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The Adventures of Nina

Novel By: FunWriting
Action and adventure

Nina was a child who looked at everything positively and ends up in the most strangest situations. Well she's weak but has a strong heart and continues her random journeys with a smile on her face and the most strangest things said out of her mouth - Continuing Work View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 5, 2013    Reads: 48    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

In the middle of a city on a Sunday morning, a small girl walked down the streets whistling along with a smile on her face wondering where she should go on such a fine morning.

She looked up seeing only buildings in her way and then her eyes diverted to the tall post to the side of the road ahead and skipped over there.

On another way a boy around her age was turning around the corner walking his dog, and when he saw what was in front of him he was speechless. He saw a girl showing her knickers off while she failed miserably in climbing the post she only got an inch off the floor and then fell down from the lack of muscles. He was about to laugh but held it in to not make her more embarrassed that she seemed, since he already seen her teddy bear printed knickers.

But surprisingly enough she got back up and tried again, she got a tiny bit higher then before and did a victory pose, and because of her stupidity her victory pose had both of her hands occupied and she then again fell down. She instantly got up seconds later staring at the pole, "You are a worthy opponent..." She then grinned at the post and patted it with her hand like someone would do on some ones back, causing her hand to ache from hitting it with the best strength she had.

The boy watched without speaking wondering if she was crazy or just plain stupid, he then noticed his dog pulling him. The boy was unable to keep tight hold of the lease and accidently let go of it and then the dog charged towards Nina. She turned her head hearing a weird noise and saw a dog but was too late and was jumped by it. The boy quickly ran over worried about the girl but saw her giggling while his dog kept licking her in the face, showing his affection for her.

Soon the boy pulled the dog off her and she sat there staring at him, soon with her right hand in a fist she slammed it down on her flat left hand, "Ah-ha, you're the dog keeper!" She then pointed her finger at him and smiled.

The boy stared at her for a while thinking she must be both crazy and stupid, "I'm the owner of this dog," he wasn't sure why he replied to her and just didn't walk off.

She took in his reply and thought for a second before replying back looking amazed, "Wow... to tame such a big dog you must be strong!" She seemed like a child being delusional about her favorite action cartoon.

The boy didn't know what to say anymore and didn't want to continue this conversation any longer and then looked to his dog, "Time to go, Oscar." He then pulled the leash slightly and him and Oscar walked away in the opposite direction while Nina waved goodbye.

After seeing them turn another corner and vanish from her line of view she jumped up, "Time to continue I guess!" With the grin remaining on her face she wiped herself down and continued where she left off and started to whistle again.

She then turned a corner seeing an old man's shop being raved by some men in black suits, she ran... Quite slowly towards the place and pointed to the men in black suits, "Delivery for men in black, Aliens appeared!" She then did an action pose like she was one of the superheroes in the cartoons.

The men in black suits and the old man turned to look at her, unsure on what she was on about and continued. The old man though walked over and crouched down in front of the girl, "Little children shouldn't be around such places..." He looked genuinely worried about her.

She smiled at him and nodded her head and skipped off, the old man looked happy that she did and looked back to the men in black suits, "I will pay back the loan so please don't take my stuff!"

The men in black suits turned and grinned to each other then looked to the old man, "You old fart need to realize it's already too late!"

"Now enters Superhero X - Adult version!" They all turned there heads seeing the same little girl Nina appear again with a bin lid tied to her head and an old cloth tucked in the back of her shirt like a cape doing the superman flying pose.

The old man walked over, "Children aren't supposed to be here, I thought I told you that?"

Nina smiled at him, "That's why I am now a adult superhero!" She sounded enthusiastic and happy, but the old man didn't know what to say anymore. Then Nina looked to the men in black suits again and pointed her finger at them, "Aliens have appeared! Let's fight to the... I have till dinner time..." She thought about the last part then smiled at them keeping her superhero pose.

The men in black suits looked over and started to laugh, one of them came over and looked down at Nina, "Kids should just go home before they get hurt."

Nina pouted slightly and threw her arms up in the air, "I'm an adult now! I'm a centimeter taller than before!"

The man in black suits who just spoke looked entertained and felt like humoring her, "How so?"

Lilly went on her tip-toes, "Because I stuck gum at the bottom of my shoes!" She seemed deadly serious about it.

All the men in black suits felt like laughing but then soon ignored her and continued packing up the old mans stuff. Soon they were done and faced the old man, "Remember this for next time, old fart,,," They then turned around and one of them shut the back of the truck and got in the front of the truck with the others.

When they drove off the old man looked around for Nina and noticed she wasn't here, then his eyes diverted to the back of the truck and noticed the old cloth she had on her back sticking out the bottom of the locked door on the truck, "She wouldn't of..." His eyes widen hoping he was wrong, if only she wasn't that stupid...


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