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Different for a Reason

Novel By: DeadlyxXxRoses
Action and adventure

Starting a novel!!!! Hope it makes sense!!!! View table of contents...



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Different for a Reason.

Chapter One: Clarion's Academy for Girls

I was sitting at the back of a school bus. Woo hoo, I thought. The third school this year. It was nothing new, though. I never have exactly stayed in any of the schools that I've ever been to for more than a few months. I always somehow end up blowing it up or setting it on fire.

I've been an orphan all my life. Apparently, from what I've heard, my parents died when I was little, so I don't remember them, and I had no relatives to take me in. So, I've going to different boarding schools, the orphanage paying for me. For the fifteen years that I've been alive, I've been alone, with no one to support me.

It was weird though. I don't actually cause the destruction of the schools. Someone, something, always tries to get me, so I try to defend myself and BAM! I'm kicked out of the school, even though it isn't even my fault. They don't even try to figure out what actually happened. They see me at the scene, so I end up being the one guilty.

"We're here," the driver said. I got up, slung my bag over my shoulder, and walked to the front of the bus. "Good luck not getting kicked out." He snickered, but then quieted down when I gave him an icy cold glare. As soon as I got off the bus, the driver slammed the door behind me and drove away.

I looked up at the building. Red brick walls with flowers all around. I looked up at the huge black cursive letters on the wall; Clarion's Girls Academy. I walked up the staircase to the main door. There was a lady waiting for me. She had curly auburn hair that flowed down her shoulders. Her lips were bright red with lipstick, like she put two tomato slices on them. Her mascara made her look like she had feathers stuck to her eyelashes. Who're you, the prom queen, I thought in my head. I would say it out loud, but it looked like she would get me expelled if I did.

"Why hello, Miss," She said in a high-pitched, extremely girly voice. "You must be Miss Alexa Anderson." "If you don't mind, I prefer to be called Alex," my tone of voice steady and strict. The woman began "But Alexa is such a beautiful name-" "I said I want to be called Alex. Have I made myself clear?" The woman looked a bit shaken up. "Y-yes, of course, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Anyways, I am Miss Anastasia Clarion, the founder and principle of Clarion's Girls Academy. We have a wonderful way to help-" "Yeah, yeah," I said. "Read your newbie booklet thing. Can you just show me to my room? I wanna take a shower." I know how principles go on and on about their schools. Trust me, I've heard maybe thirty speeches in my life. Miss Clarion swallowed. "Certainly. Right this way." She said as she lead me through the doorway, into my new, temporary home.

The principle left as soon as I walked in. The room was YUCK! Pink, pink, pink everywhere! The walls, the bed sheets, everything looked like a Barbie Doll's room. Well, I'd have to live with it, since I couldn't complain. I went to the dresser and looked into the mirror. Stormy deep blue eyes that were nearly black. Choppy black hair, with light bangs covering my forehead. A black aviator's jacket, a white t-shirt, and faded black jeans. "Well Alex," she sighed to herself. "Let's try to start fresh.

This is Alexa:


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