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Ava is out in the jungle looking for herbs when she finds an injured lioness. She saves the Lion and takes care of it. She becomes attached to it and names it. The people of her community are uneasy around the lion. What happens when they try to dispose of it? View table of contents...


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Chapter two.

"Ava!" Someone shouts in my ear.

"Ooomff." I murmur and struggle to pull the blanket over my head.

"Ava, wake up!" They shake me and rip the sheet from my hands.

"What do you want?" I hiss and squint my eyes at the harsh sunlight streaming through my cabin door.

"This is your chance to meet the guy."

"Ughhh." I grumble as I turn over.



"We need you! This is your chore." He whispers, tugging on my shoulder.

"What is my chore?" I lift my head to look up at him.

"You have to give him a tour." He sighs.

"Are you kidding me? At the ass crack of dawn?" I growl.

"Oi!" He retorts as I drag myself from my bed. I wave him out of the door and turn around, placing my hands on my hips. I shuffle over to the corner of my room and put on a dirty pair of red jeans and a plain, dark t-shirt. I yawn and use my old pink hairbrush and tie up my hair in a low ponytail. I put it into a braid and slap some sunscreen on. Once I am finished, I walk outside and trail slowly into the main cabin.

"Hey El." I mutter, leaning onto the small round table in the center of the room. It's always been there….

"Hullo." Elewa looks up from his map.

"So..What's to eat?" I rub my crusty eyes.

"Uh… porridge." He says, grabbing the pen from across the table.

"Again?" I sigh.

"Yus." He sighs. I smile and look him up and down. He really is trying with his English. He has gotten much better over the years.

"Now hurry up, you have 5 minutes before you have to do your chore."

"UGH!" I groan and slap the table hard with my hand. "This isn't fair!" Elewa snaps his head up and furrows his eyebrows.

"Ava!" He growls in disapproval.

"Why me? Why do I have to show the intruder around! I don't want to! Why is there a new person? Why do they have to stay for so long!" I shout the last word and stomp my foot. Elewa clears his throat.

"Morning, Mr Bellhat." El says formally. I quickly spin around and drop my fists to my sides. A growl escapes my lips.

"Mornin." The man says loudly, a grin on his face, his bright blue eyes trained on me. I stand there, stiff and shaking with anger. He licks his lips and slides a hand through his dirty blonde hair. His bicep flexes as he sticks his hand out toward me.

"Bellhat, Aiden Bellhat." He smiles warmingly. I tighten my jaw and quickly stomp forward, banging my shoulder against his as I throw the cabin door open, walking into the warm air.

"Ava! Your porridge is in the eating courters!" Elewa calls after me.

"I'm not hungry!" I shout back as I jog toward the river. I hear padding feet behind me but I keep moving.

Once I am about five meters away from the water, I feel someone grip my wrist and hold me back.

"AGH!" I scream and yank my hand away from them. I spin around and walk forward so my face is close to his face… Or rather, my face is close to his chest. I suddenly feel small and little like I did when I was a child and my face turns red. I blink and shake it off before lifting a finger.

"Leave me alone!" I shout. His eyes soften.

"I'm sorry. For whatever I did." He whispers. I suddenly feel guilty for being so rude.

"Why are you here? What is your purpose? Why do you have to INTURDE?" I say quickly, slapping my hands against my thighs.

"That's what you think I am? An 'intruder'?" He says calmly.

"Yes! That IS what you are!" I scream in his face.

"No! No, I am not! I am here for studies! I am a traveler!" He clenches his teeth.

"I have been here all my life… and- and, you just decide you can just come? I worked hard! So very hard to be liked by them!" I say in a shaky voice and jab a finger in the direction of the campus.

"Listen, I don't know how long you have been here for or what your story is but I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I have made you feel this way." He whispers delicately. I stare at him, breathing heavily, my jaw still clenched. He reaches his hand out and stares at me. I look down at his empty hand.

"Well. I don't except your apology, you're just going to have to find someone else to show you around!" I growl in a low voice before walking past him back to my cabin.


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