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A World at It's End

Novel By: Fern Snecker
Action and adventure

A gigantic Tornado is stalking us. I am not scared, rather sleepy, I know we’ll make it. Along with that, Jean doesn’t look the least bit concerned, it is the reason why I am so calm.
Honestly, I just want to rest, once we find safe grounds, I am going to sleep until afternoon. Jean, if there isn’t anything happening, is, in no way allowed to wake me up whatsoever.
Jean tells me that we will be at our destination shortly, so, I shall say goodbye, but before that I will say:
Mother and Father, I miss you, and if this diary is published and what not, I want to say, I miss you.

With all due respect,
Halle Francesca Burner
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I woke in a blank room, there was nothing. "Do you know why you're here?" Asked a bold, firm voice. I turned to see a tall, bony structure strutting an elegant white gown. Her face one of a models, defiant and scary. She had her long blonde hair free and casually half-blocking her almond eyes.

I shook my head timidly. "You're here because you're smart, and strong," She remarked.

"I don't understand,"I replied.

"See, since you've created strong feelings for a supernatural one, named Alex, going by his middle name Jean," She creeped closer to me. "you've absorbed part of his powers,for example: telekinesis,and the ability to recreate yourself after deaths. The stronger your love becomes, the more you will absorb."

"But," She continued. " The powers you are absorbing are becoming to much for you to handle, especially because of your lack of food and water, so you're dying slowly. In just two days time, you will be permanently exterminated."

"But, don't I have the power to recreate myself, why won't it work?" I objected.

She gazed away from me, " Because, the more you spend away from him, the stronger you realize you love him, but ,by the time it gets that strong you will have loved him so much that you would want to die, you would be suicidal."

I looked down at my feet ,shaking my head doubtfully. "But I haven't known him that long."

She turned back to me, her face solemn. "Halle, you've known him since you were eleven, he was supposed to be your body guard all these years." She placed her bony hand on my forehead.

A flashback came to me. There he was Alex Walters, my middle school, and high school crush. How did I not know him? He had the same interesting gray eyes and dark curly locks that hung over his boxy forehead and the same tight jawline.

I had known him all along.

I fell to the floor, so this was really it? Wow, the other times I was sure to die, now it's literally unavoidable. "So you're not going to help me?" I sniffed, tears streaming down my face.

"That's what the doctors were for,"


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