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I Will Protect You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016
Action and adventure

"...She looked so precious wrapped in her little pink blanket. Her bright blue eyes stared right back at her daddy. He gently picked her up out of the bassinet and cradled her in his arms. Finally Megan and him were happy."

Brandon and Megan are new parents to their baby daughter, Adriana, and will do anything to protect her. They have just bought a newly furnished home and were ready to start their new lives. However, the neighborhood they thought looked happy and friendly turns out to be more and more scary. Can Brandon and Megan keep their baby safe? View table of contents...


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Chapter 3:

Megan woke up three hours later to Brandon coming home from work. "Hey, Honey, how was your day?" Megan rubs her head and says, "I honestly can't remember...I must've taken a really long nap." From the look on Brandon's face, she could tell he was confused.

"Brandon, what is it?" He replied, "Oh, I'm just having a hard time imagining you taking that long of a nap with Adriana here with you." He could tell that this worried her and he said, "But that's just me. She must've slept hard too." Megan suddenly stood up only to lose her balance and sit back down.

"Whoa, Megan, did you drink while I was gone?" Brandon asked jokingly. "No, Brandon, I never drink when I'm watching over Adriana," Megan replied. Brandon turned around and made his way to the nursery. "Um...Megan where did you lay Adriana down for her nap?"

As soon as Brandon said that, Megan began remembering everything that happened! "Oh my God, Brandon, they must have took her!" Brandon ran back over to Megan and grabbed her shoulders.

"What? Who took her? Did something happen while I was gone?" Megan tried retelling the previous events, but it came out in studders. "Men...ski masks...they stole from us...and Adriana was crying...they drugged me..." Brandon immediately let go of Megan and ran for the phone. '911, What's your emergency?' "Um...my name is Brandon Kingsley. My wife and I live in the Greendale community and we have just been robbed." 'Ok, Mr. Kingsley, can you tell me what looks missing?' "Yes, um they stole all of my wife's jewelry, the blu-ray player in the bedroom, and...and we think they took our daughter." 'Sir, are you saying your daughter is missing?' "Yes...she's 2 months old and not in the house." 'I'm sending the police over to your home, Sir.'

It took over half an hour for a patrol car to pull up into their driveway. Brandon opened the door before the sergeant could even knock. 'Um...Mr. Kingsley?' "Yes, come in," Brandon said opening the door wider.

The sergeant walked in with three other lower-ranked officers. As he made his way into the living room, he introduced himself to Megan. 'Hello, Ma'am, I'm Sergeant Nichols, and these are my best officers with me.'

Megan held out her hand for him to shake and then slowly lowered it back down. Brandon leaned against the doorframe to listen what this sergeant had to say. 'Now, folks, this is a very troubling story. We need to definately break it down so I may track down your little daughter and bring her home safely.' The other officers began surveying the house and property while Sergeant Nichols began questioning Megan. 'Ok, ma'am, why don't you start from the very beginning.' Megan began telling the sergeant how Brandon and her both felt a little uneasy about living there since the Greendale Massive shooting.

She told how she had had nighmares and worried about her daughter all night long. Then, that morning, men in black and one in red ski masks came barging in their house, stole countless items, drugged her and took her child. 'Alright, Ma'am is there anything you can tell about the man in the red ski mask?'

Megan shook her head and said, "Sergeant, all I can tell you is these guys are obviously professionals. They hid every physical appearance they had and whispered so I couldn't detect their voices." Sergeant Nichols sighed and put away his notepad. He raised up and shook both Brandon and Megan's hands.

'Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley, I promise you we will do all we can to try and find your daughter. Do you have a photo we can use?' Brandon nodded and walked over to the coffee table and picked up their most recent photo of her. "This was taken just a week ago." Sergeant Nichols took the photo and thanked them for their cooperation.

That night, Megan and Brandon sat on the couch and cried for their baby girl. They didn't go to bed and Brandon didn't leave his wife's side.


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