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I Will Protect You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016
Action and adventure

"...She looked so precious wrapped in her little pink blanket. Her bright blue eyes stared right back at her daddy. He gently picked her up out of the bassinet and cradled her in his arms. Finally Megan and him were happy."

Brandon and Megan are new parents to their baby daughter, Adriana, and will do anything to protect her. They have just bought a newly furnished home and were ready to start their new lives. However, the neighborhood they thought looked happy and friendly turns out to be more and more scary. Can Brandon and Megan keep their baby safe? View table of contents...


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Chapter 2:

The next couple of weeks, Megan would wake with a start and quickly run into the nursery to check on Adriana. Of course, the baby would be fast asleep and nothing looking out of the ordinary.

"Megan, honey, why do you keep doing this?" Brandon asked softly as he walked in the room. "Brandon, I can't sleep, I keep having nightmares that something is wrong in here. So, I jump up and come sprinting into the room thinking our Adriana is in trouble and nothing...nothing is ever wrong!"

Brandon walked over and gently laid his hands on her shoulders. "Megan, that's a good thing. It means your nightmares aren't becoming a reality. Let's go back to bed"

She wiped away her tears and sighs, "Ok...ok let's go to bed." That evening, Brandon went back to work.

Megan was holding the baby in the living room when the front and the back door busted open and men in black ski masks came storming in. Megan screamed and Adriana started crying loudly.

There was a man wearing a red ski mask, obviously the leader, that came over and covered Megan's mouth with his hand. "Quiet, lady, and nobody will get hurt;" He whispered in her ear.

The other men began searching through the house and grabbing whatever they thought looked valuable. "Please, don't do this...my husband will be home in anytime now...and I..." Megan tried to explain but was too afraid to speak.

The leader looked over at her and laughed, "You think we're afraid of your husband? Please, we've seen him and he's not much to look at." She, then, tried to grab the phone on the table but two men grabbed her wrists and held her down.

The leader, once more, laughed and said, "Now, I'm going to give you something to relax you while we finish our business here." Megan started crying and pleading for them to stop.

"Hey, no tears. It's just a mild sedative. You'll wake up as soon as we're gone." Megan tried to break free of their grasp but they held her firmly. The leader injected the sedative in the bend of her elbow and Megan slowly began to relax and stopped fighting.

The men laid her body down on the couch and began packing up their stolen items. "Alright boss, we're packed and ready to go," one of the men said. The leader wasn't listening though.

He was focused on the little girl sitting in a baby seat. "No, we're not ready. Go in the nursery and get a few things in there." His men looked at him confused and finally asked, "What do we need in there, Boss?"

Their boss was already hovering over the child looking into her little blue eyes. He picked her up and carefully positoned her in his arms. "Boys, we're going to have a newcomer in our group."


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