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World of warcraft - untold stories

Novel By: geonexus
Action and adventure

during the events of the catacysm, the green dragon lady ysera recieved a disturbing prophecy regarding the coming of the burning legion. meanwhile, life goes on for the heroes of the horde, until events started to shift, and plans of the burning legion goes in motion. View table of contents...



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Gears and cogs relentlessly crunched as sparks flew like startled fireflies upon the walls of the busy laboratory. Wires crossed like webs as electricity flowed through them lively, each one connected to one big metallic coil made out of copper and mithril that lead to a rusted, titanium table where two goblins continued to tinker on an unknown contraption. One goblin wielded a wrench on his left hand and a screw-driver at the other, gently removing the nuts and bolts from the apparatus. The other goblin acted as his assistant and she held a pack of tissue paper and a tray filled with screws, wires and other junks that was removed away from other failed machines that was sorted from the trash bin. The assistant frequently swabbed his superior's forehead, preventing any sweat from dripping towards the highly-charged battery core that he was slowly removing. They both know that one mistake meant their faces, along with the rest of the laboratory, will be blown all the way to Kezan.
"Easy … easy … that's it. Almost there ….." the goblin said, as the battery slowly emerged from its metallic prison. His assistant, severely shaking with anxiety, tightly griped the edge of the table as she watched the core rise up like the sun in the horizon. She trusted him very well in this activities but she also knew how her superior can be a bit clumsy sometimes, and the thought of being blown away was not a good one, for she was well informed that her contract did not include any insurance from explosive incidents. "Miss Fizzlebolt, ready the clamps, and reduce the electrical output to minimum."
She quickly dropped the tray that she was holding and grabbed the nearest clamps. This gadget, clearly hand made by a master engineer, was huge for goblin hands and it resembled the claws of the makrura lobsters that dwell in the depths of Vash'jir. After that, she turned one of the knobs of the machine that fed electricity to the contraption, as her superior held the battery in mid-air using his gloves. She can even see how his hands tremble while he held it steady. "Anytime now Miss Fizzlebolt!" the goblin yelled, "I can't hold this for long!"
She quickly seized the glowing battery using the clamps, as the other goblin slowly released it from his grasp. The battery pulsed as sparks and electricity arched from it, "well done, Miss Fizzlebolt" her superior said with a proud tone. She gave him back a nervous smile without removing her sight from the fragile object she so carefully held. "Now put it with the rest inside the shelf" the goblin instructed and walked away while removing the grease from his hands using a tissue paper. She walked slowly and carefully, taking only baby steps as she approached to turn in the object while her mind constantly bombard her with images of dropping the battery and blowing herself up to pieces.
"Don't screw this up, don't screw this up, don't screw this up", she uttered to herself.
Every step she took felt more like one short leap to disaster. Her forehead sweat as she neared the shelf, "c'mon … get it done already!" she mumbled, while cautiously moving aside the scattered debris, scraps and wires that littered the floor. Inch by inch, her shaking hands grew more strained, causing the clamps to quiver violently. As she realized this, she took one deep breath to regain her focus, soothing her stressed out mind and ultimately relieving her shivering hands. Fortunately, she reached the shelf in one piece which made her senses relaxed knowing no explosions would occur anytime today. She then vigilantly placed the core right between a jar of copper bolts and some ceramic plating. All was well during that time, until she heard a rustle in front of the doorstep, like as if someone was brawling outside. At first, she thought it was just those drunken Pirates again who can't decide how much gold they would share to each other. There were a lot of them these days in Ratchet ever since Booty Bay got swallowed by a tidal wave caused by the recent cataclysm, but what happened next was something she would have never expected.
At first there were loud thuds that rocked the wooden door of the laboratory, tossing away some chipped-off wooden splinters that indicated how old it really was. Then suddenly, the door violently broke open as a gigantic plainstrider entered the house, causing the goblin to fall down on the floor. It shrieked and stumbled in confusion before it regained its composure, then it continued to run inside, as it's legs barely missed the goblin's head by an inch and leaving behind it a trail of both mud and wooden debris that was scattered all over the floor. Miss Fizzlebolt only managed to stand in shock as she leaned her back on the wall. After a few seconds of silence, she started to regain her senses, when all of the sudden a large, snow-white tiger burst in where the huge bird made its shocking grand entrance, creating an even bigger hole on the piece of wood that she once called a door. The tiger sniffed the floor that was littered with sand, stones and coppice, trying to locate the scent of its prey. The goblin only stood still with fright as the cat sniffed her feet, while it showed its blade-like fangs to her before it heard a screech from inside and swiftly ran towards it. Miss Fizzlebolt, still dumb-founded from the recent events that had occurred in her suppose to be normal afternoon, had now managed to let out a high pitched scream.
Tools, glass-wares and other spare parts flew high and low as the two animals continued their cat and mouse chase inside the confines of the laboratory. Sounds of broken glasses and minor blasts echoed throughout the hall, but Miss Fizzlebolt's continued scream only drowned it into the background, only to be stopped when a young blood elf dressed in his hunting tunic took her by the shoulder and shook her to sanity.
"Have you seen a plainstrider and a tiger pass by?" he asked.
Her only reply was a blank stare at his green eyes before she fainted in his arms.
"I'll take that as a yes then" he said to himself while he gently put her unconscious body on the floor. After some quick inspection of the surroundings, he suddenly shifted his focus towards the noises that came from the dark corner of a hallway. "Frostpaw! Get back here!" he called.
His companion however was far more busy hunting his prey instead of heeding his master's call. The cat had managed to trap the bird on a corner, slowly sizing up its prey while it bought its time to take the kill. Frostpaw was trained by his master to be a cunning pet and this would be the best time to test his skills. The bird spread out its short wings in a desperate act to scare his predator, making him larger and more fearsome in sight, shrieking tremendously in an attempt to frighten away his enemy, but the well trained cat knew better than to be intimidated. He had taken down larger animals before, and he won't back down from this one. With a swift sprint, the tiger leaped to the air as it roared while the strider only managed to move its legs twice in panic before the razor sharp canines of its maker pierced through its neck, instantly taking out its breath. The hunter came in just in time to see his pet walk towards him as it dragged the lifeless corpse of his kill. A smile grew on the face of the hunter, indicating his satisfaction to his companion's performance, "good boy frostpaw. This would make a fine dinner for us and the skins will be a great addition to our collection" the hunter said while petting the tiger on his head. Frostpaw responded by licking his master's hand before cleaning up his claws and fur, removing any traces of blood or grease that might have stained it.
"WHAT IN THE NAME OF THRALL IS GOING ON HERE!!!" a loud voice boomed from behind.
Both of their hearts leaped with surprise as the hunter turned around only to see Gazlowe's face boil with rage, shock and disbelief. The laboratory looked more like a junkyard after the two animals had finished their long and devastating chase. Tables were turned upside-down, as bottles filled with volatile concoctions littered the floor with shards of broken glasses and foul odor, and wires that were carefully placed with calculative precision now entangled like wild vines in a lush forest. Obviously, this spelled disaster to any mad scientist that had devoted all their lives and hard labor just to arrange all of this, yet the only thing that came out of Neo'theron's mouth was, "uhhh, I can explain this." with a humble voice. To Gazlowe, it sounded more like a question than a reason.
"Oh yes you will, AFTER I BURN YOUR CONTRACT WITH MY ORGANIZATION!" Gazlowe said, grudgingly walking towards his study.
Neo'theron, realizing his career as an engineer was in deep jeopardy, quickly intercepted Gazlowe's path with nimble agility, but the later only ignored him as though he was nothing but dust in his eyes. "Please sir, I beg you to reconsider! It was all just a big accident that's all."
"I'll tell you what's the BIG ACCIDENT here." Gazlowe said while walking without even looking back at the hunter. "You see that hole on my door there? That's the BIG, and you and you're kitten back there are the ACCIDENT!"
As they reach the goblin's office, Gazlowe hastily sat on his study and rustled his drawer that was filled with contracts, schematics, plans and formulas. Gazlowe was not the typical, unorganized kind of goblin that everyone knows and hates. He preferred a more structured environment around him. Something he never had during the days when he was just an ordinary thief who earned a living by stealing others, but that was until he met Thrall and the horde.
He continued to search for Neo'theron's profiles and contracts, and the hunter continued his plead of innocence, which only fell to deaf ears. "Sir, I beg you to cease and desist on what you are doing. I will take full responsibility upon what has recently occurred at your laboratory, and I can assure you that I will pay all the expenses for the necessary repairs including all my past payables to you, with interest."
He was about to pull out Neo'theron's contract from his drawer, but the final word that had escaped from the elf's mouth suddenly woke up something inside Gazlowe's greedy mind. The word Interest in goblin language meant more than just payment, it meant more gold for their bottomless pockets.
"Let me get this straight. You're saying you are willing to pay all the damages you and your pet caused today, plus your past debts, with interest?" Gazlowe said while trying to hide his excitement.
"With interest" Neo'theron replied. He knew he will regret what he just said, but he was out of options at the moment. It was better to feed his superior's greed rather than his anger.
"And how do you propose to do that?"
A smile crept through the elven face of Neo'theron. He then eagerly pulled a rolled scroll from his bag which he then neatly laid in front of Gazlowe. "This is a schematic I got from one of the mechagnomes we slain during our expedition in Ulduar. With your help, I can mass produce this and sell them at cost in Ogrimmar and throughout Azeroth."
Gazlowe checked every detail of the plans that was laid in front of him. After a few moments of scribbling, he gave the elf a doubtful look, "are you serious? All I see here is a plan for a simple repair-bot. Repair bots are a dime-a-dozen now if you haven't noticed."
Neo'theron only waved his finger with opposition, while his smile grew even wider. As the goblin waited his reply with anticipation, the hunter drew a small circle on the plan while directing the goblin's eyes towards it. "You may say that so for you are a master engineer, but you have overlooked one vital part in this diagram. See this part? It doesn't appear on any other ordinary repair-bot schematics that exist today."
Gazlowe immediately analyzed it. The feature was quite different from any other plans he had ever seen in his entire life. After all, what he was studying was of titan technology, and that is beyond the comprehension of any goblins, gnomes or engineers in Azeroth. Still he used all his might and engineering skills to try to understand what is this that the elf has brought to him. "Have you checked this with some of the engineers in Ogrimmar?"
"Yes. They said this one was unique from the rest of the plans that were taken from other destroyed mechagnomes of Storm Peaks and Borean Tundra. I thought you might know what it is." The elf said.
"So what you're saying is that this is a new type of repair-bot? How would this solve our present predicament?" Gazlowe replied.
"If my theories are correct, this new type of robot would benefit both the war efforts of the horde against all its enemies, and our pockets. All I need is to build a prototype and test it, and I need your support for this undertaking." Neo'theron explained.
Gazlowe thought it over for a moment while the elf eagerly anticipated his answer. Investing on something with uncertain results is the meaning of the word gamble in Gazlowe's dictionary, and gambling was not his forte. What he saw from the schematics both baffled and confused his already stressed-out brain. But the word from the elf had some possible reasons, reasons which may or may not benefit him.
After a few minutes of cold silence, gazlowe said "how long would it take for you to build a prototype?"
"Two or three weeks maybe or more." Neo'theron said.
The goblin slowly stood and walked towards the window that overlooked everything in Rachet, while the elf only looked at him with keenness. He tried to clear his mind from everything that had happened today. He would have had a decision right there and then that time, if he had not recalled the time when Thrall had helped him when he was down and gave him a life as part of the horde; a chance that he owed to the shaman greatly.
He took one deep breath then he said, "Alright, you got three weeks. But if I don't get any results after that, your contract is as good as burned. Do you get that hunter?"
Neo'theron quickly stood and gestured a salute towards the goblin, "you will not regret this sir, I guarantee it!"
As the hunter swiftly left the office, Gazlowe only stood there looking upon the contract he had signed many years ago. Neo'theron Sundust was one of his not so impressive students when it came to the profession of engineering, but his will and determination to prove himself to the rest did impress Gazlowe in a way. He recalled everything that had happened today, from the tinkering in his lab, to the time he gave the elf his support for an unsure project, before he said to himself, "You better be sure about that Neo."
He neatly rolled back the contract on his table, intending to return it to where it was, when suddenly Miss Fizzlebolt dazedly walked like a drunken orc towards his study. "What happened to you?" Gazlowe asked her.
Without even paying attention to what he said, Miss Fizzlebolt opened that drawer of his table and pulled out her contract from it saying "I'll just take the rest of the day off".
"What for?" Gazlowe said with confusion.
"I'm gonna go to my attorney and ask him to add some new insurance policies to my contract." She said while she slowly walked out of the room with the sheet of paper in her hand.
Gazlowe, still confused, managed to ask himself "Does she even have insurance policies?
. . . . . . . .
The sun was already at its peak during the day which intensified the almost unbearable heat of the barrens. Good thing for the town of Rachet that they were close to the sea, for it gave them a cool breeze that balanced out the temperature of their surroundings. Even though this is the hottest time of the day in Rachet, some spectators were gathering around Gazlowe's hut when Neo'theron and Frostpaw came out through the hole on the door. All of them were curious of what has happened to their beloved engineer and founder of the town. Neo looked back at the crowd, which was composed of different races from both the alliance and horde, and found out that the stable master was among them. He walked towards him, carrying at his back the corpse of the Plainstrider, while frostpaw was close behind him. The crowd paid no attention to them for they were more engrossed on the damage that was done inside the house, which was very visible from the outside.
"Have you finished repairing my cart?" he asked the goblin.
"Yeah, she's good to go. Just go easy on the axles and hinges near the wheels" the goblin explained while dusting away the dirt on his hands.
Neo first gave the goblin a serious response before he kicked the wheel of the cart to test its durability. It did give s short wood-crunching sound but sure enough, it was fixed properly. He gave the goblin ten gold before he mounted up. Frostpaw leaped from behind then lay comfortably next to his master. The goblin happily thanked the elf for his generosity.
"So, where ya headed mate?" the goblin asked.
"Ogrimmar. I am to deliver these skins to the leatherworkers there." The elf replied.
"Well, good luck with your trip if you're traveling on land. Quilbor attacks have been more frequent these days. Be on your guard elf." The goblin told him back.
"Thank you for the fair warning." Neo said in return as he waved fairwell to the goblin.
With all said and done, Neo patted the backside of the Kodos, telling the beasts that it's time to go. Kodo beasts were gentle and smart creatures. Violent actions such as whipping or shouting were not needed to make the huge beast move, and Neo, as with all of the hunters in Azeroth, knew that well. As the beast lumbered slowly to the road that lead to their first stop at the crossroads, Neo lightly placed his bow and quiver at the cart behind him that was full of skins and sacks of ore that both of them had intensely farm all around the barrens. As he did this, he saw his bag of meat and bread and he decided to have some of them after a hard day's work. Frostpaw looked upon his master and gently scratched his shoulder as if asking for a share of the meal.
"Have you done enough damage for one day?" the elf said before he gave his pet a big slice of strider meat. Neo was happy with what Frostpaw had achieved today. His relentless training had sharpened the tiger's skills in hunting and before he knew it, he was already smiling at his pet as he said "good job my friend."
He recalled what Gazlowe had said to him earlier. You and your kitten back there are the accident he said. Neo did believe what happened to the lab was an accident, but Frostpaw was more than an accident. He was a gift given to him by Azeroth.
As the sun reached its peak over the ever majestic lands of the Northern Barrens, the hunter and his one-man caravan were already half-way towards the Crossroads. Frostpaw was fast asleep behind the cart, while his master sat relaxingly at the front, looking up at the cloudless sky. Trudging the Gold road towards the crossroads was both wearisome and unexciting. It is as if everything that you see around you was somehow jaded under the sun. Even the local Kodos and wind-serpents were nowhere to be found, but Neo didn't mind the silent aura. He actually preferred this condition, soundless, at peace, perfect for anyone that wished to have an undisturbed rest.
To pass the time, he started to check his daily schedule. He was done with collecting some skins, and he did manage to get Gazlowe's approval for a new project. That makes two done, and twelve more to do. After a few scribbling, he noticed at the last part of the list that he had an appointment with a long time friend of his in Azshara, and beside it was an emphasized word - URGENT. "He better be sure about that." Neo said.
Minutes later, his caravan had already reached the raptor grounds. It was not that hard to know if you were already crossing hostile raptor country, for the scattered bones and dead carcasses would tell you so. The grounds were famous and feared because of its vicious occupants - highland raptors. These creatures stood six feet tall, armed with claws and teeth that would rip apart anything within minutes, and they will attack anything that they see as their likely meal.
Neo seized his crossbow while carefully observing the immediate area for any raptors that might be prowling behind plain sight. Like all hunters, he had the knowledge on how to deal with these animals. Few more meters through the path, everything became quiet, too quiet to be exact. Even the winds seized to pass. Then the eerie feeling of being watched crept through his neck. The deafening silence was already bad enough, now he had to deal with possible unseen assailants.
As they neared the path that lead to the raptors' nest, the Kodos suddenly halted, something Neo did not anticipated.
"Lovely timing for a break." He said to the Kodos. To assess the matter, he took out a sack full of fresh sungrass and set it down in front of the beasts, but surprisingly, they did not even looked at the food. They were looking uneasy somehow. They seem to be distracted, as if they sense something Neo could not.
The peculiar feeling of being stalked crept back on Neo's skin, but this time, he was sure with what he felt. Someone or something was out there, hounding them ever since they stepped foot on the raptor grounds.
Just as Neo was about to make the Kodos move, six Quilbor warriors came out of their hiding behind the bushes, and started charging without warning. Neo quickly shot two of the brutes down, but the rest was able to bypass his attack. Unable to reload his weapon, the hunter took out his pole arm and readied himself for a classic four-on-one brawl. The result of such an encounter would have been devastating for Neo's part, who was specialized in range combat, and not melee combat. Lucky for him, Frostpaw was fast enough to intercept their attack by pouncing one of the Quilbors on the left side, which made the rest of them tumble on their side like dominos. After his daring rescue, the tiger went back to his master's side and awaited further orders.
"Thanks for the rescue, but we're not out of the fire yet my friend", Neo said to his pet, while reloading his crossbow. In reply, Frostpaw made a deafining roar which almost scared even the kodos that was standing behind them.
As if in response to what they did, the group of Quilbors made their own screeching shout. At first, Neo though it was just a battle-cry. But it was more than that. Ten more Quilbor brutes came out from behind the group, supported by five Quilbor hunters and Geomancers. All in all, they were nineteen of them against two. The odds were not looking good.
"This …. Looks bad", Neo said to himself, while still on his guard.
Suddenly, all of his enemies charged at once on their position.
With no time to waste, Neo pulled out a flashbang from his bag and threw it upward. "GET DOWN!" he shouted at his pet. Frostpaw was quick to close his eyes and cover. A small thundering explosion broke the quiet ambience of the grounds, which was followed by a bright light that blinded the Quilbors on sight. By the time they regained their sight, Neo and his caravan was already far away from them.
Pleased from what he had just done, Neo let out a long relieving sigh of relief. From the looks of it, his escape plan was working. Even if the Quilbors chased them, their speed would not outmatch that of his kodos. All was going well until three Quilbor Geomancers suddenly came out of nowhere up front. They were casting a spell which made road quake. After a few moments of shaking, large roots were quick to seize the wheels of the cart. The kodos had not noticed what was happening behind them, obviously startled from the minor quakes, so they continued to stampede through the road. Neo tried to halt them but his efforts were in vain. The wheels of the cart were torn off by the roots, causing frostpaw and Neo to be thrown out of the cart, towards the side of the road.
Neo and Frostpaw did somehow land safely on their feet, while looking at their caravan run away from them. While they were both regaining their focus, the rest of the group of the Quilbors had caught up to them.
"So much for our escape plan" he said, while shooting away the incoming brutes. This time, three more were hit directly on the head. Frostpaw also charged towards the enemy, pouncing and clawing his way through their light and leather armor. One of the hunters commanded his pet hyena to attack Neo, while he clumsily readied his bow for a shot. Neo was quick to dispose of the hyena while he took out the hunter before it could have even started to wind his bowstring.
While reloading his crossbow, a Quilbor brute was slowly making its way towards his rear. Just when it was about to strike, Neo swung his polearm below the beast's leg, causing it to fall down, before finishing it off by stabbing it on the heart with his skinning knife. Frostpaw was also doing damage to the Quilbors himself, clawing and jumping around, while occasionally aiding his master.
The battle went on for a while, and exhaustion was slowly creeping on the hunter and his pet. They have managed to kill or knockout almost every one of them, but the once nineteen Quilbors that they were fighting had now became more than they could ever count. It was as if for every one Quilbor that they took out, two more took its place. What was to be an honorable battle had now become a battle to survive.
As Neo and his pet regroup, the pack of Quilbors were slowly surrounding them. Outnumbered, out of arrows, and out of strength, things suddenly became dreadful for the two, when all of the sudden, loud thudding sound was heard from afar. At first, Neo thought it was just more Quilbor reinforcements, but the sight of a large armored Kodo did surprise him. Astride the great beasts was a tauren warrior adorned with plated-armor.
The kodo plowed it way through the Quilbors like an unstoppable tank, goring one Quilbor after another. The warrior dismounted from his mount and quickly charged towards the enemy, slashing and pushing his way towards the hunter. From the carnage, Neo did recognize his rescuer. It was Brimgore Megahorn.
Neo also started to join in on the battle, swinging and slashing his way through until he was back to back with his friend. "For a Tauren, you're a sight for relief brim" he said.
"You we're expecting someone else to save your elven hide Neo?"
"Yes. But you'll do for now." Neo said which made them both laugh.
"It's good to see you old friend. It seems you can't hold your ground against these brutes." Brimgore said while looking at the gathering Quibor forces.
"Yeah, me against an army. What are the odds."
Tension was rising while the quilbors stalked and measured the hunter and the warrior from where they stood. Neo also did the same thing, and he counted only twenty of them were left standing.
"take out the melee, I'll go for the casters. Frostpaw will be on the hyenas."
"Sounds like a plan." Brime agreed.
One of the brutes let out a screeching battlecry while he threw down his axe signaling an attack. Brim also charged in response to them while neo leaped and turned while trying to reach the rear of the crowd, only to be intercepted by another quilbor brute while in mid-air. the quilbor swung his axe and it landed directly on Neo's hip. Fresh blood spattered on the ground while Neo fell. Before the final blow was struck, Frostpaw pounced the brute right on the head, clawing away the flesh on his neck before leaving him bleeding to death.
"Neo!" brim shouted while seeing his friend fell on battle, causing him to suddenly go berserk.
With great strength, Brimgore leaped high up in the air and landed at the front of the Quilbor mass, which caused a massive shockwave that knock out everything in front of it. The rest of the Quilbor forces that saw what has happened to their comrades retreated behind the hills, onward to bramblescar.


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