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Upon awaking from what he believed was death, the man-with-no-name, Phantom must escape from the secret organization, Meta.
With aid from his new friends, Phantom must learn to survive in the city, and from a creature who is bent on killing him. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 13, 2007    Reads: 164    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Deep in the recesses of a top-secret government facility, a man awoke.

"Thank God he's awake," came a distant�voice. Eyes that had been closed for countless years came hesitantly open. A blurry form soon appeared from the shadows. A female form.

"Well, hurry the hell up. I can hear them coming." Came another voice, different from the first. At least, he thought it was different.
This wasn't what�the man thought death was like at all. The peace and warmth that finally flowed into his veins was suddenly being cut off from these ice-pick voices.�

"All right, all right. Hey dude, wake up." That first�voice again. With it, came a lightning bolt of feeling spread from his shoulder. He thought it was his shoulder anyway.�

Suddenly, everything came back. The dark warmth was replaced by the cold screams he had become familiar with over the centuries.�Like an old projector, visions started flashing behind his eyelids.
He saw himself running across the dessert, tanks and jets followed. He saw himself getting trapped in some sort of barrier, one he for once couldn't get through. A wash of cold�green came over him.�
But, more importantly, he saw his life. In the course of five seconds, he saw decades. His whole life, more than two thousand years worth. It almost made him nauseas.�
There was something different there too that seemed to hide behind the cloud of vision. A dark shape, demonic even. He saw large wings and....�

A voice in his head, Phantom. Phantom. Get up you idiot, you're free. He quickly�opened his eyes again, looking into the face of the person who had saved him.

"Well, good morning sleepyhead." She said. "It's time we get you the hell out of this crap hole."

"Hey! We can make friends later Melissa." Came the other voice. Suddenly, a man with two sets of arms was seen looming over him, strange. "Hurry; let's help this guy out of this thing."

That's when he noticed what he had been in these many years. It looked like a mix between bathtub, coffin, and the Terminator. He was also covered in green goo.
The now waist-high gelatin soon came back to his memory as well. Ectoplasm, he recalled, the only substance he couldn't ghost through.

His escape was a blur to him; he remembers many small hallways and crawlspaces. As well as the blast of temperature when they got out of the building. Upon which, he passed out. Eventually though, after escaping,�they got him living in the city, all government agencies behind them.�
The girl who had saved him was named Melissa, or Freeze. She had the ability to turn the water in the air into ice. The man was named Jason, or Morph. He had the ability to make anything, literally, anything else. As long as it didn't involve too many moving parts or chemicals. Phantom learned that these two were part of experiments the Government organization, Meta, used from Phantom's DNA. These two people were part of a project to give people "super- human" abilities.�These tests were even more apparent on Jason, who now had an extra set of arms growing from his shoulder blades.� With�Phantom's capture; Melissa and Jason, which where both fifteen when they rescued Phantom, where able to receive there "abilities" through a life of surgeries.

However, Phantom, Melissa, and Jason were not the only ones with these abilities. The Underground was started before Phantom's escape and was home to many people born with abilities. It was through this organization, that Phantom met his sister, Meagan. Meagan, who was surprisingly older, also had the ability of immortality, as well as being able to�heal wounds�and see peoples past, and their possible futures. Soon, the entire Underground knew of Phantom and his abilities; his ability to become invisible, ghost through solid objects, and travel along shadows at an unheard of speed.�
A couple of years later, Phantom and Melissa became engaged. This story takes place a couple months after the engagement...


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