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Gazers (Part two)

Novel By: Iggysgirl
Action and adventure

Part two, Plum and Raid enter View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 27, 2008    Reads: 298    Comments: 22    Likes: 12   

Lex wached in the trees. Severn monsters, one inexprenced, clueless and at the moment powerless gazer. Her arm was even broken. He didint like the odds. They looked hungry, too. He quietly tossed a small golden ball up in the air, and as he cought it, it turned into a lage battle ax. As sly as a fox, he jumped out of the tree and walked over to the creatures.

They were drooling now. I seached franticly, but there was no escape. Untill something cought my eye. Some guy in a hooded cape was walking over. With a very oversized ax. One of them followed my gaze. It grinned evily. "Ah, Lex here to join us? Just stay back and dont get hurt." " Leave her alone, you ugly creatin." His voice was wonderfuly silky and smooth. "Seven to two, gazer. Do the math. Your partner doesint even have a clue whats going on." "I can take all of you. Now." He swung the ax around, making a cutting noise in the air. "Bring it. But first, give me the girl." "I think you'll have to beat us first." "Fine, then." He fliped in the air and landed in front of one of the monsters, swinging the ax. Once it made contact, the creature burst into flames. Three more jumped on him, but also exploded as he hit them. his hood fell down. He had silver hair, and little fangs like a vampire. He quickly pulled it back up. Throwing the ax, it hit the last ones. "Amatures." He muttered.My eyes were wide. "You coming?" He had already picked up the ax and was walking down the road. "What makes you think Im coming with you? I dont even know you." "Well, one, I saved your sorry ass, and two, your a gazer. If you dont come with me, youll get killed." Inside his dark hood I saw him smirk. " And if you dont come willingly, I'll have to forcivly take you. Its not like your going to go back home." "How would you know?" "I was waching you." "Uh...." "Come on." Knwing there was nothing elts to do, and after seeing what that ax did, I folowed. After a while, I walked up. "So. who are you.?" "My names Lex. Im a gazer." "Whats up with all this gazer crap? Whats a gazer?" He whrilled on me. "Its not crap, you itiot. We are the last powerful beings on earth. I have no clue how you could be one." "How am I? Im not... powerful." "Apperently. Untill I teach you properly." I was starting to dislike this guy less and less. A few hours later my stomach was rummbling. "Your hungry?" He was about 6 feet in front of me. "No." He sighed."Your such a hard head." He tossed me a bag of oddly colored berrys. "Eat, now." There was a russle in the bushes. Lex froze. "Lex, thank God your allright." A little girl and an older guy came out. "Oh, its you. Hey Plum, hey Raid." The girl had short brown hair and big blue eyes. The boy was about my hight, with spicky brown hair. "Whos she?" He asked. "This Phoenix, the gazer we were looking for." "Doesint look like much." "I know. In time, though. Will you help train her?" "Hello, Im still here." "Oh, she talks." Raid coked his eyebrow. "Ready to wish you were dead? Im the toughest triner you've ever met." "Train?" "No dip." It started sprinkiling. "Come on, then, lets start"


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