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The seven kings messenger

Action and adventure

A world that doesn't exist dose really exist and you happen
to be stuck in a world called seven kingdoms a place of no
war between each other cause the kings are all brothers but not even that you know this peace won't last you know doom is headed your way. Can you stop it can you change the future,
can you save the world you came to love from utter and total destruction. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 28, 2012    Reads: 13    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Not knowing why you wake up in sweat gripping the sheet i gasp for air, a crack comes from the outside i grab my blade calming myself, my heart, my mind. I sat their listening as the fire crackled and poped. Thumping came from outside very tiny and little i decided to look out of the window , a white rabbit lifted it's head sensingsomething when it goes back to searching. I put my sword down and set my feet to the ground the wood was warm just like the rest of the room i went to the room next door that i had built, inside was a large metal barrel filled with water a pit was at the bottom as i lite the wood on fire. I sat their looking as the fire destoryed it, consumed it and made it into energy the water began to steam when i picked off my sweaty close and sinked into the water. I sat their thinking of nothing when the water started to cool. I draped myself with a towel with many layers of soft wool. My clothes draped on a chair in the empty room beside the bed and fire place. My black long sweater came first then my black skirt, my hair dryed by the fire as i slipped on my black boots my gloves and finaly my scarf. I grabbed my blade and killed the fire i walked out the front door as my feet crunched the snow down. I knew i was late so i decided to speed things up i leaped into the tree and jumped from branch to branch as they stood necked in the dead silence. Darkness started to recede as dawn came, i stood on the tallest tree seeing the city of alliance. My shoes echoed along the walls of the hall the giant door stood sliently looming wondering if i would open it. I placed my hand on the cold ice of the knob and turning it to see every eye on me. See the man on the other side of the room said she was just late. My presence caught the others attention, i stood their standing feeling hostilty from some. Please sit the teen at the end of the table said. I still gripped my blade as i sat away from the table and by the wall. Now then, let's begin. one man who was older than me asked, why is a weoman here he asked sneering at the words weoman. I got up as everone looked at me i walked away towards the door, please sit back down Geminine the boy said at the end of the table, i heard the men huff an mumbel 'who ever let a weoman join was crazy". My feet speed around the table as my blade was ready to strike down on the man, Geminine, my name was sternly said lay down your weopon. your lucky i whispered. My blade went down reluctently as everyone stared at me. very inpressive a gentle men said behind the king i didn't even see you move. I walked back to my spot as the meeting continued. we were assigned in groups and assigned a kingdom to work for the month. I looked up too see 3 men about the same age as me, nice to meet you geminine a boy held his hand out, my name's is Night he had silver hair, he introduced the rest this is Wolf he had a scare down his face and then this is Seven he pointed to a blonde haired boy who smiled nice to meet you Geminine he said happily. which city were we sent to i ask? To the city of crest wolf said silently. I sighed let's go then, we barely walked down the hall when king Elric came beside us, Gem he said, i stop and look at the king. yes , my lord. He was taller than me and had brown wavey hair. My how fast you were against that man he said with a smile, may i ask why. My group waited paitently, the man spoke ill words of you my king. He stopped abruptly and started to laugh, you were about to kill him for talking ill about me he said trying to contain his laughter. I looked at him paitently waiting for him to stop his laughter, thank you Gem you may leave now and do tell my brother i said hello. I bow and walk to my group, Night was the first to ask the question you know king Elric? yes, Night i know all the kings of the seven kingdoms as you may know. This silenced my group as we reached the outside the snow had abruptly melted and was now looking lively. Four tragons came trotting are way. They had wings of scales and feathers with different colors they had horns and long ears with vibrent eye's of gold or green. One of the Tragons came towards me, it was a mare she had feathered wings and the same green eyes i loved. she's met me before and has never forgotten me. She won't let anyone ride her but you. The man who admired my talent came from behind we knew each other as long as i had known the kings, father Mattews i didn't know you where their. King Elric wishes for me to inform you that she is yours, he turns and walks away. My group was already on their Tragons as i swung my leg over, we lifted off the groun and was flying with ease when seven asked whats her name? Her name is Cloud i say, she really likes you Seven said. Cloud looked at me and began to sing, not every Tragon sings for their partner and only females can. Her voice was full and soft and it made me miss home, we sat in silence as Cloud sang . The city came into veiw, the city of Crest the city of night. The Tragons landed near the castle when a servent came out to greet us he lead us inside and up the stairs, unlike the outside it was bright and daring. I bit my lip as we were lead into a room. My king the servent said the messengers have arrived. A man with with dark white hair turned from his book, Gem he said i didn't know you were coming. My king White no need to feel unprepared, your brother Elric sends you greetings i say. He lays down his book yes, dear brother Elric how is he? Still pain staking hard to read white i reply. He looks at the boys behind me, nice to meet you gentle men whats your name's? Night he said bowing, Wolf nodded at white, seven he said smiling. My servent mane's shall see you to your rooms i wish to speak with Gem alittle longer. The door shut as i sat in a brown leather chair.


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