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One day, a Russian princess named Anya suddenly was betrayed by her country. She then runaway to America. In order to take her country back, she needs to be a CIA. Luckily, she was assigned to spy on the rebels organization in Russia. But suddenly, while doing her job, a group of Russian scientist made a mistake and ended up spreading radiations to the citizens and turns them into a zombie. Anya have to do both taking her country back and make her citizens turn into their normal self. Will Anya be able to handle the big devastation that happens to her country? View table of contents...


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Anya Natasha Stanislav lived a good life in the palace. She's currently 19 years old and learning how to become a really good empress of Russia. She's different than other princesses from other countries- she's boyish, loves exploring, and unlike her father, she's really ambitious to be a great politician and an empress. Her goal is to make Russia a great country. In her teen age, she learned in an international school somewhere in Southeast Asia disguising as a normal Russian citizen (only with her mom). The idea of being schooled in Southeast Asia was from Anya herself, because she wants to learn other people's cultures. When learning history, her teacher taught her about the history of every bad and good rulers from some well- known country. From that lesson, she learned how to be a good empress and now it's almost her time to be an empress. (And her ambition came from the history of those bad and good emperors/ empress).

Chapter 1: The Devastation of the Empire

The birds sings in the garden of the palace, a very wide garden that the rows of trees almost looks like a forest. Anya played in the garden. She's wearing a casual clothes- a sweater with a jean shorts and a sketch shoes which is somewhat against the palace's law, because princesses are supposed to wear dresses. Her maids and her parents tried convincing her but it never worked. She is practicing her basketball skill. Anya is not really good in sports, so in her school year, one of her best friends, an athletic one, taught her how to do the easiest (in her friend's opinion) sport- basketball. "I knew it I should listen to her when she urged me to practice Karate. Martial Arts are pretty cool! But I kept refusing to learn it. And yes! I should be good artist if I'm brave enough to ask my awesome artist friend how to draw. I would be good in drawing everything around me!" Anya's regretful feeling always appears whenever she remembers her school time.

BAM! Suddenly, there's an explosion from the other side of the castle where her parents' room were located. "Mother! Father!" Anya shouted. She runs towards her room and grabs a small gun and a pocket knife from her drawer. When she was about to open her bedroom door, many maids come in and pack every Anya's things hurryingly. "We must hurry, milady! The castle is being invaded by rebels and was about to explode in a few second!" Anya was pretty confused. It's the first time she had experienced being invaded and hated by her nation. All the maids that has packed up all Anya's things run into the small plane located behind the wide garden. They throw every luggage into the plane's cargo.

Two maids push Anya into the plane. "How about my parents?" "Sorry milady, they died because of the explosion." replied the nurse with a low tone. Anya was shocked and then she stands up and tries to get off the plane while being blocked by two maids. "Let me see my parents! Just once! Let me be invited to their funerals!" Anya can't control herself and she shouts- then tears falling from her eyes. She struggles to get through her maids but her strength is not enough. The maids grab her arms and put her on the very front seat near the window. "Milady, we're very sorry. We too, are not going inside the plane for the sake of the nation." declared one of the maid.

Anya doesn't respond. She just look at the window and see some of the explosions blasting in the palace. The plane takes off. Anya sees the devastating look of her palace. Her parents, her maids, her servants, her lovely dog, her favorite garden, the birds, the flowers- all faded away from her sight, eaten by the explosions.


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