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One day, Snow and Flame, find that their parents have been kidnapped. In the company of a mysterious boy known as the Metal Thief, they embark on a mission to save their parents that will change the lives forever.

~~~I wrote this for a camp writing thing. Don't expect it too be very good, because they only gave us around two weeks to write it. After I finish Ko, I might work on making this story longer and more interesting. View table of contents...


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Chap. 1 ~ Disaster
Snow woke up to the sweet trilling of bird. It was only six in the morning, but however she tossed and turned, she could not go back into the realms of sleep. In the pit of her stomach, she felt a sense of dread. Today was going be a bad day. She wondered what would come up, but contemplating the future was no easy task. Getting up, she stared at herself in the mirror.
Snow Prodelwood was fourteen years old. She had long black hair, and was very fair skinned. Her eyes were a deep grey, but sometimes changed color according to her moods. She noticed that, as she gazed at the mirror, her eyes gave off a purplish tinge. That was not a good color to start off with in the morning. Snow thought uneasily about school. Would she encounter a social problem? Would she bomb a test?
A creak of a door opening jerked Snow out of her reverie. Someone hesitatingly knocked on her bedroom door. Snow's little brother, Flame, entered the room.
"Are you okay, Flame? Why are you up so early?" asked Snow. Flame crawled onto her bed. He was only eleven years old and was easily upset. Unlike her, he had blonde hair and deep, serenely green eyes.
"Something bad is going to happen, sis. Can't you feel it?"
"Yes, I know, but there's no point in worrying about it until it occurs. I'm sure it won't be that serious." Snow tried to soothe her brother. "Now let's get up for breakfast, and then go to school early, okay?" Flame nodded, and the two began to get ready for school.
Halfway through eating breakfast, the siblings heard a rumbling noise. It became louder and louder until -
"GOOOD MOOORRRNIING, SNOW AND FLAME!" roared a loud voice. Their father, Ray Prodelwood thundered into the dining room and barreled into the dining table. Stephanie Prodelwood, Snow and Flame's mother, followed quietly down the stairs.
"Be careful, dear. You could injure yourself." She smiled and turned to Snow and Flame. "Good morning, you two. Are you ready for school?"
Ray and Stephanie Prodelwood worked at Bio Technology. While Ray was loud and full of energy, Stephanie was quiet and calm.
"Yeah, Mom. We were just about to leave," Snow replied.

"All right, then. Your father and I shall be coming home early, so expect us to be home before school is finished. Hurry now, or else you will be late!" Snow grabbed Flame by the hand and the rushed to school.

At school, Snow waited on tenterhooks for the disaster to occur. To her surprise, however, nothing unusual came up. As she walked home with her brother, Snow sighed with relief. Maybe it was all her imagination and nothing would come up. Her carefree mood continued, and carried her through the door of her house. The sight that greeted her eyes stopped Snow in her tracks.
The house was wrecked. Furniture had been smashed. The floor was strewn with pieces of glass. Paper fluttered in the air, and the refrigerator's door had been ripped off. Snow and Flame stared in shock at the mess.
"Mom and Dad!" Flame suddenly shouted. "They're supposed to be back! Where are they?" Before Snow could stop him, Flame started running through the house, shouting for their parents. He disappeared up the stairs. Snow was about to go after him when something caught her eye.
On the now legless dining table was a letter addressed to "Snow Prodelwood." With trembling hands, she slowly opened it. It read -
"If you want your parents back, meet us at 5:30 in South Alley. Do not bring anyone with you, besides your brother."
Snow glanced at the clock. Five o'clock. They could still make it.
"Flame!" she called. "We've got to get to South Alley!"


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