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it is about the next life of maximum ride and her flock they where kidnapped when they where little and tested on to become a human weapon now they have wings the book takes place a few years after the last maximum ride book when max and fang have a daughter and the flock is all grown up. this book is based off of maximum ride by james patterson. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 MAX

The last time I had been here was for totals wedding and now here I was again why well lets just say its my turn. I think you know what I mean by that yes in just 10 minutes I would be married to the love of my life. And who is it well who do you think 'god no not dil...' ' max '' MAX the voice calling my name was nudge. " What hey how do i look? " i asked her "you look beautiful max" she said looking at my moms white prom dress "oh yah one more thing its finally time for you to walk down the aisle so are you ready to do this thing". So now my mind is on to make down the aisle on my first try and not break the bouquet angel and Ella spent so hard to make as the music started to play the bridesmaids and groomsmen started to walk first ella and Iggy then Dylan and nudge last is gazzy and angel. And who to walk with me no one but my mother Dr. Martinez " "you ready?" she asked I nodded my head to scared and excited to talk she took my hand as we started to walk as I took my first then second step into my new life. The flashbacks of my life flashed before me all leading up to this moment my mind was not focused on fighting for my life to get away from erasers or flyboys or dumbots. But just then i caught site of fang in his gray suit looking at me with such love I got a little dizzy and who is marring us you ask Jeb 'not my idea.' Finally it was time to say our vows as we stood face to face I said mine and he said his then the magic words were said " And you may now kiss the bride" jeb said out loud just like he announced that the world wont end after all 'not true.' As we turned to face our crowd mixed with fangs and my flock and some people from the (CSM) flowers rained down on us as we passed Dylan he was holding Mayas (my copy) hand. "At least Dylan wont be alone" fang said as the crowd cheered fang gave me the nod and we took off our wedding clothes to revel the blue jeans and T-shirt we had underneath. Fang let out his wings and I did the same we ran hand in hand towered the ledge and jumped to fly off have some alone time "fang is it true" I asked after 20 min. " max what do you mean by is what true ". I stopped and looked at him " well jeb and my mom told me that getting married means that i can become a real mom and have a kid" i looked up at him his eyes were thoughtful and serious " max you have a choice you can become a mom and raise a kid" i sighed "or you can just have the two of us so its what ever you want". "But that is the thing i'm worrying about" I said "fang I um i'm kinda i'm." I sputtered. "What is it max you know you can tell me right?" I nodded " I um.. The thing is i'm kinda at a 50 50 here I kinda want a kid but then I kinda don't ". Fang brushed some of my hair out of my face and kissed me finally he let go I gasped "Max" he said. "yah' " i'm asking you what do you want?" I looked down at the lake below us then at fang "I don't know" I admitted.


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