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Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Novel By: Frog2235
Action and adventure

This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid. View table of contents...


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A couple of weeks passed, Vince seemed to keep his promise of Valick not attacking me, but I still kept my guard up. Every day that passed the burn my throat got worse and the more and more I drank, the less it was working. Valick and Vince notice I was drinking a lot more but they said nothing. They just watched and waited, keeping an eye on me.

When I'd wake every night it was harder and harder to get up, as I was losing strength quicker now. Vince was showing more new things about me, teaching me how to act more around humans, how to seem more human and then more a Vampire. It was getting harder to do every day focus though, Vince was working with me as ease, it seemed like he has done this many times before.

I wake with the burning of my throat so hot, it felt like I ate a hot coal. My fangs were out and I felt still so tired. I sigh and start to slowly sit up and I sit on the edge of my bed. I see someone brought me a whole bottle of blood, as it sat on my bedside. I softly reach for it and it was almost hard to lift up. I pull the cork out and start drinking the blood down.

The blood started to take some effect on me but not much, my fangs wouldn't go back in so I had to sit there and try to focus on controlling my hunger, which was also getting harder to do. I finally get my fangs to go back into hiding even though they ached in my gums.

There was a soft knock on my door, "Come in" my voice sounded horrible, I cleared my throat and straightened up a bit, setting the empty bottle back down on my side table. Valick softly opens the door walking in. He looks at me, seeing the pain in my eyes even though I tried my best to hide it from both of them, but I knew Valick could feel my pain. Valick softly walks over to me and sits next to me, "I want to let you know Vince wants to start the next stage. There is someone, a human already down stairs. He knows what we are so if something does happen, he knows the reactions and what to do."

I look at him, unsure that this was a good time right now. "How does he know what we are?" I ask softly, trying to make myself sound not weak, but I could tell he heard it still. "He is the one that brings us the bottle of blood. One thing you should know about the blood. It's not straight from a human, its clone blood." I look at him confused and then look at the bottle, "So you mean I don't even know what real blood is like." Valick then puts a soft strong hand on my shoulder. "That's right, now I will be at your side the whole time and Vince will be there too. You have to try Rebecca. I know how weak you are right now, and to be honest I am impressed how long you have lasted. Most vampires don't last three days."

I then look at him and give him a small smirk, then sigh looking at my hands. "Alright I'll try, but you better stop me, if I try to do anything. I do not want to hurt the man." Valick smirks and pats my shoulder. "Don't worry I will." Valick says softly. He then stands and offers me a hand, I then softly take it and he helps me up. He lets go of my hand walks with me out of my room.

I was starting to feel nerves about this, not sure if I can really do this at all. We get to the top of the stairs and I then grip the railing a bit as a smell hits me, making my body almost want to jump and go after that scent. Valick puts a strong hand on my shoulder. "Relax breath and get control. You know what to do." I look at him breathing deeply, trying to control my hunger. "That smell…it's so strong, I don't think I can do this. I'm trying hard to not go after that sent." Valick turns me to face him and has me look him in the eyes, seeing me struggle. "Close your eyes" He says softly, holding me in my spot so I don't move. "Think about what you always think about to get yourself in control."

I take in a deep breath and think of the sun, the warmth of my beating heart. I missed the sun so; I had to feel it once again on my skin." Valick softly lets go of me, seeing it working. "Very good Rebecca, Now keep that thought." I nod softly and slowly open my eyes looking at him. He puts a soft hand on my lower back motioning me to the stairs; we start to slowly go down.

I start to hear Vince talking to someone in the living room. We get to the bottom of the stairs and to the right of us, is the living room, I could smell the man so well, it made my mouth water. I swallowed hard, feeling my throat on fire. I grip the railing a bit and Valick watches me, I close my eyes and concentrate again. When I got some better control again Valick moved me slowly along.

He enters the room first and motions me to join him. When I entered I look to the right of me as Vince and 30 year old man, semi built, with black graying hair wearing nice black suit looked at me. "Ah good, Brian this is Rebecca." Vince says softly to him, Brian softly stands and looks me over, he then looks at Valick and back at Vince. "Is that who I think it is? Is that Rebecca Darsto? The daughter of James Darsto, the hunter."

I swallowed hard again as I tried not to move were I was, as I looked at the man, I could hear his heart beat, hearing the flow of his blood going through his body. "It is indeed my friend" Vince says softly gives me a small smile. The man looks at me; he then starts to slowly move to me. I fold my hands behind my back gripping my hands, trying to stay in control as he got closer to me. "She still looks human in a way, but she also doesn't look so good. Has she not been feeding?"

Valick smirks at the man, puts a soft hand on my shoulder, to distract my thoughts a bit from that. "No she has not yet fed on a human yet. She insists not too." Valick says and looks at me, then back at him. The man doesn't try coming any closer. I swallow hard and I hated that then man could even tell I didn't look so well, but I had to show I was strong still. So I took a second to hold my breath a bit and get control. I put a soft hand on Valick's looking at him, showing him I'm ok.

He softly lets me go and I look at the man. I give the man soft smile and step softly closer to him and carefully to show him I mean no harm. I hold my hand out to him. "It's nice to meet you Brian and I will let you know, I might have not fed on a human but I'm quite fine." The man looks at my hand and then at me and gives me a soft smile. He takes my hand and like I always practice I shake his hand like I was picking up one of those fragile ornaments out of a bowl. The warmth of his skin moves through me and I try not to show the pleasure of the feeling, he felt like the sun. Our hands then softly parted from each other and the man nods. "You are a strong one then. It's a very much a pleasure to meet you as well." The man says, he had a somewhat deep voice but not as strong as Vince and Valick's. I looked at his hands and they looked like they were doctor hands, from how smooth and clean they were, had a few scars but not many.

He looks at Valick as he moves next to me, then looks back at me. "If you don't mind my dear, I was wondering if you would let me look you over?" I look at him a little confused and then look at Valick. Valick looks at me and smirks, "He is a doctor, he likes to examine the new vampires to see how well they developed and you being different, we want to make sure you are going to be alright as well." Valick softly explains to me.

I swallow hard as the burn never dies down, mouth kept watering but I was still in control. I look at the man, "Ok very well, you may." I say softly. The man smiles and moves closer to me, looking at my face, skin, arms, body over. I just closed my eyes trying to not think of his warmth, the sound of his heart, the smell of him. I felt him softly hold my arm and look at my neck of the scar Valick gave me. Valick stepped back letting the man work but was still close to stop me if I did anything. The man then stood in front of me, very close now I could smell the sweat on his skin. I softly open my eyes and look at him, "If you don't mind, can you open your mouth and show me your fangs?" I looked at the man for a bit and swallowed hard again and slowly opened my mouth, I tried to keep control as I let my fangs grow out, I spread my lips showing him.

He then softly touches my lips lifting them looking at my gums. Smelling his blood as it was so close to my nose, I gripped the side of my leg a bit. I felt like I was going to lose it, before I did I quickly moved back away from the man and turn away. The man stays still looking at me. "I'm…I'm sorry just give me a minute." I breathe heavy and close my eyes trying to get control again but my stomach turned and I didn't feel good. "It's alright dear I understand."

The man seemed very calm about this as he was use to vampires trying to not bite him. He turns to Valick and Vince, "Well she is very well built, I don't see anything wrong and I believe she will be very healthy" he then looks at me still trying to get control, "but I'm sorry dear if you don't feed soon, things won't turn out well for you." He says softly, that's what I needed a man, a human telling me I need to feed. My stomach was not stopping and I felt even worse every time I took a breath. "I'm sorry I can't be here anymore. It was nice meeting you." I glance at the man, then Valick and Vince.

In a flash I was gone, back in my room. I hurried to the bathroom and opened the toilet bowl; I lean over it as the blood I drank earlier comes up and out of me, my body couldn't handle any more fake blood now. Now that it got the scent of the real thing, it's going to reject the clone blood. I drop to the floor next to the sink and lean on it, I swallow hard as my throat hurt so bad now. Tears started to fill my eyes as I couldn't believe what I'm going to have to do. That I just proved Valick and Vince right, I was so sure I didn't have too because I'm different from them, that I didn't need human blood, but if I wasn't drinking real blood in the first place then I see why.

I sat there silently, hiding my head in my arms as I let the tears fall from my face. My fangs were still out as I could not get them back any more. I was so tired and so hungry. I feel someone put a soft hand on the top of my head; I slowly start to lift my head and see Valick kneeled down next to me and Vince standing at the doorway of the bathroom. I shake my head as more tears fall down my face when I see them. "I hate you both so much, for making me like this." I say to them through pain and tears. Valick moves his hand under my chin and has me look at him. "Are you ready to give it a try now?" I look at him with pain in my eyes; I know he could feel how much pain I am in.

I close my eyes and few more bloody tears stream down my face. I softly nod my head, not wanting to say I wanted a human. I didn't want to hear it from myself. Valick softly lets go of my chin and grabs a towel wetting it from the sink and kneels back down handing it to me. I softly take it and clean my face, Valick then helps me up and I look at them both and set the towel down on the counter. Vince gives me a small smile, "Alright then, I'll go out and get a human. We would take you out but because you waited so long, you won't be able to handle a room of humans right now."

I swallow hard trying to not cry any more, thinking of me being in a room of people, I could feel myself not be able to handle such a thing. I nod softly to him, he gives me a soft smile and walks out. I then hear him leave the mansion. I look at Valick and he smirks at me, I could feel a bit of excitement inside of him. I glare are him, "oh stop feeling so glee about being right Valick. I'm sure if that wasn't clone blood I would have been fine." I say annoyed, it was a little hard to talk with the fangs out but they wouldn't go away.

Valick shrugs and walks out of the bathroom and sits on my bed looking at me. "You never know. Now are you ready for your first lesson of how to drink from someone?" Valick says softly. I sigh and I could feel now why he was all excited, he can't wait to show me how to bite someone without ripping there head off.

I walk out of the bathroom and go sit next to him. "Yeah sure, what is the first thing I need to know?" Valick turns to look at me, he then moves my hair away from my neck showing him my scare he gave me. I look at him wondering what he is doing, he then looks at me and his finger softly brushes over my scare, the feeling of his touch on my neck sent a feeling through me.

"You need to make sure you bite right were the vein in there neck is. You remember how my bite felt?" When he asked me that the memory flashed back into my mind and I flinched, "Yes too well, I remember it hurting like hell" I say annoyed. Valick smirks, "Ah well, I enjoy biting hard, but you don't want to bite too hard into a human as your jaws will sometimes tare right through there throat and then you have a big bloody mess. Just like everything else we have taught you, you have to not use all your strength to harm a human. It doesn't take much." He says softly, he seemed to have some thrill in his voice as he thought of it.

I was disgusted with myself as I felt the thrill in me as well. "Alright then, that's easy enough. What else?" I say softly, Valick smirks and removes his hand from my neck. I look at him, "The next thing you need to know is when to stop. You never want to take the last drop, if you do you will feel there soul leave there body and that feeling sometimes haunts vampires driving them to go mad." I looked at him surprised and swallow hard. "Alright then, how do I know when to stop." I ask, looking at my hands. "You will hear it in their heart as it slows, when you start to feed I'll let know you know when to stop. That way you can hear their heart." I started to fiddle with my hands.

I couldn't believe I'm about to feed on a human and end there life. "Is there any way I can not kill them?" Valick lifts an eyebrow at me, "I'm sorry but no. Even if you drank some of them, the lack of blood will make them sick and die. It's better to just finish it so they don't suffer. Plus this being your first time it will be hard for you to stop." I close my eyes and sigh as I was hoping there was a way.

We sat there in silence for awhile about an hour passed when we heard Vince walk back in, I could hear a second pair of footsteps fallowing him. I look at my door, as I started to feel really nerves, not sure if I could go through with this. I hear them walk up the steps and head to my room. Valick looks at me and gives me a smirk, "Ready?" he asks me.

I look at him and swallow hard as I was going to have to be ready no matter what; my body was not going to let me not do this. Vince then walks in and behind her was a middle age women, she seemed calm and not afraid. Vince looks at me and then at the women. He puts a soft hand on her shoulder, "Go ahead dear." I swallow even harder as she looked at me with calm eyes, like she was ready to die. She starts to slowly move over to me, I get nerves and start stepping away from her a bit. Valick stands as well, I look at them. "I don't think I can do this." I say softly trying to hide my fangs from the women.

The woman then speaks to me, "It's alright dear, and I'm ok with this. I want to do a good thing for someone, and if that means giving my blood to you, to help you I will." I look at the women like she is crazy, "why would you give your life up to help me, just out of the goodness of your heart?" I say a little annoyed; I didn't hide my fangs from her this time as it seemed she knew what I was. She gives me a soft smile and slowly steps closer to me. "I'm dying already miss, I have stage two cancer and I will not live another 6 months. I already said my goodbyes and I am ready to move on."

I look at the women for awhile, she then move her long blonde hair to the side showing me her exposed vein, I could see it moving through her skin. My mouth watered as she smelled amazing. "O…ok" I say softly. I step a little closer to her and I swallow hard. Valick softly moves over next to me, I could feel him get excited about seeing me do this, but I tried to ignore it. The women closed her eyes as I softly wrapped my cold hand around her neck, holding her close to me. I close my eyes as tears start to fill my eyes. "Thank you" I whispered softly into her ear, I then swallow hard and open my mouth, bringing my fangs to her soft fragile skin.

They then slice into her skin and vein like butter, with me not having to put any effort into it at all. The blood rushed out into my mouth and quickly wrapped my lips around her wounds. I groaned as her blood was over whelming, it sent a deep thrill though me that I didn't want to enjoy but I did very much. I hold her body tighter to mine as I tighten my lips harder around her neck. I could hear her breathing slow; her body starts to fail under me, her heart starting to beat slower.

I didn't even notice I was now just holding her up in my arms as I took her life. I then feel Valick's hand on my back, "Rebecca stop." He says softly, with a little pleasure in his voice. I then pull away and listen to her heart hearing it so slow. Her heart then failed and she passed in my arms. I swallow as the burn leaved my throat and body came to full strength, I felt so good and so alive in a way. I look at the women in my arms and my eyes start to tear up as I just took my first life.

I then lift her limp body up in my arms and walk over and lay her on my bed. I look down at her and a tear escapes my face and lands softly on her chest. Vince moved over to me and put a hand on my shoulder, I look at him. He gives me a small smile. "How do you feel?" I take in a deep breath to hold back the pain for taking someone's life and nod softly. "I feel much better. Did you know she was dying?" I ask him softly. Vince nods softly, "Yes I did, I thought from all we have put you through, id make it easier on you to have you take a life of someone willing." I nod and look at the women, "Does she have family?" Vince removes his hand from my shoulder, "She did, now she is with them."

I look at her sadly as I then lick my lips tasting her blood still on them. "What do we do with her body?" Valick walks over and starts to pick the women's body up. "We bring them to Brian, the man you met earlier and he takes care of it." Valick says and walks out of the room, caring her away. I sit on the bed not sure what to feel right now because in a way I felt great, happy and excitement from the feeding but also feel pain and regret taking her life. Was this how it was always going to be like when I fed?


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