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WARNING!I'm just letting you know, it's a bit bloody! Kids do shoot each other and some are very violent! just letting you know!

A girl named Kayla Martin is about a hundred years in the future, and she never thought the unbelivable could happen to her. She has been sold by her parents to the country as a war kid. She is forced to fight in the war in deep forests with thousands of other kids as bait. She will be forced to fight and kill other kids with guns and knifes from other conutries. She is scared and nervous for what is to come as her and her friends fight to stay alive for what has become of the world they hate so much. View table of contents...


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I didn't think they would do it... I thought they loved me. I thought maybe I was going to be ok, but I know that isn't the case. They are all doing it now, well at least most of them. I would cry, but what's the point?
It isn't going to change anything. I begged them not to, I begged them, but it was if I was talking to the wall.
"I guess it was going to happen anyways" my friend Tyler said to me in a whisper, on the right side of me, as we waited for the train.
Our parents filled out the paper work, we are all standing in a straight line, by age groups. A line of tape on the ground divides us by exsact age.
"I don't want to go" my other friend Tania Diaz whispers on the left side of me.
I don't look at either of them, we are in the fifteen age division. It cuts off at January, us three were born in december, that makes us fifteen.
Even though my other friend Dustin Peters is fifteen also, he turned fifteen in febuary, so he is in the fourteen catagory... We don't get to see him for a while.
I will never see my parents again, I don't call them my parents anymore anyways...
They sent me here, they made me come here, like all the other parents.
We are in our regular clothes, no back packs, nothing in our pockets, nothing of our own, but our clothes.
The kids are silent, you could hear a pen drop.
The men in uniforms would walk across the lines. Occasionally you see a professional looking woman pass by, but mostly men.
Tyler sighs as Tania shakes nervously.
Tania is short, she goes to about my neck. She has black hair with bangs that swoop to the side and tan, carmel skin.
Tyler has dark brown hair and he is a few inches taller then me.
My hair stands out next to them. It's dirty blonde and I have light skin.
Were not aloud to talk, we could get punished if caught being disobedient.
At first we didn't believe them, someone talked and was thrown on the floor and beaten.
I was a scary thing to watch, leaves Tania shivering. Even now... Still shaking.
I don't know what to expect, it's hard to think about, I don't want to think about it.
I then hear the train from a distance. Then it pulls up quickly in about twenty seconds. It isn't that loud, not like not trains used to be.
then silence again. It holds for about ten seconds then I hear the shuffling of feet. It's far away, but I still hear it. It takes about ten minutes for the shuffling feet of ten year olds to reach our sight.
The youngest they take is ten years old, the oldest is eighteen. They're hands don't move from they're sides. Most are crying silently. I look at them walk by, there we can do, but watch then file into the train. The train door is not to far away from where we are standing. It's a large long train, can hold thousands of people, at least that's what people say.
The kids do not step out of line, they try not to look at us, but some do. They're red tired eyes look into our nervous ones. Makes me want to cry also, but I won't, not in front them at least.
My eyes shift to Tania who is standing straight face, but a tear slides down her cheek when she sees her ten year old brother walk by. He looks to her. Tania closes her eyes. I have an older brother, he's seventeen, far away from where we are standing. I also have a younger sister who is eight, so she is safe for two more years. I didn't want to say good-bye... But not everything goes your way all he time.
They keep filing in, there is probably about seven hundred ten year olds. Usually there are less, I can't really tell how many there are.
We just wait patently for them all to file in. When they do it takes about fifteen minutes to do whatever the people need to do. Eventually the train starts up again and goes off. In about five minutes the next train shoes to collect all of the eleven year olds. There are close to nine hundred of them. The train is bigger. Then twelve year olds. About a thousand.
As they are walking a girl three people away from Tania steps out of line sobbing and screaming as she grabs a twelve year old boy and hugs him, he hugs back. Men in black uniforms ruin over to them and grabs the girl as she screams and tries to hold onto he boy who looks lie her brother. He tries to hold on too but they are torn apart and she is tazed instantly when she keeps struggling. She screams a bit as she is being tased. Then she finally stops shaking and moving around. Everybody stays still.
Thirteen, over a thousand. Fourteen, close to two thousand. When our train comes, it's about the same size as the fourteen year olds train. We are almost, possibly exsactly two thousand. Tania, Tyler, and I were next to each other because we found each other in time to oget in line together. The line starts to file in the mysterious train slowly. No word is said, I am so anxious to scream and run away. I know we would just be tazed in seconds. We don't move for a while then we start moving after about maybe ten minutes and we start walking to the train doors. It takes a few minutes to get there. Walking in line like this, it's weird.
I hate it.
It's finally our turn to step into the train. Tania goes in first stepping up the lighted steps. There are only about six steps. Then the men in uniform tell me to step up, i start walking up the steps nervously.
When I walk in, it's cold. Obviously air conditioned fully.
There is a small hallway first that we have to walk through. We are told to go through many compartments of rooms full of kids till we get to our specific room.
We are put in a room with about sixty other kids.
Its crowded, men in uniform stand at the doors and around the room. There is some coughing, sneezing, sniffles, very rarely a whisper, but nothing else.
I keep quiet the whole way. Neglecting to look at Tania or Tyler the whole way.
I know it kill Tania to not be able to talk. Tyler looks as if he really doesn't mind, but I can't be sure. He's good at faking emotions, too good maybe.
The train ride takes hours, maybe about up to five hours. Even with its speed, still takes a while. Tania decides to sleep half of the way. Tyler does nothing but sit there, I do the same. I feel like going insane by he forth hour. It's boron and nerve racking. I'm not sure what to feel anymore. I just can't take sitting in silence for long periods of time, but I guess I made it.
When h train come to a complete stop. All of the kids heads popped up and around with eager eyes. Tania woke up instantly, looking at me for answers, I just shrug my shoulders. It's awakard now, it's even more quiet then before. Never thought it could've more quiet, not until the train engines stopped. It took about an hour tills they got to our train. Then about fifteen minutes till they got to our room in the train.
We are filed out of the train in another straight line.
Waiting once again, for the older kids. This took about an hour and a half. At least I had new things to look at.
I was scared now. We were in a stoney thin hall, most likely underground.
All I know is that they don't treat the kids very well.
When the older kids are off the trains. The trains pull away, leaving it silent.
But the men in uniform weren't about to keep us waiting.
The boys were pulled forward into another line. Leaving the girls back in the same line.
"All females follow the line!" a man with a loud voice said. I couldn't see far ahead, but it took a few minutes for us to start moving.
I was confused why we were split up, boys and girls.
I walk cautiously in line through damp, small hallways. The walls were made of stone.
Seems as I we were being brought under ground.
No one made a sound.
We all stopped for a few minutes then started moving again. After a few minutes of walking I saw where we were headed. Girls were going into two large double doors propped open by some medium sized rocks.
I was nervous at first.
Are we starting our training already?
We can't be, it's too dark outside for that.
When I get closer I hear running water.
It suddently clicks in my head. We're taking showers?
I can hear the lady up by the doors yelling. You get a five minute log shower! Water goes off, you step out! One to a shower!" she keeps yelling over and over again.
When I walk in its somewhat warm and damp. The showers have about shoulder height metal walls, and metal showers. With cleansing stuff in the metal bins next to it. The rows of showers are long, there are many showers. We get one about in the middle of the showiering area.
I slowly peel off my clothes and step in the cold, damp concrete floor. I pull the nozzle and room temperature water spills on my face and runs down my body.
I shiver a bit, but after about twenty seconds I feel fine.
There is a bottle of clear substance and a bar of white soap. I spread the clear substance on my hair and wash it out quickly then wash down my body with the soap.
There is already a tan rough towel to dry ourselves with. We tie it around ourselves and girls with strict wet hair and towels around there bodies walk directly to the many cabnets alon the back of the large room. There is black material there. We pull pack that had a shirt, pants, under garments, and socks and shoes.
There is only two sizes. Large and small. I pick up the small for 14 and down. I know it's the best way. The other material is mostly for eighteen year olds.
I go near a corner quickly in the large grey walled area and change quickly with about sixty other girls and more are piling in. When I am done changing my hair makes the back of my shirt wet, but I don't care.
I squeeze past the girls and through the shower room in a line with other girls. Instead of waiting we go straight to wherever we are supposed to go. I am curious, but nervous at the same time. I see at Tania about ten people in front of me. We meet up with the boys in the narrow tunnel about five minutes later.
No sign of Jason.
My curiosity is getting the bed of me. I am cold and I am nervous.
When I know we are almost there I start feeling even more nervous. I know we sleep first, but the next day as train.
Train for the war.


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