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Shadows of the wolves rough

Novel By: firefang05
Action and adventure

See is Umbria and her sister Ivy can face what there old life was as soon will be again! View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 9, 2013    Reads: 16    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter 10

Soon I'm staring in to bullet black eyes, her coat matches mine, but without the purple, 'hello' I growl at them, unsettling my own stomach 'My name is Umbria lupa, call me Umbria' I bark at them.

Glace steps forward her voice sweet,' I, I'm Glacies lupa, the ice wolf, excuse my sister, she is a bit unhappy of being in shadow wolf territory, her name is Shadow wolf, or as she said Umbria' she looks at me, seeming to enjoy her little moment, as Nex steps forward. 'My name is lupus Nex, in English its wolf of the kill, you can call me Nex' he says his eyes glittering in the shallow light. The female wolf steps forward letting a young girl about my age pass through 'no need for true names, I'm Atra' She turns to look at the wolves behind her. 'This is my father, he has no name, it has become lost in his age' a grey looking wolf with chipped teeth, he was the one that smelt of moss, hiss coat taking on a tinge of green. 'As you already know we are the silent shadows, she motions with her hand, follow us. I can hear my feet crunching against my heals, changing in to my wolf, I can feel all eyes laid on me as I walk. Gazing up to the star-studded skies. The smells around me swirl like a worm pool, as the same thing knots in my stomach. We walk through the forest, my mouth watering at the sound of animals scurrying in the bush, the grumbling draws some attention as the camp comes in to site. A ring of well used huts curls in a spiral around a oak fire. The signs of the shadow proclamation are painted every where, marking territory, I notice the carvings in the trees and the huts that surround the fires. 'where are we going to stay?' I ask, Atra turns to me, in the inner circle, she points to a small hut. 'its built for two' she says with a sigh in her voice 'But it will have to do'. I smile back at her, honestly not trusting a word Atra had said. I slip in to the room, being dragged by Glace, her hand gripping around my wrist. She chirps some words in to my ear 'Atra said to meet her in the main hut in half an hour' I look at her suspiciously

'where's that?' I ask, she just stands up and points outside

'um, kind of had to miss!' she says sarcastically.

I poke my head outside to see a large hut with a banner marked 'main hall' hammered to the roof, I give a weak smile. She hands me a pile of strange, native clothes. I slip them on in the separate room, before heading to the hall.

(ok now back to Atra)

I see Umbria strut in to the room, wearing our native clothes, her black hair falling almost around her waist, she walked over to me, I shake her hand. I watch as she takes her seat, next to the omegas, I look at the crazy one we call Summer, her ginger hair out of place in the home of the shadows, she is scheduled to leave for the inferno torches soon. I watch her eyes darting around the room crazily in a bright alert blue. She rests them on Umbria, then me, she turns away licking her lips. She turns in to a wolf, running out of the door. I push away from the table to follow the blue eyed nut job, she stands in the night spinning in circles chasing her tale, she looked up at me 'Nex, brother!' she smiles at me trotting off in to the hut Umbria had been given, no doubt to talk to Nex. I turn back, walking in to the hall. I take my chair as my father brings the meeting in to motion.


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