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I Will Protect You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016
Action and adventure

"...She looked so precious wrapped in her little pink blanket. Her bright blue eyes stared right back at her daddy. He gently picked her up out of the bassinet and cradled her in his arms. Finally Megan and him were happy."

Brandon and Megan are new parents to their baby daughter, Adriana, and will do anything to protect her. They have just bought a newly furnished home and were ready to start their new lives. However, the neighborhood they thought looked happy and friendly turns out to be more and more scary. Can Brandon and Megan keep their baby safe? View table of contents...


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Chapter 4:

Three days had passed, and Brandon and Megan had still not heard from the police. Brandon had noticed that his wife hardly spoke anymore and that she always looked depressed. "Megan, do you want me to get you something? Are you hungry? Thirsty?" He asked from the kitchen. Megan was in the living room, lying on the couch clinging to Adriana's newborn blanket.

"I should've fought harder, Brandon...I could have fought them off." Brandon went over to her side and said, "Megan, there is no way you could've took on that many men..and besides they could have had weapons on them or something. Not to mention they drugged you to kidnap Adriana. You didn't even know that she was gone." She grabbed a tissue off the table and wiped her eyes.

"Yeah, I guess your right. But, Brandon, why haven't we heard anything? Why isn't there any evidence yet?" At that question, Brandon started to cry a little, too. "I don't know, Megan. I guess it's just a long process." As they both sat there comforting each other, the phone rang.

Since this tragedy had happened, reporters from local newstations had called non-stop and they were getting sick of it. Brandon picked up the phone and yelled,"Listen, we do not want to share any more information with the stupid-ass airwaves! You got what you need now go harrass someone else!" But the man that replied through the phone, wasn't a reporter. 'That ain't no way to talk to the man with your daughter, now is it?' Brandon almost dropped the phone out of his hands. "Who are you?" He demanded. 'You'll find that out all in good time, Mr. Kingsley, but for now why don't we call me the Babysitter.' Megan raised up and looked over at Brandon. "Who is it, Honey?"

Brandon mouthed to her that it was the kidnapper and that he's calling himself the Babysitter. "Is our daughter ok, Babysitter?" Brandon asked clinching his jaw. 'Oh, she's fine! In fact, I think she's happier with me and my boys.' Brandon quietly turned the speakerphone up on the phone so Megan could hear the conversation, too.

"Why did you take her?" The Babysitter chuckled. 'Well it's simple. The mother was asleep so I thought it would be my priveledge and duty to look after the little girl.' At this, Megan became furious. She jumped up and grabbed the phone right out of Brandon's hand. "You listen here, asshole, you will give me my daughter back and I will see you behind bars!" There was a long silence on the other end until the Babysitter started laughing.

'Well if it isn't the sleeping beauty herself! If you are going to talk to me like that, you might get to see your daughter...in a coffin!' The phone went dead and Brandon stood motionless looking at it. Megan began crying again and apologizing to Brandon. "Megan, stop freaking apologizing! We need to call the police."

The police came alot faster than the last time and were quick to start finding suspects. Sergeant Nichols was there to take Megan's new statement and to add Brandon's to the list.

'Now, Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley, I'm glad that you heard from this man. It means that he's either wanting to traumatize you or he wants a ransom. A ransom sounds like the most common thing, but I may be wrong. Mr. Kingsley, do you have money to make this ransom if it's what he asked for?' Brandon ran his hand through his hair and replied, "Yeah, I have over 50,000 dollars in our savings account." Sergeant Nichols nodded and said, 'Good now just pray that that is what he wants and it's in that dollar range.'

He then got up and shook their hands once more. He said, 'I hope you kind folks know that the department is doing everything in their power to bring back your baby girl.' Brandon walked him to the door and thanked him for his time.


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