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She knew they would come for her. No one got out of the Organization and lived. But how was she to know that they would kill the only family she had left? Scarlet vows to bring down the Organization and joins the Peacekeepers. Years have passed and she has yet to bring them down. Will she get her revenge or will it be Game Over? View table of contents...


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Fear engulfed my heart making it shudder. I ran as fast as my feet could take me. The world around me should have reflected all of my hurt and pain but no, the city was as busy as ever. People laughed and joked when they should be suffering like me. The night sky predicted rainy weather, only building on my frustration. I would never be able to find my brother if I couldn't see where I was going. I had to get to my little brother before they did. The Organization had no right to take him away just because I left them. I should be the one punished, not him.

When my parents died 5 years ago I was heartbroken. If I had known that a fire would have soon taken their lives I would have spent more time with them but losing them made me finally realize that the Organization was something I shouldn't be messing with. So we disappeared. I used everything I had to protect him. I thought they would have given up after so long. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was dangerous for us to stay in one place for so long, but I got too comfortable and now my brother was going to pay for it.

When I reached our safe place and stopped in my tracks. There was a body slumped against the dumpster. Please please please don't let it be my brother, I thought desperately. As I drew closer I recognized the face, as soon as I came close enough to see. It wasn't fair. In a desperate attempt to quell my sorrow I checked for a pulse only to find nothing. The air seemed to leave me as I slumped against the wall. "Oh, Jace, you have no idea how sorry I am," I sobbed without tears.

His face, once glowing with happiness, was now masked with pain and surprise. My already broken heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Never again would I see his beautiful green eyes crinkle with laughter. Or listen to him rant about small insignificant things.
Not being able to bear it any longer I moved closer and closed his eyes and ran my hand across his pale face. I did this to him.

I searched for the source of his death with trembling hands when something caught the corner of my eye. A silver dagger sprouted from the back of his head. The handle glinted with a slightly modified version of the Organization's symbol.

I knew only one person that owned a blade like that. I slammed my hand against the wall in fury. I'd never have dreamt my old partner would have been the one to have killed Jace. I thought Ray was better than that. Apparently, I was wrong. It scared me how mad I was. Never before had I felt rage as strong as this.

After a few hours of search I finally found Ray and his gang on the roof of our old hideout, an old apartment building on the bad side of town. Shadows danced across my vision. Some of the people behind him were barely older than 15, poor kids. They had no idea what that place did to you. The first drops of rain trickled into my eyes blurring my vision. Now was not the time to worry about others.

Ray's POV:
I had been expecting her. Scar's slender features glided across the roof, closing most of the distance between us. Dark brown hair prevented me from seeing her eyes. Years had passed since I last saw Scar, and she looked like a stranger. Sure, she had had it pretty bad when she was with us but now....she looked rougher somehow.
I quickly shook the thoughts away. She deserved this. The boss had told me to bring her back alive. He never said I couldn't make her suffer a little.

A sudden gust of wind picked up, blowing the hair out of her eyes. Not only did I find hate there but her eyes were glowing deep red; almost the colour of blood. It surprised me so much that I staggered back a few paces. It wasn't possible, she couldn't be that person. Could she?

Scar's POV:
Ray looked at me in surprise and backed up a few steps. After a few seconds he regained his composure and laughed. This only made me more pissed.

"Well what do we have here? Little Scarlet finally came. How did it feel to see your brother's dead face? Too bad you didn't get there in time."

"I thought you were different from the others!" I spat furiously, slowly advancing towards him.
Panic flashed across his eyes as he quickly backed up.

He never even saw it coming. Maybe I should have had a little more fun with him before I killed him. The sad part was that YOU did this to him. Weren't you the one that was supposed to protect him?" he ranted savagely.

I don't know what happened next. The only thing my mind could comprehend was that I was fighting Ray and his gang. He took my little brother from me.

Rage fuelled my limbs making me stronger. I hated him so much. A single tear rolled down my face but that was all that he would get, just one tear. I knew he wanted to make me suffer. Now Ray would feel my fury. Jace had been everything to me. The pain of remembering what Ray said hurt like hell. I screamed in fury as the last of the men collapsed to the floor.

Blood trickled down my arms as I fell on my knees and cried. I gazed up at the night sky and promised myself that I would bring down the Organization. I had no one now so what did I have to lose?


~~~~~A/N: I hope you like my new story~! Oh and thanks to my amazing bestie ATB123 for telling me to continue my idea. She is one heck of a friend and editor! And of course i can't forget my epic sister Prowlie, both of their support keep me writing.So do yall like it? What do you think of Scarlett?


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