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Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Novel By: Frog2235
Action and adventure

This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid. View table of contents...


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I took a nice hot shower to calm my nerves and to calm myself down. Showers always helped me before, if felt like I was washing away all my troubles for awhile and when I got out I felt fresh and better for awhile. I got dressed in my new clothes which it was hard to choose a bit as I'm not use to having so many things to wear or try on. When I finished getting dressed I sat on the bed feeling a little dizzy feeling my strength leaving me slowly. When my head came back to me my throat started to burn as I was getting hungry again. I swallowed it back to keep control of myself.

I start to head down stairs and I see Valick waiting for me at the end of the stairs, he turns to look at me seeing me in a normal blouse and knee length skirt. It is the 1920's most girls wore skirts and blouses. Valick smirked and motioned with his hand to fallow him. We head to the back of the mansion in a day room that looked out to the backyard.

I walked up to the window looking out at the clear starry night sky, the half moon shinning bright. The mansion was surrounded by acres of woods. I could see so far and as clear as I looked around, seeing there would be no town around for miles. I loved it though, it was quite and surrounded by nature. I then see Vince standing out in the middle of the open yard setting up things on a table. Valick stood next to me softly as he let me take everything in, feeling everything I was feeling about the place. He then walks to a door that opens to the back yard onto the deck and opens it.

"This way, Rebecca." I look at him, fallowing him outside, when the cool spring air hit my skin, my senses went wild a bit and I looked at my arms as I felt the wind brush against my skin, I took in a deep breath letting the fresh clean air fill my lungs as everything was like I was feeling, smelling, and hearing for the first time in my life. I had my eyes closed as I was taking in the outside; I then feel a hand softly touch my back to move me on.

I open my eyes and look at Valick standing next to me and we move to Vince as he softly watched us go to him as he stood next to the table of things. Vince stood one side of the table and I stood on the other. It wasn't a very big table, just one of those folded card tables. On the table there was two bowls, one had a whole bunch of circler glass red objects in it and the other one was empty. I then looked at Vince, "So what is all this stuff for."

Vince smirks and picks up a red glass ball and holds it easily in his hand, "These are Christmas ornaments. I want you to try to put all these Christmas ornaments from this bowl into the other bowl without breaking them." I looked at him like he was crazy; I did not see how that was going to train me for humans at all. He puts the glass ornament back in its bowl.

"Ok that seems simple enough, how is picking up ornaments going to help me be around humans?" Vince smirks and motions to the ornaments. "Pick one up, without breaking it." He says softly.

I look at the ornaments and I reach out to grab one and once I just put a small grip on the fragile glass ornament it breaks instantly in my hand. When the glass broke there was some type of liquid inside. Not a lot that it went everywhere but enough to cover my fingers a bit. The wind blows the scent of the liquid to me and my jaw clenched tight, it was blood. My burn in my throat itched even more and I wanted so badly to lick the sweet blood off my fingers.

Before I even had the chance to move my hand to my lips to do so, Valick grabs my wrist and holds my hand down on the table. I look at him growl a bit at him as the hunger itched inside me so bad. "This is the first step of how to deal with a human by not giving yourself away. The ornaments are like the skin and bone of a human, so fragile. With just enough press from our strength we can break them. If you do break them, blood comes. You have to learn to control your strength when you touch a human and control your hunger when you are near them." Vince says softly to me, explaining to me why Valick held my hand down.

I look at Vince and then close my eyes swallowing hard to work on controlling myself. I then open my eyes and look at Valick. "Alright I get it, I'll try my best to keep myself in control" Valick smirks at me and slowly let go of my hand. I grip the table a little to keep myself from getting that blood off my hand. Valick then picks up a towel behind the bowl I didn't see there and hands it to me. I softly take it and stare at the blood on my hand as I slowly wipe it off my hand. I swallow hard setting the table aside, "Try again Rebecca." Vince says softly.

I nod trying hard to stay in control, I look at the ornaments and it was harder now because some of them had blood on it. I slowly reach for another. I lay my hand limp on one of them not give any pressure on it just yet. I then remember what Vince said to me when he told me how to move at normal speed, to use less strength then I would when I was human. I took a deep breath and put so little strength around the ornament and slowly started to pick up. Carefully start to cross it over to the other bowl, but the wind blows the scent of blood to me again and I lose it breaking the ornament over the empty bowl.

The blood gets all over my hand again, I growl angry putting my hand in a tight fist putting it on the table, I close my eyes and step back a minute looking away from all the blood, out of the winds current. I groan as my fangs push through and the burn in my throat hurts even worse. Valick steps over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. "I don't think I can do this. I'm so hungry…" I say softly hearing the pain in my voice.

Valick smirks and turns me having me face him. I look up at him into his eyes, "You will get it Rebecca, and we will not let you near a human till your ready." I read his eyes seeing him tell the truth, "I don't know what to do to hold it back. It hurts." I say swallowing hard feeling my fangs graze my lower lip lightly. Valick smirks and nods, "Then think of something else to get your mind off of it" I look around and think of something that would distract my hunger.

Then for some reason it hit me, it was the warmth of the sun that I felt earlier. The one thing I didn't lose, the human side of me that I will always have, what I have left of my parents. Then just like that, my body calmed, my fangs went back into hiding. Vince smiles and nods, "Very good you two, now Rebecca let's try it again and don't forget that thought you have." Vince says to us. I look at Vince and smile, walking back to the table.

I look at the blood in the empty bowl. As I did my throat burned but I didn't lose control I had it as I thought of what I had left of my old self. I look at the ornaments softly reach for one doing what I did before; I pick it up and slowly set it in the other bowl. I smile as I did it, "Good again." Vince says encouraging me.

I continued to slowly putting the ornaments in the other bowl. There were about 20 of them. I broke about 3 more when I finished with the last one. Vince then had me move them back again till I was moving them with ease. I had control over my strength, my movements, and my hunger when we were done.

My hunger was still there, burning in my throat but I ignored it keeping the feeling of the warmth I had inside me to keep going. Vince and Valick were amazed how fast I got controlled of myself. Vince smiles at me, "Great job Rebecca, you passed the first step to getting closer to being near humans again." I give a small smile, and then all of a sudden I couldn't hold myself up right anymore and I lean on the table.

Vince looks at Valick, "Take her inside Valick and get her something to drink." Valick nods to Vince and steps over to me putting a soft hand on my back. I look at him nodding and lean off the table to start moving to the mansion but I got dizzy losing my balance, Valick quickly holds me up and then puts an arm around me helping me inside.

"I'm amazed how long you lasted without losing control Rebecca." Valick says softly me as he walks me inside. He sets me down on a chair in the day room, "Wait here" he then was gone in a flash to get me some blood. I lean back in the chair breathing heavy as the burn killed my throat; my fangs already came out of hiding as I didn't need to hold back anymore.

I looked out the window, looking around at the woods. Before I could go in more deep thought about things Valick was back, holding a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other. He softly handed me the glass, I tried to not snatch it out of his hands as I wanted it badly, smelling its sweetness.

I bring the glass to my lips and close my eyes drinking down the blood in seconds. I set the glass aside of me on a little table next to me and take a deep breath as the burn subsides a little. Valick smirks and softly starts to fill the glass again as I felt my body get stronger again. He sets the bottle down on table and sits in a chair next to me.

I still don't open my eyes as I lift the drink again and bring it to my lips once again drinking that glass down as well. Vince walks back inside with the stuff and sets it aside on another small table in the room and joins us, sitting on the other side of me. "So if that was stage one, what is stage two?" I ask Vince softly hearing him sit next to me as well, still not opening my eyes as I enjoy the feeling the blood gave my body.

"Well you did pass stage one today Rebecca but we are going to practice it more for awhile longer to make sure you have it down and not forget what you need to do." I then open my eyes and look at Vince, "alright then, but I still would like to know what stage two is?" I say softly to him.

Vince sees my eyes flash silver once again, but for Valick it was his first time seeing that. They both just stare at me, I look at them confused. "Uh what guys, is there blood on my face?" I say checking my chin, Valick looks at Vince, "What the hell was that?" Vince looks at him, "I'm not sure, I saw that once before earlier when you fed her your blood." I look at them both still not sure what they are talking about. "Uh hello right here, what just happened?" I say a little annoyed. Valick looks at me, "When you looked at Vince your eyes flashed silver."

I look at Valick seeing him wonder why such a thing happened and wondering what it meant. "Oh I see…" I say softly. "I'll have to do some research on her any way; to see if there is anything the prophesies say about her." Vince says softly. I look at him when he said prophesy's, what prophesy's. Vince then stands grabbing the stuff and walks away. I watch Vince leave and then I turn back to Valick as he was still staring at me.

I give him a weird look, "Will you stop staring at me, you starting to creep me out." I say annoyed and pour the rest of the blood from the bottle into my glass and start to drink it softly. Valick looks way and looks at my hands as I pour blood, he smirks. "You seem quite hungry, is the blood not helping you as well?" I look at him over my glass and move the glass away from lips, "No…" I say softly and finish the glass; I didn't want to admit to him that even after my third glass I still had a small burn of hunger in my throat.

My fangs already went back into hiding after the first glass but they throbbed a bit in my gums, wanting more. I tried hard not to think of the pleasure I got biting Valick's wrist draining the blood out of him. My body seemed to get a thrill out of it and I know Valick knows that I did too. I look into my glass seeing blood almost gone, "Valick, you or Vince never answered my question. What is the next stage?" Valick looks at me softly, "The next stage is you meeting a human, seeing how you do around one." I then look at him, "I see…" I say softly, I then look passed him "And the third stage?" Valick smirks at me, "Oh well, that's teaching you how to feed from one." I sigh as I keep looking outside, up at the sky. "Yeah I thought so; well you don't need to worry about teaching me that stage." Valick smirks again, "We will see little one."

I then finish off the glass of blood, ignoring that burning tickle in the back of my throat. I then softly stand setting the glass on the table, "If it's alright with you, I'd like to go outside for a bit." Valick leans back in his chair and motions to the door; "Sure just stay where I can see you. I don't want you wondering off into the woods." I roll my eyes and walk to the door, "I'm not a child you know" I say annoyed. I then open the door and walk out.

I smile as I feel the fresh air again fill my lungs. I walk off the deck in to the middle of the open yard. I then sit down in the grass and lay back looking up at the sky. The feeling of grass felt so different on my skin and I could not feel the cool ground as much as I use too, maybe because I was that temperature now. I'm not sure how long I was laying there, I never fell asleep I just laid there with my eyes closed listening to the night all around me.


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