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-Not Yet Decided-

Novel By: iGuard
Action and adventure

Just read and tell me if I should continue! My story's future is in your hands! :) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 1, 2009    Reads: 119    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

PROLOGUE: Ready?☆☆☆ I nod, breathe deeply.☆☆☆ 'Kay. But only if you're sure.☆☆☆ "Let's do this."☆☆☆ On my mark, guys.☆☆☆ Heart hammering.☆☆☆ Ready-☆☆☆ Blood pumping.☆☆☆ Set-☆☆☆ Mind reeling.☆☆☆ GO!☆☆☆ Go.☆☆☆ Exhileration.☆☆☆ Freedom.☆☆☆ Satisfaction.☆☆☆ Jump, Mace!☆☆☆ "I know what I'm doing, Deks."☆☆☆ "So just shut up."☆☆☆ Yeah, yeah.☆☆☆ Ha.☆☆☆ Ha.☆☆☆ Ha.☆☆☆ Wind rushing through my loose strands of hair. Legs pumping like iron beneath me. Sweat trickling down my face. Breath caught in my throat.☆☆☆ "Deks..."☆☆☆ We're free up here, Mace. Free to run our lives our way.☆☆☆ "...yeah."☆☆☆ Flip over the railing.☆☆☆ Avoid the fat cat.☆☆☆ Wall-jump up to the next roof.☆☆☆ Back-flip just to show off.☆☆☆ I want you to remember this, Mace.☆☆☆ "I'll never forget it."☆☆☆ Good.☆☆☆ You can choose to be free, Mace.☆☆☆ It's up to you.☆☆☆ "Thanks, Deks."☆☆☆ Jump through an open window.☆☆☆ Grab the cut trashbag awaiting me.☆☆☆ Wave bye to the generous and supportive old lady.☆☆☆ Stuff the bag into my backpocket.☆☆☆ Almost there, people!☆☆☆ I cherish this last moment, remembering every detail.☆☆☆ Unfold the trashbag.☆☆☆ Hold it over my head.☆☆☆ Run.☆☆☆ Run.☆☆☆ Run.☆☆☆ Jump off the five-story building.☆☆☆ Drifting down down down.☆☆☆ All of us are raindrops. We hit the ground with a PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP.☆☆☆ And now it's over. It's all I can do not to cry.☆☆☆ Good run, guys.☆☆☆ The best one yet.☆☆☆ Oh yeah.☆☆☆ We're gonna miss you, Mace.☆☆☆ I'm gonna miss you.☆☆☆ "Deks - me too."☆☆☆ "You'll always be my best friend."☆☆☆ "And my personal idiot."☆☆☆ Ha, thanks.☆☆☆ I think?☆☆☆ Nah, just kidding.☆☆☆ But, Mace?☆☆☆ Just never forget this.


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