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I Will Protect You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016
Action and adventure

"...She looked so precious wrapped in her little pink blanket. Her bright blue eyes stared right back at her daddy. He gently picked her up out of the bassinet and cradled her in his arms. Finally Megan and him were happy."

Brandon and Megan are new parents to their baby daughter, Adriana, and will do anything to protect her. They have just bought a newly furnished home and were ready to start their new lives. However, the neighborhood they thought looked happy and friendly turns out to be more and more scary. Can Brandon and Megan keep their baby safe? View table of contents...


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Chapter 5:

It has been 2 weeks, and Megan and Brandon were barely doing anything. They weren't returning any calls from their families, they stopped attending the search parties; all they would do is lay in bed and pray. They have not heard any new information from the police and were losing hope.

Brandon slowly raised up out of bed and looked over at his wife. She looked pitiful. He noticed that she had not been eating much and that she doesn't drink enough fluids. "Megan, you want some water?" She opened her eyes long enough to check the time and then said, "No, thank you." He sighed. "Honey, you need to drink something."

Just as Brandon noticed Megan's change, Megan had noticed Brandon drinking a lot more alcohol. "Fine, get me some sweet tea." Brandon smiled and said, "You got it."

Later, Brandon went to go check the mail, as Megan took a shower. Since the kidnapping, they had really gotten behind on their bills. There was a electricity bill, cable bill, phone bill, and then a envelope Brandon never saw before. As he was walking back up the driveway, his neighbor, Mr. Thatcher, stopped him.

'Brandon, how's the search coming?' "Not so good, Mr. Thatcher. We can only hope and pray we'll hear something soon." Mr. Thatcher agreed and asked, 'Do they even have any leads yet?' "Um..no. They don't even have a suspect." Mr. Thatcher frowned. 'Such a shame. Our police force can't even rescue a little newborn.

I hope your lives get better, Brandon, for you and Megan.' Brandon shook Mr. Thatcher's hand and said thank you. Brandon walked back into the house with Megan standing in the doorway, waiting.

"What did we get, Honey?" He grinned and said, "Well I'm glad to see you up and out of bed. We just got a bunch of bills." He handed them to her and said, "If it's ok, I'm going to be in my office catching up on a few things." Megan kissed him on the cheek and replied, "Of course it's ok. You have to make a living somehow."

As soon as Brandon shut the door, he ripped open the unrecognizable envelope he had safely hidden from Megan. It was a letter. But what made Brandon turn ghost-white was what it said:

HoW'S ThE kINgSlEy FaMiLy WiThOuT bAbY aDrIaNa?

Brandon dropped the letter in shock and ran into the kitchen where Megan was. He slammed it on the table and anxiously waited for her to read it. Megan quickly picked up the phone and dialed Sergeant's Nichols' number. He immediatley came to the home and took the letter as evidence.

'We will also scan the letter for prints or DNA substances,' he assured the couple, 'but until then we will still be at square one. I hope you all have a pleasant evening.' Brandon shook his hand and led him to the door. Megan stood there looking very uneasy. "Brandon, why did you hide that letter from me?"

He sighed and said, "I felt like it would be too unbearable for you to open it, so I took the liberty of doing it for you." He could tell that Megan was disappointed in him, so he walked towards her and pulled her into a hug. "I'm so sorry for trying to keep that hidden from you. I was just concerned with you reaction to it, emotionally." She hugged him back and said, "It's ok, Brandon, I understand now why you did it. I'm going to lie down." He kissed her goodnight and then walked back towards his office.

When he finally got settled, he picked up the phone and dialed his old friend, Alan. 'Hello?' "Hey, Alan, this is Brandon." 'What's up, man? It's been awhile!' "Yeah. I know. Um..I don't know if you have heard or not, but Megan and I finally tied the knot." 'Dude! When? And why wasn't I invited?!' "Um...you were invited, man, you weren't very sober when you got the invitation." 'Oh, sorry dude.' "It's fine. Now as I was saying, Megan and I got married and we had a baby girl and named her Adriana." 'Wow. Congrats, man. You're a dad before me!'

"Yeah I know. But have you seen the news recently?" 'Yeah? Why?' "Oh, I was just wondering because if you had, you would know our daughter was kidnapped a couple of weeks ago." '....Dang, Brandon. I'm sorry' "Thanks Alan but I don't need your pity, I need your help" 'Sure, Brandon, anything you need.' "I might know somebody who might have Adriana...."


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