time going there.

As we ran across the rooftops, something caught my eye. A paper flew in the dark sky, it landed onto my head. I picked it out and took a good look at it.

"What is it?" Nathan came over. Our jaws dropped down. It was a wanted picture of my Mom, what did she do wrong?

"Mom," I hesitated, I gripped tighter on the paper "Mom."

"This doesn't make any sense." Nathan said in his normal voice unlike the 6 year old he use to be.

"One thing for sure is that we will not be able to meet Mom tomorrow." I dragged him across the roof. I ran as fast as I could, I pulled Nathan all the way with him stumbling. Suddenly a wall was in front of us with two big letters on "WIERV YOUH" it said. WIERV YOUH is a language that native Crimzens use, and I learned that.

"What does it mean?" Asked Nathan huffing and puffing. I grinned at him and patted him on the back.

"At last we finally made it." I said opening the wall.


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