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This is a story of magic and adventure. Five teenagers have to save the world, after a mysterious person sets darkness over it and they are the only ones who are not effected by it. Everyone else is in a coma-like sleep. They must learn to control their powers and save the world, as well as wake the other humans.

Copyright © 2010 by Marcin
All rights reserved. Published by Marcin Works. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the publisher.

First Edition
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This book is set in 12-point Arial.

Printed in Canada

If any Name, Place, Event, or other part of this story resembles anything from real life it is entirely incidental unless stated in any interview, printed piece, or recorded clip.
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Part 1: Darkness

Chapter 1

Life had been so much easier a month ago, Draketh reflected. Before the war broke out between Dirakon and Metrisen. Each country symbolised an element, and Dirakon symbolised darkness, while Metrisen symbolised metal. Then the other countries had to take sides and send in recruits. Draketh sighed. If only Dirakon had more allies then just Valantor; the country of fire and where Draketh had been recruited from, and Electon; the country of lightning. Airantelen, the country of air, had signed a treaty to send in battle machines and weapons, but not troops. So it was basically three and a half countries against four. And three countries standing by and watching. It didn't seem so bad from the numbers, but Salontex, the country of Sonics - also known as 'waves' such as brain waves and such - had greater technology, and Delentalon, the country of rock, was the most populated country. Both sided with Metrisen. The odds were in Metrisen's favour, and Metrisen was winning.

Draketh still didn't understand why the war had expanded beyond the two instigating countries, but now was not the time for thought. He had to get a good night's sleep before the night morning shift relieved the night shift for battle, as Draketh was on the morning shift. The battle of Talle Passé continued as Draketh slipped to sleep.

Draketh woke, expecting another day of war, but all was quiet. He left the tent, as he had slept fully dressed, and saw that the sky was dark and the two suns were faint pinpricks of light, instead of the two blazing spheres in the sky. He looked around the camp, which as filled with tents, all with the emblem of Dirakon emblazoned on them - a diving Kaitherion. A Kaitherion is a mysterious creature that appears in shadowed places. It is shaped like a lightning bolt from the side and has two wings sprouting from its back. Its eyes are dark red scalene triangles.

Normally at this time people would be returning to go to sleep as their shift ended, and others would be going out to fight, but all was still and quiet. Draketh ducked back into the tent and equipped his sword, then walked to the battle field. Everyone looked dead, but when, Draketh leaned down next to one, he could feel the heart beat, even though the man was not breathing. He checked more men and found that all were the same.

Confused, Draketh made a white flag out of some white fabric he found in the commander's tent and a stick, untied a black telan - a horse like creature with a semi-circular head from the side. Its back legs are shorter then the front ones. After calming it down from the surprise of seeing him, mounted it and rode it to the enemy camp.

There he found the same thing. Something is happening. Something big and bad. Draketh realized, And I may be the only one that can stop it.

Draketh remounted the telan, who he decided to name Adam, and rode off in the direction where he thought the nearest town was - the way the opposing force had come from.

After about half an hour later, Draketh was starting to doubt that he had gone the right way, when he saw the top of a man's head disappear behind a hill.

Draketh turned his telan in the direction the man had gone. Once over the hill, Draketh could see the town. It seemed still, like the camps, but Draketh glimpsed the man entering through the town gates, so he followed. From what he saw, Draketh gathered that the man was wearing black armour and was tall and thin, not unlike Draketh himself. The man's face seemed to be covered by his hood.

As Draketh neared the town, Adam slowed until he stopped completely. Draketh tried to urge him forward, but it was no use. Dismounting, Draketh walked towards the town, which he read on a sign was named 'Felorn'. If he had known what was coming, Draketh would have followed Adam's lead, but as it was, he continued on alone. He continued on into the city, and following sightings of the mysterious man, he continued on until he hit a dead end.

Draketh turned around, thinking he had walked the wrong way, but there he saw the man, who seemed to float over the ground.

Draketh unsheathed his sword and asked, "Who are you? Show yourself!"

"I do not have a name, but as you wish." The man took his hood off and Draketh realised why the man was so skinny, for he was not a man. It was a skeleton, though instead of eye sockets, it had two flames, both cold white fires. "My name left along with my soul." rasped the skeleton, though the mouth did not move.

Draketh was temporarily mesmerised by the flames, but he unsheathed and lifted his sword into fighting stance. The skeleton rasped, "I do not wish to hurt you. But if you wish to fight, I will comply."

A hand burst from the ground, followed by a decomposing body, which Draketh immobilised with a few quick slashes. But more zombies came and soon enough, Draketh didn't have the strength to hack his way through as easily. He slowed as he tired and soon was being overtaken.

The skeleton issued a command and the zombies stopped. "Your warning has been given. Join him." Then the skeleton and zombies disappeared. A voice filled Draketh's mind, "You have been shown the lowest level of your fears. Being overtaken when you instigated the fight. I can do worse. Much worse." The voice left and Draketh was left with almost no strength.

He staggered down the street and saw Adam trotting towards him. The telan seemed happy, as if nothing had happened. Blackness enveloped Draketh and he passed out.


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