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Children of Ashnimbus; Rise of the Sartos CHAP 4

Novel By: Discovery J13
Action and adventure

As Belle is a unique teenager with exquiste powers, they don't know that mankind is at risk from Sartos, a powerful coven of supernatural talents...just like Belle herself.
Belle and her supernatural friends, must risk all danger, and become saviours. View table of contents...



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Chapter 4

Dr. R sat in his underground office, with his eyes closed and concentrating hard on something. He was reading Jason's mind, everything Jason saw was stored in his brain, and now, Dr. R had access to it. He saw explosions and mysterious figures, he saw lands destroyed and screaming people. It had started , everything Dr. R wished that didn't, had started. The Sartos were destroying New Zealand faster than he could act.

"It would soon be Australia."

Dr. R nearly dropped his cup of coffee when he heard the voice. But in front of him was only his wife, Belinda. Belinda was a Freenion, she could see people's emotions and see people's minds when they are in the same room.

"You scared me again, Belinda." Dr, R murmured, grunting.

"Sorry, Phil. But I couldn't help but read your mind." Belinda said, looking at Dr. R with a worried expression. "You should've seen that frown you had, so bitter and so scary."

Dr. R sighed, "There's an invasion coming, a big one too. We have got to act." he said, standing up.

Belinda placed a hand on her beloved husband's shoulder. Then she turned around and kissed him gently on the cheek. "Of course we have to act, but what about the young Freenions, you really think they can help?" she asked.

Dr. R feared that question, he never wanted to put any Freenion at risk, "They've got to. They are our only hope." he replied, the answer was barely a whisper. With that, he marched out the room, still shaking at what he saw from Jason's mind.

"Did you hear the news? Mysterious bombing happened in New Zealand the other day. No survivors!"

Belle looked at her mum's horrified expression and felt faint. Sartos, she thought, soon to be in Australia.

"Nearly half of New Zealand has evacuated. I think there's war or something." Belle's father said, shaking his head.

Belle bit her bottom lip and gripped the edge of her chair to stop from fainting.

Belle hardly functioned that day, her mind of full of Sartos and invasions and Freenions, everything seemed so unreal. She practiced her powers after school every day and went to Underground Training HQ, which was now called UTH.

One windy afternoon, Belle arrived at UTH and saw everyone's expression, everybody's faces were white and somehow, scared.

Belle walked towards Jason, he looked just as worried.

"Jason, what's up?" Belle asked.

"Belle, I saw it." Jason's reply was toneless.

"Saw what?" Belle asked impatiently.

Jason looked at Belle for a second, "I saw it, the S-Sartos, they're flying towards Australia. Fast. And, they p-plan to destruct all of Australia."

Belle thought she heard wrong, he had never ever seen Jason scared like this. Jason's brave eyes were suddenly small and scared, it made Belle worry, most of all, it made Belle more scared than ever.

Dr. R held a meeting, he had tracked down another six Freenions, Belle had only befriended one, her name was Layla, she was blonde and tall, her power was flexibility, she could stretch her hand around the whole world five times if she liked. Dr. R announced that he had met with the Presidents and Prime Ministers of many countries to convince him about the Sartos. But most of them ignored him and warned him not to speak of his kind in front of their country's people. Now Dr. R only had the forces of Russia, because the Prime Minister of Russia was a close friend of Dr. R's.

The following days, Jason felt unsettled, he hardly spoke at home or at school. He usually talked to Eddie, but now they both were fretting about World Invasion.

Belle was troubled, the teacher had to ring up her parents and tell them about her lack of attention, but Belle didn't tell them about Sartos, it was top secret. No matter how much she did want to tell them, she always kept her mouth shut.

Belle walked to school quickly that day, her face behind her scarf. She wasn't surprised when someone yelled behind her, "Hey, twit. What up?"

Belle turned around, annoyed, and saw Nathan's face. Belle wasn't in the mood of Nathan's jeers and laughers, she cursed and tried to walk more quickly.

Nathan was fast; he caught up to Belle within seconds. "Hey, freak. In a hurry?"

Belle was sick of the word 'freak', she felt outraged, she clenched her fist and turned around. Then without warning, she punched Nathan right in the stomach with such force, causing him to stagger and fall backwards.

"Ah!" Nathan yelled, clenching his tummy and rolling on the ground.

Belle was dumbfounded for a moment, she had hit Nathan with too much force, it was not…human.

Nathan's pals were all around him, trying to lift him up or asking if he was okay, Hamish was staring at Belle with horrified eyes, or was it more of an impressed glance?

Belle didn't wait another second, she ran towards the school gate and into the school grounds, through the corridors of buildings and upstairs, right into an empty classroom.

What have I done? If anyone finds out of my identity…Belle refused to think any of the result. If only the governments of the world would help Dr. R, everything would be easy.

Belle tried to calm down, but her head was still spinning, her hands were still shaking. Belle closed her eyes and breathed.


Belle nearly screamed, she heard an ear-hurting noise outside the window and panicked. She looked down the window and froze.

Outside, fire was everywhere, the concreted area had exploded, dust and soil and rocks of all kind were flying everywhere, students screamed and ran into buildings, some went for help from teachers, others just stood there panicking. The teachers were terrified, most of them told the students to line up, some started running towards the school gate. Everything was caught on fire and everyone was confused and frightened.

Another BOOM!

The library's roof fell down, students inside the library screamed and hid under desks, more people ran to the school gates, trying to avoid the smoke and fire.

Belle hardly believed it, the Sartos had came, right to their state, their town, their school. Belle hurried downstairs and burst through the building doors. She could smell smoke and dust, and could hear screams and cries.


Behind Belle, the Resource Building was caught on fire.

People inside it screamed and tried every way they could to get out. Belle panicked, trying to think of something. She watched as some girls started crying as the Resource Building burnt.

Inside the building was about twenty students, Belle knew she had to do something and she had to do it fast. Belle looked around and spotted the tanks behind the library, she closed her eyes and concentrated, as she held up her hands, she used all the force that could supply her and concentrated hard on the water tanks. A cool feeling hit her body, she opened her eyes and saw the water tanks broken, and about all the water were being controlled into Belle's hand, she gripped her teeth and with all her might, lunged at the Resource Building, water flew from her hand and hit the building, going through into the windows and doors. The fire roared, but with all the water, it slowly died away. The Resource Centre was saved, the people inside were saved.

Belle fell to the ground in exhaustion; she felt her hand trembling and her legs weak. As she looked up, she saw the expressions on the students and teachers face, all horrorstruck and shocked. Belle saw Lucy wiping her eyes with her sleeves and looking at Belle in disbelief. Nathan was dumbfounded and dropped his football. Hamish's mouth was wide open and he was shaking. All eyes were on Belle, and she felt her cheeks go red hot. Great, she thought, I'm dead.

Suddenly, a scream came from the grassed areas, the biggest tree in the school, was on fire, not only that, it was lopsided and the roots was being torn away from the ground, it was going to fall, right onto the Year 12 building and Library. Inside those buildings was more than 70 people at least, and that tree was going to destroy them.

Belle acted fast, she leapt right in front of that tree and pushed everyone back, then she gripped her fists, and used all her strength the make a force field, she stretched it far and wide, letting that blue sparkly layer expand across the tree, the tree's roots were detached, it started falling. Belle groaned, as the tree became heavier. Her knees buckled and she felt her hands so incredibly sore, Belle couldn't carry it anymore, she turned to see if the students had evacuated, and was relieved to see them running out the door, Belle let go of the force field, the layer jumping back into her hands. The tree collapsed only on the Year 12 building, since Belle had it turned away from the Library.

Belle looked at the remaining people around the school, "Evacuate immediately!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Some people ran towards the gate, still some were staring at Belle with shocked expression.

"You've seen it, I'm not normal." Belle yelled at them, panting.

Nobody moved.

"There's going to be an invasion, evacuate Australia!" she yelled again.

Nobody moved, Belle had the feeling they didn't believe her. She groaned and fell to the ground, sweat dripping from her fore.

"They are too astounded to talk, my dear."

Belle turned to see a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes, grinning at her with an impressed expression. But in that grin, Belle could sense evil and envy. A Sarto.

"I have seen your kind, so similar to mine. You have the powers of Ashnimbus, while I have Planet Sarnato's powers, they are both sister planets, we are relatives, my dear, we can stand together and destroy these disgusting creatures called humans." the Sarto was tall and handsome, every word he spoke was loud and clear.

Belle looked at the people around her, all scared and confused, she looked at Nathan, the human she hated most in the world.

"Destroy those who jeered at you, those who humiliated you. Show them your powers, your abilities, your strength, show them the true you." the Sarto continued, "Join my forces, and become immortal and powerful."

Belle looked at the Sarto, his words were so appealing and it almost sounded right. Belle took a step towards the Sarto, but stopped when she thought of Lucy and her parents and those who cared about her.

"Do not be concerned, your choice shall be right." the Sarto encouraged.

Belle shook her head, but as she thought of the humiliations before, rage entered again. She took another step forward, and another.


Belle saw Jason running towards Belle behind the Sarto, behind him followed Eddie and Nancy. The Sarto turned and his lips curled into a smile.

"More of your kind?" he asked Belle, smiling coldly.

Belle felt her head spin, what was she doing? The Sartos were the enemies, why was she joining their forces. Jason grabbed Belle shoulders and started shaking her.

"Don't listen to him!" he yelled at Belle's face.

Belle nodded, looking into Jason's worried eyes.

The Sarto's smile disappeared.

"Unwise. Go save those gruesome humans then, I don't offer second chances much, but, I shall." the Sarto said.

"No, we won't join you. Final say." Eddie replied.

The Sarto sighed, "Very well. Humans, you shall remember me as Alexis the Conqueror, I shall destroy all of you, including your saviors." with that, he disappeared through thin air.

"Are you ok?" Jason asked Belle.

Belle nodded, taking his arm off her shoulders and turning to the students and teachers around her.

"People, listen. I want you to evacuate this place, to somewhere safe, at least for the time being.
Go to your homes and inform your families that a war shall begin between our kind," Belle pointed at Jason and Eddie and Nancy, "and his kind," she pointed at the spot where Alexis vanished.

"Who-What are you?" a confused Lucy asked Belle.

"We are Freenions, a creature with rare abilities and powers." Belle replied.

"What the heck was that then?" Nathan asked Belle, pointing at the spot where Alexis vanished.

"A Sarto, you idiot." Jason replied.

Nathan looked at Jason closely and his eyes widened.

"J-Jason?" Nathan asked.


"You're a F-Frindon?"

"Freenion, you bigot."

"You never told me."

"Would you believe it?"

Belle looked at Jason and then Nathan.

"We are stepbrothers." Jason replied.

Belle nodded, glaring at Nathan.

"Evacuate." she murmured, though it was said so soft and low, everybody heard and started to make their way towards the school gates.

"What are we going to do?" Nancy asked.

"We need forces. The whole nation is under attack." Belle replied.

"How?" Eddie asked.

"Let's go find Dr. R." Jason suggested.

Eddie and Belle and Nancy nodded in agreement. Belle felt a surge of power and hope as she looked into the faces of Nancy and Eddie and Jason. Though everything was so dangerous, she knew she could fight, she knew she could show everyone the real her without destroying or killing.

One of the biggest wars in human history had begun.


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