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A World at It's End

Novel By: Fern Snecker
Action and adventure

A gigantic Tornado is stalking us. I am not scared, rather sleepy, I know we’ll make it. Along with that, Jean doesn’t look the least bit concerned, it is the reason why I am so calm.
Honestly, I just want to rest, once we find safe grounds, I am going to sleep until afternoon. Jean, if there isn’t anything happening, is, in no way allowed to wake me up whatsoever.
Jean tells me that we will be at our destination shortly, so, I shall say goodbye, but before that I will say:
Mother and Father, I miss you, and if this diary is published and what not, I want to say, I miss you.

With all due respect,
Halle Francesca Burner
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No. This wasn't happening. No.

I sprang up and ran, I didn't why or how or even where, but I just ran, like I wasn't trapped in my fucked up life already. "Jean!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

With that, from a deep part of me came out a pierced scream so high and sharp it shook what was, somewhat, walls. I grew higher and higher playing with my thin vocal chords.

Suddenly, the walls shattered into millions of pieces. Once in restraint, my heart pounded furiously and fell.

"She's going to die!"

"Calm down, Jean."

"No, I can't let her die, help her!"

"Jean. There's nothing-"

"Shut the fuck up! I love her, and I won't let her die."

I wobbled and shook, trying to find my balance. My eyes were slightly open, open enough to see our orange worn tent and through the flap I could see Jean. He was yelling and causing a racket. I couldn't exactly make out the words.

Jean took a breath through his teeth and walked towards me. He smiled wide when he saw that I was awake. Jean crawled in and gripped my hand. He had grown a little stubble in front of his casual smirk.

"Halle, are you awake?" Jean said anxiously. I couldn't speak a word, instead I just smiled.

My world starting to shake and tremble and pain came from all over. My soul felt as if it was going jump out from my nose and my insides began to burn. Out of pain, I screamed. My grip on Jean's hand grew strong and I felt like I might break his hand.

I screamed and trembled,the pain grew worse as my heart pumped uncontrollably.

That feeling of anger released once again and I began to bang and shout and curse and even grit my teeth. That was it, I wasn't going to live, but I kept fighting.

Until, it stopped. I stopped. I was back to normal just slightly sweaty. "Halle!" Jean screamed.

"I love you, too," I whispered to him just before giving him a kiss. Jean smirked and laid a wool blanket over my body.

Jean slipped in between me and rested his hand on my waist. "How long was I gone?" I asked him.

"Three months."


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