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Shadows of the wolves rough

Novel By: firefang05
Action and adventure

See is Umbria and her sister Ivy can face what there old life was as soon will be again! View table of contents...


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Chapter 8

After telling Ivy the truth of her name, I felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders, but from now on I am gonna struggle to remember to call her Glace. I felt her warm touch on the palm of my hand. We had made it out of the place we only knew as our prison. Nex no longer wore a confined look on his face, his eyes where now relaxed, brows no longer furrowed in concentration, his grip in my hand light, yet firm. I sigh as they walk either side of me, while the wind tangles my hair. As we all transform, as if in an agreement, a advancing shade of black and white, as we all stand, Glace , like shimmering snow to my left, and Nex with a silver mane to my right, and me, a jet black. We take our steps towards the wood, I lift up my head to smell the sweet nectar, as the realisation of where I am hits me, and I don't know why. I have never been here before. 'That's shadow forest' I whimper, my voice shaking as I back away. My paws slide in the silky mud, as I feel there eyes staring at me, as if they can see through me. 'Nex, you know about regions don't you?' I ask, shivering. 'Yeah, sort of' he replies. I turn to Glace, seeing her deep blue eyes. 'Ok, so no more secrets' I say giving her a weak smile. Placing my trust in Glace, I swallow hard. 'Ok, in truth there are six types of werewolves, theses types are' I breath again trying to remember all of the groups. 'first of all we have the lightning scouts, they live on the west mountains, the other main ones are the inferno torches, and the swift streams.' I swallow, for the first time thinking how strange the names are 'Then we have the uncommon groups, emerald hearts and your real home, the silver souls.' I sigh 'but, they are quite rare. And are hard to find.' I look at her, hanging on to every word I say 'And my clan, the silent shadows, and this-' I say motioning my hands to point to the forest 'this is where my home is, if I had ever grown old enough to leave the pack.' She smiles at me, as she nods, understanding my fear. 'Umbria?' she asks cocking her head sideways, in a wolfie smile 'You know when we went to Greenland, you know the only holiday we have had?' She says to me again looking scared 'Well, I felt kind of how you feel know, uncomfortable, and worried of what could happen.' She winces has she growls the words. I jump as I feel Nex nudge my shoulder, He smiles 'I know where the inferno torches are, since I was once part of them.' He says, no doubt another one of his many stories. 'So what do we do now?' I ask them. 'well' Nex says, his eyes full of excitement, 'You know what you have to do' her says making sure I hear the word 'you' I gulp, there gaze on me as my eyes turn a pale chalky purple in fear. I cross the boundary, between the world and the realm of the shadows.

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Umbria's eyes widen with shock as she steps in to the forest, I can see her eyes, with a light purple seeping in to them. I hear her heart beat rise, and her scent strengthen, filling the sweet air with pine, it feels strange in a tall oak wood. I see her body shiver, as she brushes past the purple studded leaves. Soon the sun is stetting, as the moon is rising in to the sky, the rise of the shadows seems to increase Umbria's twitching. Her arms in spasms, before a deep howl echoes from not that far ahead, before we all take a step to far, plummeting down the shear face of a cliff.


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