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The Birth of Burner

Novel By: Fern Snecker
Action and adventure

They think I'm a monster. I'm not. They want to kill me, well, new flash, I was the rebel of my family. You know, being raised in a family on the wrong side of the law isn't easy. It was fucking hard trying to break free from that shit, now you lock me up. Fuck you. I will escape and kill every single everything he every loves, just like he did to me. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 9, 2013    Reads: 10    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1: Liz Martin

"Tell us what you know," Called a rough, thin voice. His green eyes glittered in the lamp light, along with his greying brown stubble. Eyeing me closely behind his thick, round reading glasses, he pushed back his gentle brown wavy hair. He was willing to wait forever with his fake smile plastered on his face. I couldn't stand him, he may have looked the innocent part, but behind that "smile" of his was an old fuck with shitty compassion.

"I don't single thing," I rolled my sweaty head back and smirked in satisfactory. He enclosed his fake smile and gave me a serious look.

"You know something, behind those fascinating sly blue eyes of yours," He remarked. He put back on his phony smile.

"Wanna go old fuck?" I whispered to him softly.

He put up his hand, making a shushing noise."No use for that kind of language."

He got up and paced right behind me, stroking my almond hair. He knelt down to my level, still stroking my frizzle hair."What do you know?" I turned to him stilling smirking. How could someone so evil, have such a warming smile.

"Fuck you,"I said through my teeth. That was same way he talked to my mother, stroking her hair, right before he tortured her to death. He made me watch, he made me watch all of my family die, right through a fucking glass wall.

"Calm down, you're not using the right language, just tell us what you know and we'll let you free," He lied.

"That's what you said to my mother, my father, and my brother you fucking bastard! Tell me to calm down? Once I break free, I will fucking cut your throat and kill everyone you love, see how it fucking feels!" I started to tear up." Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuc-"

He placed his firmly over my mouth and tugged down on my hair. " Tell me what you know damnit!" I wasn't going to say anything to that old bastard." Take her to the electricity room."

He released my hair and walked out the door. I was left in the dark silence of the room.


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