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A dream I had. Three sisters in the future, about the year 2040, are at a public appearance of the government officials. They begin to head home, when one is arrested and is sent to the prison for 10 years. She escapes, then searches the country to find her sisters. View table of contents...



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The crowd cheered and the screams rang in her ears. She ran over to the rusting metal railing to throw up. This was too much for her to handle. She grabbed Chelsea's and Theresa's arms and said, "We have to get out of here. I don't have a good feeling about this at all."
So they headed out to the barren park. Everyone had been in the arena, even the people who had been selling souveneirs, hot dogs, and such. The half dirt, half gravel road had been slightly worn from all of the travelers, but not as worn as it gets later on in the year. The grass was still a little bit healthy looking, as usually in August it's all stringy and thin, from having millions of people stomp on it. This was the strangest place to have an arena-you would've thought that there would've been concrete ground and buildings like the old designer shopping malls in Chicago or New York. Instead there's old fasioned wooden stands, not as small as lemonade stands, but you get the point. It was enough for the people who couldn't afford very many things except to make their own merchandise and sell it at wherever they happened to be. Victoria noticed Chelsea gazing upon the different colored wax dolphins sitting upon the shelves of one stand.
She sighed, "I wish we could've had some money to get something." She looked down at the dirt road. "They're so pretty."
"As if you don't have enough pretty things back in your room at home." Victoria replied back. Chelsea's room was Santa-bag full of never-ending stuffed toys and precious porcelian figurines. One more, and the room might explode.
She jutted out her bottom lip. "Don't pout," Victoria said sternly, "You know that never gets you anywhere. Besides, we don't have any money."
Chelsea looked around at the abandoned stands, "Well, there's no one around..."
"Are you suggesting we steal?" Victoria exclaimed. "You should know better than that, Chelsea Grahms! What on earth has gotten into you?"
"I told you, she's frickin' spoiled," Theresa muttered.
"Watch your language," Victoria said.
"Well! It's true!"
"It doesn't matter. Stop arguing."
Theresa let out an angry sigh. Suddenly, something flashed behind a stand on the right side of the road.
Chelsea gasped. "Victoria, what was that?" She said in a frightened voice and wrapped her arms around Victoria's waist.
All three of them stopped, and Victoria strained her eyes to see what was behind the stand. From there, she couldn't see anything odd. "I'll be right back," She said, and peeled Chelsea's pleading arms from her hips, "Watch Chelsea." She told Theresa.
Victoria heard Chelsea wimper as she walked closer to the stand. She cautiously walked behind the stand, and all she saw was a line of trees and an opened door to the stand. She peeked inside. Nothing. She turned around and began walking back towards her sisters, but she still feld an eerie feeling on her back.
"There was nothing there," Victoria said. "Let's keep moving."
Chelsea began to cry.
"Oh, quit being such a baby." Theresa said and rolled her eyes.
"But... but I have to pee." Chesea sniffed.
"Oh, just quit crying. Go behind that stand." Victoria pointed to a stand that was selling slushies, or supposed to be selling slushies.
"There's no bathroom behind there!" Chelsea cried.
"Then you'll just have to hold it." Theresa said.
Chelsea broke away from them. "Okay! I'll go!"
Victoria walked to the front corner of the fragile building. "I'll be right here. Hurry it up."
Chelsea waddled behind the stand and disappeared. "Do you honestly think that she'll ever grow up?" Theresa said to Victoria, and folded her arms in the middle of the road.
"Look at who's talking. She's only eight years old." Victoria said. "And you're supposed to be fourteen."
"Just because you're sixteen you think you're the mightiest of us all, don't you?"
Victoria didn't say anything.
Theresa pulled down her black Rolling Stones shirt. Victoria had no idea why she wore the thing. It had been her mother's, and it was over 20 years old, and the band was new about fifty years ago. Theresa's whole style confused Victoria. Always dark. Dark jeans, flared or boot-cut, black shirts with old band names scribbled across the front and shoes that looked like old bowling shoes, which were also their mother's. She had dyed her hair black a long time ago, but now it hung halfway down her back with 5 inches of brown roots. She couldn't dye it again, since the government had taken hair dye off of the market and said that it's use was now illegal. Her beautiful green eyes were always masked with black eyeliner and, occasionally, some bright colored eyeshadow, which had also been their mother's from a while back, for make-up was also banned.
Chelsea walked up to the girls a few minutes later. "Finally," Theresa said.
"Hush. Let's go." Victoria said, and they continued walking up the dirt road.
They got to the camping grounds, and found the bus stop. Theresa laid down on the long wooden bench, while Chelsea sat and bounced up and down on it. "Damnit, girl! Do you have to pee again or something?" Theresa said as she lifted her head off the wood. Chelsea stopped bounching.
Victoria leaned against an oak tree. This was one of the only trees in the entire park. She ran her hand against the rough bark, and traced the long, oval patterns with her fingers. It was such a pleasant day, warm enough to wear her favorite dark blue Abercrombie sweater without getting too hot. She felt a breeze rush across her fair-skinned face and through her light auburn hair, and she closed her eyes and smiled. The only good thing about the government was the global warming plan they had created. She didn't know anything about it, but she didn know that they had done a wonderful job on it. She still didn't understand why the government had so many strict laws and was so secretive. Her mother had told her of a time when the people could elect a president, and the president would make laws for the country that the people would know about. Now we don't know anything about what's going on, Victoria thought.
Her thoughts were interuppted by a scream. "VICK!" She heard Theresa yell. "Get her OFF of me!"
Victoria abrubtly opened her eyes to find Chelsea on top of Theresa, Chelsea beating her with a stick. Victoria sighed, then walked over to Chelsea, and heaved her up off of Theresa. "Come on, you two. Let's behave."
She set Chelsea on the ground. Chelsea opened her mouth, but Victoria said, "I don't even want to know what happened. Don't say a word."
"But nothing. Shush."
Chelsea folded her arms and began to pout again. "Go over and sit on the bench. No bouncing, sit still. Theresa, sit up. Both of you behave, please!" Victoria said with a sigh.
They waited for another half an hour with silence. "It doesn't look like anyone is going to come, Vick. Can we just walk back?" Theresa said.
"I suppose so. Looks like even the bus driver went to that show. It's a long walk, but we could make it by dinnertime if we started now." Victoria checked her watch. Five o'clock. She didn't want to walk all that way, but the show wouldn't be over until eight. And she most certainly did not want to go back and watch again. She'd much rather walk a few miles.
When they had finally gotten to their road, they were dead tired. Chelsea wouldn't stop complaining. "Carry me, Vick? Please?"
"No. The moment I started, I'd probably drop you." Victoria panted. "We're almost there."
They walked along the road. The sun was beginning to set behind the trees, casting long shadows over the road and into the cornfields. Theresa kicked a rock, and it skipped ahead in the road. "I can't wait till we get home. I'm starving."
"Me too." Chelsea said.
Victoria began to hear the small whir of sirens behind them. "Do you hear that?" She said to Theresa.
"Yeah." She stopped and turned around. Victoria did the same. They saw the flashing blue and red of one of the government's police vehicles.
"Get over to the side of the road. Now!" Victoria yelled at Chelsea and Theresa. They ran over into the grass on the side of the road. "Get back! Get back!" Victoria grabbed her sisters' hands and they went farther away from the road. The buzzing of the vehicle and it's sirens got louder and louder, until it roared by with a gust of wind nearly knocking the girls over. Victoria inched towards the road to see the vehicle slow and begin to turn around.
"It's after us!" Victoria shouted. "Hide! Now!"
Victoria dragged them over to a line of trees on the property and they ducked behind them. They watched the vehicle stop in front of the yard. "Come on," Victoria whispered. They crept over to a mound of dirt. "Lay down," Vick ordered Chelsea. She did so.
"You next," she said to Theresa. She laid next to Chelsea, and Victoria followed.
Victoria wasn't completely sure that the giant mound of dirt would keep them hidden. She could feel her heart pounding out of her chest. She'd heard of people who were caught by the Government Police Squad. They had been roughly taken into prison and never seen again. The prisons had giant fences hundreds of feet tall, and if you even touched them you got the shit shocked out of you. She wondered why the police wanted them, anyway. They hadn't done anything wrong.
She heard the slam of the vehicle's door, then silence. Chelsea began to squirm. Theresa nudged her, then both of them rolled down the hill. Chelsea let out a small "Ouch." Victoria saw something small and rainbow-colored roll out of her pocket...
Suddenly, she felt the cold metal of a gun against her head.
"You are under arrest."


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