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The Tale of Thumbly and Draco

Novel By: Ienzo Darkness
Action and adventure

Well,I apologise if I do not update this quickly. It is about two boys named Thumbly and Draco,and they are part cat. Sorry,no paragraphs. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 18, 2012    Reads: 18    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Chapter one Thumbly and Draco

Now,many years ago,to where most of the Earth was filled with jungles and bushy lands,were two boys. Yes,two 16-year old boys. But,these two 16-year old boys were different. These two 16-year old boys had a gift. These boys were part cat. And no,you most certainly did not hear me wrong. These boys were,part boy,like any other boy you see now a days,and part cat. Well,honestly,they were part kitten,being that they were both young. Now,back in those fabulous,unpollouted days,these creatures were called 'nekos'. Nekos were part human,and part animal,having the ears and tail of that animal. The most common ones were cat,dog,wolf,fox,monkey,bear and rabbit. See,back then,nekos were very common,unlike now,seeing that they are very rare. And this is what this story is partly about. Anyway,the two 16-year old nekos are what we're talking about. The two nekos were called Thumbly and Draco,and were the best of friends. Thumbly was the oldest,his birthday being June the 15th. Draco's birthday was September the 18th. Thumbly had the ears and tail of a flaming red tom,with just visible dark red stripes,and his fur,which,when in the bright sunlight,shone a beautiful red gleam. He had short,bright red hair. His eyes were a very bright orange,which always shone and gleamed,unless he was upset. Thumbly was very outgoing,particurly in the day,and the loved the sunlight. When he wasn't running across the leaves,and grass,and dirt,he was laying on a rock,sunbaking. Thumbly loved the way the heat sank into his skin,and how it tingled his fur. It relaxed him. He also wasn't a big fan of climbing,though he was capable of doing it. He had great strength,since he always helped his dad drag the logs to the small clearing where they always had bonfires. Draco,on the other hand,was slightly different,as we say,to his friend. Draco had the ears and tail of a light grey tom,with dark grey stripes. They were dim,and quite fluffy,and his eyes were a light violet,which twinkled when he was either happy,curious,or when he was under the moonlight. His hair was short,and slatish in colour. Draco could be out going when he wanted to,and it was mostly because of Thumbly to why he was outgoing. Draco preferred the moon,and liked wandering in the dark,though his mum would barely ever let him. He liked to sit on the edge of a grassy cliff,and watch the moon sit there,in the night. He liked how quiet and beautiful it was. Draco also liked to climb,though he was very bad at it. Yes,Thumbly and Draco had their differences,but they were still friends. Some people (or nekos) would question as how or why they could or would be friends,but they were. Both Thumbly and Draco lived in a huge jungle,with so many different trees,such grassy little plains,a river running through it,and a small creek. Now,I advise you not to try and look for this place,since it is very secret,and more than likely destroyed and replaced by houses,but right now,this is not true. Anyway,back to Thumbly and Draco. I could go on and on about what they liked,but I won't. Because this story is not about what Thumbly and Draco liked to do in their spare time. No. This is about how they went out and made themselves remembered forever.


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