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Rebecca Darsto Chronicles: Its Just the Beginning

By: Frog2235

Page 1, This is a story of a Vampire Human hybrid. You learn about her life and all she has been through. Her name is Rebecca Darsto, child of one of the best Vampire Hunters and the creation of the one Vampire that killed her Mother when she was little. As she takes you through her story, you learn that there is more to her then just Vampire hybrid.


            They say that when you are close to death your life flashes before your eyes before it ends, not for me though. Nothing came to my mind, my mind was blank and all I see is darkness empty and hallow. But before I knew and I thought I was dead to the world I felt sharp pain as I moved. I started to smell mildew, blood, and metal. I take in a deep breath into my tight lungs, I feel like I have been holding my breath for hours. I cough from the sudden breath, taking it in too fast. My body slowly started to come back to me, feeling it start to function slowly and weakly again. I found the strength in my eyes again and I start to slowly open them, they laid weakly half open. I look around as I see a rat scurry across the wet cement floor; it runs under some old rusty bars.

           I look at the bars seeing it was a cage, a cell maybe. I couldn’t find the strength to move my head as my neck felt numb. I take in another breath, Seeing I was in a cell somewhere. There was no window in site and no lights were on but I could see in the dark with ease, I could see the detail of everything so clear and sharp. I wasn’t sure how I got here or why I was here. I started to move my fingers feeling them again, and then I moved my hand and then my arm. I slowly started to lift my arm but then it dropped limp as my muscles ach so much and was so weak. My arm felt like it was 1000 pounds.

          I look over at the rat again as I could hear the scratching of its nails on the cement as if I was sitting right next to it but it was across the room in another cell. I then hear footsteps over head of me, they sounded heavy and strong as they paced the floor above. The footsteps then stopped, I then hear them walk away, and the next thing I hear was a door open. It sounded old as it creaked open with the weight of it. The footsteps return as they go down some steps, hearing their shoes step on what sounded like wooden stairs and creaked as they stepped on each step. The footsteps then hit the cement floor; I can hear their movements so clearly it was very weird, it also made my head throb as I had a headache now. I look in the direction the footsteps started to come from, I started to see a shape of a tall dark figure. They walked over to the door of my cell, my eyes slowly looked up to their face, and I looked back into blue eyes with a hint of gold mixed with them. The corner of their lips rose into a smirk, as I looked at the persons face a sharp pain flushed into my head; I groaned and closed my eyes as the memories of what happened to me flashed through my head.

          I was in my house with my father and we were attacked and… My eyes opened wide with fright and I looked back up to the tall man looking at me. “Valick…” a whisper passed my dry cracked lips. When he heard me say his name his smirk got bigger showing me a now dark grin with some white sharp fangs. He said nothing as he unlocks the cell and opens it softly; he steps into the cell with me.

         I lay limp on the floor with my back up against the bars; my head was limp over my right shoulder. My eyes never left his as he stepped closer to me and kneels down in front of me. My breathing picked up as I couldn’t move, I wanted to scream but it was stuck in my throat. As he was close now I could see him better, he has blue eyes with a hint of gold, long straight pitch black hair that brushed lightly over his shoulders. He wore a black dress shirt slightly unbutton at the top, a nice pair of black dress pants and a pair of black dress shoes. He was very handsome with a strong jaw and was very well built with muscle, his height was about 6’2 I would say, and he looked like he was 25 years old.

        His blue eyes trailed over me with concern, the look on his face seemed like something was not right. His hand softly reached out and lightly gripped my arm; I flinched as my muscles ached with pain from him touching it. He then slowly started to lift my arm, I groan in pain closing my eyes. The higher he lifts my arm, the more pain that shot through my body. “St-stop” I said with pain and weakness. He looks at my face and carefully puts my arm down, I breathed heavy as the pain slowly dulled. Valick then softly leans in close to me, I was scared on what he was going to do, my eyes shut tight, but then I feel him carefully move my hair away from my neck. I still couldn’t feel my neck and I remember now why I couldn’t as the memory flashed in my mind. Remembering, the sharp sudden pain of his fangs as they break into my skin, feeling my blood rush out and lips clenching to my neck.

         His eyes studied my neck; I’m guessing he was looking at the bite he gave me. “Hmm…” I heard his dark husky voice say softly, I look at him and he looks back into my eyes, I could see the confusion in his eyes. He then moved closer to me putting an arm behind my shoulders and then putting one under my knees. My body shocked in pain as he moved his arms under me. Then in a swift easy motion as if I weighed nothing he lifts me up. I groan in pain as he lifted me up into his arms, my head slumped onto his shoulder; no pain came from my neck at all as my head moved. I breathe heavy as the aching pain coursed through my body, every muscle in my body ached in pain. I softly licked my lips tasting dried blood on my lips, a flash of a memory went through me again. My eyes go wide in shock as I remember drinking from Valick’s wrist as to change me. I was starting to understand Valick’s confusion now; when someone became a new born vampire they didn’t act at all how my body was acting.

          Valick carefully held me against him as he carried me out of the cell and down a hallway to the wood stairs. He carries me up the stairs and opens a big old wooden door.  As soon as he opened the door me eyes went tight shut from the sudden bright light of the lights in the room. I hear a different pair of footsteps walking over to me and Valick as he walked into a room. Valick stops and I feel a hand on head softly soothing me from the touch, “What’s wrong, why is she like this?” I hear come from Valick; his voice had a small concern for me in it. I slowly start to open my eyes to let it adjust to the light, once my eyes adjusted I looked into the eyes of another man, he had green eyes with a hint of gold, skin pale as the moon and short black hair. He wore a dark blue long sleeve dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, with nice navy blue dress pants and some black dress shoes, he was a little taller than Valick about 6’3 id say. He looked like he was in his older 20’s but how his eyes looked like Valick I’m sure he was much older than that.

          He looks into my eyes for a moment and then looked over my body. “Give her something to drink.” The man said his voice sounded almost as deep as Valick’s but less harsh and evil, more with thoughtfulness and kindness. Valick looks down at my helpless figure in his arms, he walks over to a couch and softly lays me down. I groan as my body shocks with pain as my muscles flex a bit. Valick walks over to a table, I couldn’t see what he was doing but then I suddenly smell a very sweet smell in the air, it made my mouth water. My gums throbbed as I smelled that sweet smell.

          Valick walks over to me and kneels down next to me holding a dark red wine glass, the sweet smell was stronger now and it was whatever was in that cup. As Valick looked at me he smirks a little as sees me staring at the glass in his hand, I didn’t even notice I was staring at it, but whatever it was my body wanted it badly. I swallow hard as my gums throbbed harder. Valick softly moves the glass under nose, I took small sniff of the liquid that was in the glass. My eyes shut close and groan as the smell of it made my body react in a way I never felt before, I then turned my head away from the glass as I groaned more as my jaw hurt so bad and my gums throbbed harder, before I knew it I felt two sharp fangs rip through my gums sending serious pain through my jaw. My lips quivered as I breathed heavy trying hard not to cry from the pain, I didn’t want to look weak in front of them.

          Valick watched with a smirk on his face, he moved the glass away and softly put his empty hand under my chin and lightly moved my head to look at him. I looked into his blue gold eyes as his smirk got bigger seeing my new sharp white fangs slightly bloody from them ripping through my gums. My mouth filled a bit with my blood, some of it started to seep out the corner of my lips down my chin. I swallow my blood down and I close my eyes calming my breathing a bit as my tongue slowly reach and touched the two new pair of teeth.

          Valick then moves closer to me and puts his thumb on my chin wiping my blood off my chin, he smirks at me as I looked at him and watch him suck my blood off his thumb. My mouth hurt so badly and I did not really want to see him do that. Valick then moved his hand behind my head and softly lifts it and brings the glass to my lips. I softly wrapped my quivering lips on the edge of the glass; Valick slowly tips the glass up and the sweet liquid slowly streams passed my lips and into my mouth. Once it touched my waiting taste buds I took in a deep breath as it sent a thrill through me of pleasure from the taste of it. Valick softly hold me still to keep me in control as I slowly drank down the glass. I knew what it was now, I knew now what he was feeding me, if I was now a vampire then the only thing that would make me react that way was blood.

           Valick looks at me and smiles, I start to breathe easier and my vision became clearer as the blood started to give me strength. The beautiful green eyed man walks over to get a look at me now and smiles a soft sweet smile. “Good the blood is helping, get her another glass.” The man says to Valick. Valick softly smirks at me and stands going to get me another glass.

           I look at the green eyed man as he softly looks back at me, “Who… who are you?” I say to him, my voice sounded better but different, it sounded so. . . wanting. He smiles more at me and softly moves closer to me and sits on the couch next to me, he lightly takes my hand into his, “My Name is Vince young one, and I will be helping you learn how to use your new self. I’m also Valick’s maker, so if you like you may call me Master or Vince, either one is fine with me.” He says to me a sweet soothing voice lightly rubbing my hand to let me know he is no danger to me.

           I softly look at him and then look over at Valick who started to pour me more blood into my glass out of a long wine bottle. I can’t believe I was now Valick’s creation, Valick has been my enemy to my family ever since I was little. He killed my mother one day as she was just walking home from the store getting me some medicine for my cold. My father became a vampire slayer when he found out what really happened to my mother, for years my father hunted Valick down. Then one night as I was spending time with my father, Valick attacked us, and that’s how I’m where I am now as his creation.

           Valick softly turns around and softly looks at me as he brings me a second glass, “Here you go Rebecca” he says softly to me with his husky deep voice. I look at him as I wasn’t sure if I should be mad at him or if I should be scared of him, part of me little was. He kneels back down next to me on one knee and he brings the glass to my lips again, I start to drink down the second glass and I take in a deep breath when I was done feeling my body feel more alive and lighter. Vince smiles at me seeing I’m looking better, he then softly squeezes my hand, “Show me how strong you are now, squeeze my hand” Vince says softly to me. I look at Vince and then I look down at our hands, I wrap my small fingers around his hand, I then give a small squeeze, well what I thought was a small squeeze because Vince grips my wrist as I hear his hand pop. “Oh… Ok Rebecca that’s good” He says and laughs a little; I flinch and remove my hand from his. “Oh I’m sorry” feeling bad; Vince gives me a reassuring smile letting me know he’s fine. He looks at his hand and pops his thumb back in place as I dislocated his thumb.

            I look at my hand as I didn’t think I was that strong, Vince looks at Valick. “She’s a strong one which is good.” Vince says softly to him. Valick smirks and looks at me, I look back at Valick I didn’t smile though. I didn’t like this, I was a vampire now and I was still all fuzzy of what happened to me and my father. “Where’s my father?” I say with worry in my voice, the face they both gave me, didn’t reassure me that my father was alright. Valick looks at Vince and then back at me, “Rebecca your father is dead” Valick says sounding like it wasn’t a big deal. My eyes go wide in shock, I couldn’t breathe… my father… is dead? “Did… You… Kill him?” I said trying hard to hold back tears, looking him in the eyes. He doesn’t blink as he stares back in mine; he then slowly nods up and down. I stared at him silent and in shock, Vince then takes my hand in his holding it tightly trying to calm me because I didn’t even notice I was clenching my fists so tight.

            My breathing picked up and anger flowed through me, I ripped my hand out of Vince’s I suddenly had the strength to move. I move my legs in a flash around Vince and stood up really fast. Valick stood up fast with me as well taking a small step back, my hands still clenched closed tight as I glared angrily at Valick. I turn to walk away from them, Valick then reached out and grabbed my arm, “Rebecca relax” he says in a strict tone to me. I didn’t even think as I turned so fast and punched Valick across the face.

            Valick went down to the ground like a rock, “Don’t…” is all I could get out, my anger was so amplified. Vince was standing now looking down at Valick in surprise and then looked at me, I looked back at him and shook my head turning away from them again, but as I turned I notice a large mirror against the wall of the living room. My eyes go wide at what I see staring right back at me, I looked so different. I slowly walked up to the mirror looking myself over more forgetting that I just hit Valick across the face and my hand didn’t even hurt from doing it.

            My hair was now a perfectly flowing dark brown and curly, then being a fizzy dirty blonde mess. My skin was now slightly paler soft but strong as well, instead of it being having a bit of the Italian tan I always had and looking easy to slice open with a butter knife. My body was more toned with muscle instead of having weak looking arms and shoulders that looked like they snap just from poking them. My bone structure toned more into a beauty instead of being all broke out with a seventeen’s acne. My eyes were now fuller color of blue and green as before but instead of having a hint of gold like the others I had a hint of silver in my eyes. I changed so much but in a way I still looked human, I still looked I was alive, I then realized as my hand slowly went over my heart that should not be beating no longer, still thumped in a slow pace in my chest, slower than a humans heart but it still pumped away, I was still alive. My neck had dry crusty blood where my bite is but now was a scar.

             Before I could blink Valick grabbed me around the neck and pinned me hard up on the wall, He growled with his fangs bare in my face. “You don’t have the right to punch me little one, I am your maker and you must obey me!” He growls angrily in my face. I gripped my hand around his hand as he held a tight grip to my throat choking me; my eyes were closed shut tight as I couldn’t look him in the face. “You’re…choking…me” I got out to him barely, but in his response he just tightened his grip more. I couldn’t make a sound he was choking me so tight, my lungs started to burn from lack of air. My hand gripped his tighter and I then started to pull his hand off my throat and with one hard shove pushed him off me, he fly’s back across the room into the table where the bottle of blood he was feeding me from breaks to his weight. I drop to my feet and bend over coughing as I breathe again holding my throat.

              I lift my head to look at Valick angrily stand and push the broken table out of the way breaking it into more pieces as it slams against the wall. Valick takes a step towards me seeing the anger in his eyes and for some strange reason, I could also feel his anger deep inside me. My eyes go wide as I was ready to run for it but before both of us could take another step Vince steps in between us. “Alright Valick, that’s enough!” Vince says sternly at him. Valick growls at him staring him down as he was so full of anger. “Vince she needs to know her place, I’m her maker, and she has no right to hit me.” Vince smirks and folds his arms over his chest, “That didn’t stop you when you were made. Now let it go. You can’t blame her for getting at least one hit off you from killing her family off.” Valick growls again and leans on the wall behind him looking away at the ground. I look at Valick around Vince, seeing him still annoyed and angry. I smirk as I liked seeing him be put down like that. Valick looks at me then and glares.

                Vince turns to look at me seeing the smirk on my face. He lifts his eyebrow up at me, “Rebecca don’t make it any worse ok. He is right though, you are his creation. You have to respect him, I know it will be hard to do but it’s the rules.” My smirk on my face fades away and I look down at the floor closing my eyes. I didn’t like the sound of that at all; I have to respect the one man that killed my family. Vince puts a soft hand on my shoulder, I softly open my eyes and look up into his wonderful green gold eyes. I give a small smile, I then turn and look at myself again back in the mirror.

              “Why was I turned this way? I’m not a normal vampire, I still look human.” I say softly. Right then I started to feel Valicks anger disappears inside of me. Valick softly walks over next to me and Vince softly stood on the other side of me. They both look at me in the mirror as I look back at them. “We believe you still are human Rebecca.” Valick says softly with his husky voice. Vince nods a little and gives a soft smile, “You’re the first of your kind Rebecca, We are not sure how you became this way but over time we will find the answer.” I stare at myself softly in the mirror as my thoughts ran though my head. Not too long ago I was Rebecca Darsto, 17 years old, human, and lived with my father James Darsto. Now I’m a half Vampire and half human, my father is dead and I’m to spend the rest of my life with the one person that destroyed my family. This is my New Life.

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