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Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

Novel By: Frog2235
Action and adventure

This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid. View table of contents...


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When Valick left with the body of my victim, Vince went off to his office to do whatever he does in there. I deiced to go to the back and sit in the day room. It was nice in there as there were windows all around the room looking out to the back yard. I sat there quietly thinking over my thoughts on what happened today, wondering if I was going to be ok with at one point or it was just going to hurt every time I took a life.

I softly played with my long sharp new nails as I looked outside into the woods, softly off in my thoughts. I then thought I saw something move deep in the woods. It moved quickly and it was big, not sure what I was looking at. I stand and go to the back door, walking outside. It was night out the full moon was shinning bright now; my new eyes searched the woods trying to find it again. Then all of a sudden I see two pair of eyes deep in the woods looking right at me, they glowed from the light coming off the moon, like a cat eyes dose in the night. I slowly start to move off the deck not keeping my eyes off the dark eyes that watched me. As I moved a little closer I could hear it breathing, it breath deep and heavy, almost sounded like a growl every time it breathed.

I stood there as the eyes stared at me and I stared right back. I feel someone softly put a hand on my shoulder and jump and turn to look, seeing it was Valick as he was back now. I quickly look back where the eyes were, but they were gone now. I looked around the woods trying to find it but I didn't. Valick looks at me seeing I'm searching for something and looks at the woods with me fallowing my eyes but sees nothing as well.

"What is it Rebecca?"he asks me softly. I continue to look around hoping to see it so I could show him, "I saw something in the woods. It was fast and then it was watching me, but it left." I say softly and sigh looking at him. Valick looks back at me, "Well don't go looking for it, there is other things in the woods then just regular animals." He says and puts a soft arm around me, to turn me back toward the mansion.

I nod softly moving with him and glance back again and then at Valick, "Like what things?" I ask as he got me curious. Valick smirks and looks at me, "Did you know there are Werewolves and Lycans?" My eyes go wide as he said that, "What? Really? I thought they weren't real." Valick laughs a little and sits in a chair on the deck, I softly sit next to him. I wasn't sure if he was messing with me or not. "No, little one. They are real just like us. There is a small pack of them in the woods here; they know not to come on our property." I was still surprised, he was telling the truth. I look out in the woods again. "What other creatures like us are out there in the world?" I ask softly as I wanted to know more. Valick smirks and leans back in his chair looking up at the full moon, it had a soft orange ring around it.

"Well there is many creatures out there little one and in due time you will know them all." Valick says softly, I look around and then join him by looking up at the moon. The moon was the most amazing thing during the night to look at with my new eyes. I missed the sun though, maybe I might be able to sneak out later in the morning when there resting to enjoy the sun. "I thought you would have known of some of the other creatures out there because of your father?" He says softly not looking at me. I glance at him and then back at the moon, "No my father didn't want me to anywhere near the hunter world, he would leave me alone in a safe place while he left to go hunt." I say softly as it hurt a little still to think of my father. Valick softly nods.

I glance at Valick and then look down at my hands as there was a question on my mind ever since I took the women's life. "Valick? How many times do we need to feed on a human." I ask softly, Valick then looks at me, feeling the pain of me thinking about the women. "We have to drink from a human at least once a week. I don't think it would be good if you went that long without fresh blood again." Valick says softly to me. I sigh and close my eyes as I didn't want to have to take a life every week. "Was it hard for your first time?" I ask wondering if he had any tips on how to get through the pain of taking lives. Valick looks away, looking back at the moon, "Yes, it is for all of us." He says being honest with me, I look at him as I didn't expect for him to tell me the truth. "How did you get passed the pain of taking people's lives?" Valick looks at me in the eyes, I look back into his nice dark blue eyes. "I stopped caring Rebecca, I just accepted who I am and started to enjoy it." I swallow hard and look away from him. I don't think I could ever stop caring and allow myself to enjoy the pleasure of feeding. Valick smirks at me and looks out in the woods. "Give it time Rebecca, soon it will be numb to you and be just a reflex." Valick says with a smirk on his face, I look down at my hands playing with my nails.

We sat there quite for awhile till we hear the back door open; we look to see that Vince was coming out to join us. Vince gives us a small smile and I smile back. Vince pulls up a chair and sits on the other side of me, I softly look at him. He sighs and relaxes back in the chair. Valick didn't look at him "What is it Vince?" Valick says with an annoyed voice. I look at Valick wondering why he thought there was something up and looked back Vince.

Vince glances at us both and smirks as he could never get passed Valick, "We are going to have a visitor in a week from today." I look at him confused, "A visitor, who?" I ask softly really interested to know and a little nervous. Valick smirks and nods, "Let me guess Eric?" I look at Valick and back at Vince as I did not know who Eric was. Vince shakes his head and smiles, "No, Hector this time. Eric would have come, but he's got some things to handle." Vince says softly not looking at Valick or me, just looking out at the woods. Valick softly nods, "Alright then." He says and continues to look out at the woods as well.

They were quite for awhile and I was starting to get a little annoyed, Valick smirks feeling me get annoyed that they haven't told me who these people are. "So are you guys going to tell me who this Eric or Hector is?" I say a bit annoyed looking back and forth at them. They both smile and look at me, Vince then stands and holds a hand out to me. "Come Rebecca, I'll show you who they are." I look at him confused and softly take his hand and stand.

Valick decides to join us, we walk back in the house and Vince leads me to the stairs and walks up the stairs. We then stop at the top of the stairs looking at the big painting of three people standing side by side of each other. It was that same painting I looked at when I was first shown to my new room, I glanced at it every now and then wondering who those people were in the painting as they looked important. Vince then points to a man to the left, he had short brown hair, dark brown eyes with a bit of gold in them, wearing a very nice black suit, with white under shirt and black tie. He looked more Italian in the painting.

"This is Hector. He is my maker, which makes him, in a way going by vampire blood line, is your grandfather you can say. He also is the Second oldest vampire alive to this day." My eyes go wide a bit as I didn't know they put things like that. I look at him a bit more and then Vince points to a man standing in the middle, he was taller than Hector by two feet. He has dirty blond short hair, slightly above his ears, his eyes were a emerald green with a hint of gold in them, he wore a very nice navy blue suit with a black under shirt and a black and blue tie. He looked more English than anything else and he was very handsome from just looking at the painting.

"That is Eric; he is the maker of Hector and the maker of Christina that stands next him there. Eric is the oldest Vampire alive. These three are the Elders and they keep order of the vampires around the world, they have to know everything about everyone and make sure people fallow the rules." Vince says softly explaining of their history. I look at Christina as she was a very beautiful women, shorting then Hector by a foot. She looked Irish and had long straight bright red hair, her eyes looked more gold than anything else as she had hazelnut eyes, but as I looked at her face I could tell she had an evil look to her like I see in Valick some times.

I look at the painting a little longer, "So Hector is coming here next week. Why?" I ask looking at Vince now. Vince smiles at me, "To meet you of course, I have to tell them about you as being our newest member to the family and how different you are to us." I smile a little and look at Hector in the painting again. "What are they like?" Valick smirks and leans on the railing. "Hector is cool, he is just as soft as Vince here." Vince gives him a look and smirks. I smile and look at Vince, then at Valick as he then continues. "Christina is the type of women that gets what she wants no matter what, she's hot and charming but also can be very cold hearted." Valick says with a little pleasure in his voice, sounding like he liked Christina a bit. He then sighs and looks at Eric on the painting, "And Eric…he dose what he wants when he wants to, he is very strong, and I will tell you this now, never pass into his bad side. You think I'm evil, he can be your worst nightmare if you don't watch it." I swallow hard as I looked at Valick say that, I than look at Eric in the painting.

Vince puts a soft hand on my shoulder to comfort me, "Don't worry, Eric is a really nice person if you stay on his good side and I don't see you upsetting him badly in any way." Vince looks at Valick, "It's the trouble makers that make him madder then anything." Vince says pointing out Valick as a trouble maker. Valick smirks and shrugs. I look at Vince and then at Valick seeing him smirk and shrug, I smile "Oh Valick…be a trouble maker? No that can't be…" I laugh a little as I mess with him a bit. Valick smiles and shakes his head, "Watch it little one, you are my blood too, so you might become one as well." I smirk at Valick, "You never know." I say softly looking back at the painting.

I was a little nerves to be meeting an elder, but from Valick description on how he's like, I guess it won't be so bad. Vince looks at his watch and smiles, "Alright the sun is about to come up, I think it's time we get some rest." He says softly. I nod and stretch a bit to not try to show my excitement about the sun as I was going to try and enjoy it when they were resting. "Sounds good to me." I say softly, Vince smiles and says good day to us both and heads to his room. I look at Valick as he watched Vince leave and then turn to me. I start to turn to leave to my room when Valick then softly stops me by grabbing my shoulder a bit. I look at him, "May I speak with you for a moment in your room?" Valick says softly looking at me with his dark blue eyes, I smile a little and nod, "Uh yeah sure." I say softly and we start to head to my room.

I walked in first and sat on my bad; Valick fallows closing the door behind him and then sits next to me. I look at him, body facing him. He softly looks at me, as I couldn't read him right now, not sure what he wanted to talk about. "Rebecca… are you very sure you do not want to give me your human side?" he says sounding very serious. I blink a bit surprised he was asking me this again, I sigh and nod "Yes Valick I am very sure." Valick softly nods and holds out his hand. I look at his hand and then at him, "Very well, I want to shake on promising you I will never ask you again." He says softly.

I still couldn't read his emotions as I was feeling unsure about this. I then softly put my hand in his to shake it. Valick smirks at me, then in one quick motion he pulls me to him, holds me down, holding my hand out. I struggle with him but I couldn't get my arms free. "Valick stop! What are you doing?!" I yell at him, he growls as I was struggling, "Hold still, this will only be a second." He growls in my ear, he takes his sharp nail cutting his hand then cuts mine, I bite my lower lip as that hurt. He presses our hands together, mixing our blood together. He then quickly says something that sounded Latin. I squirm in his arms as I was scared and not sure what he was doing.

I then felt a sharp bolt of pain shoot through me, I start to scream out from the pain but he muffles my scream with his other hand so Vince couldn't hear me. He then let's go of me tossing me on the bed. I groan as my body shakes a bit and starts to get a weird feeling through my whole body. Valick smirks at me, as I lift my head moving away from him. Both our hands heal right away as I looked at them. "What…What did you do to me?" I said shaking a bit still as my body felt so weird all over.

Valick takes in a deep breath proud of himself and smiles his evil fang grin at me. "I put a bonding spell on you." I looked at him weird. "Why would you do that, we are already emotionally connected?" I say breathing heavy as my body starts to relax. Valick stands looking at me with his dark eyes, "It's not an emotional bonding spell, it's a physical one. When I get hurt, you get hurt but two times worse than me. I did this because you will give me your human life one way or another. The spell will lift once I get what I want."

My eyes go wide in shock, "What if I get hurt?" staring back into his dark blue eyes as his burns into my blue green eyes. Valick smirks, "I won't feel a thing, and it only works one way. We will see how long you last till you beg me to take your human life and make the spell be removed." Valick smiles and heads to the door, "Good day Rebecca." He says with darkness in his voice, leaving without another word. I sit there in shock and look at my hand. Fear, anger, and tears start to stir in me.

I couldn't believe he could make my life any worse but now he has, I have to for now on watch out for him, make sure he doesn't get hurt or I would. I must talk to Vince, I had to see if there was a way to remove the spell.

I quickly stand and go to my door, I step out and Valick stood by the stairs leaning on the railing, he looks over to me and smirks. "Where you going?" he says darkly as he already knew I would run to Vince. I glare at him, "I'm going to Vince, to tell him what you did and see if there is a way to remove." Valick growls and was in my face pushing me back on the wall outside my room. I hold very still holding my breath as he look down at me with dark eyes, "Let me answer that for you, there is no way to remove the spell unless I get what I want. Vince can do nothing for you and if you tell him, I'll make sure you regret it."

I felt so small all of a sudden, pressed up on the wall, him looking down at me, I had no strength over him now. I then stand up straight to hide my fear now even though he knows it was still there. I glare at him and push him back away from me, but not hard so I wouldn't hurt him. "Fine Valick. I'll play this stupid game of yours, but if you think I'm just going to give you my human life that easy. You're wrong. I won't tell Vince, but if he asks why I get hurt when you do, you explain it to him then. You will be waiting forever for me to give it to you, because I will never do such a thing." I say with anger and power in my voice I didn't even know I had. Valick looks at me and smirks. "We will see Rebecca." He says softly with darkness to it and starts to walk down the hall and down the stairs.

When he was out of site, I move back into my room and slam the door closed, I lean on the door and slide down it, breaking into tears as I was going to never get a break from him making my life hell.


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