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I Will Protect You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016
Action and adventure

"...She looked so precious wrapped in her little pink blanket. Her bright blue eyes stared right back at her daddy. He gently picked her up out of the bassinet and cradled her in his arms. Finally Megan and him were happy."

Brandon and Megan are new parents to their baby daughter, Adriana, and will do anything to protect her. They have just bought a newly furnished home and were ready to start their new lives. However, the neighborhood they thought looked happy and friendly turns out to be more and more scary. Can Brandon and Megan keep their baby safe? View table of contents...


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Chapter 6:

The clock chimed for midnight while Megan slept. Brandon sat in the living room by the phone. He was waiting for Alan to return his call and get ready to fulfill his plan. This was all so strange to him...he had never had a feeling like this before towards Mr. Thatcher.

Now, he didn't know who to trust or what he was planning to do tonight, but it would haunt him for the rest of his life. *buzz buzz* Brandon quickly picked up his cellphone and answered,

"Hello? Alan? Yeah, Man, she's asleep. Get here fast!" Brandon grabbed his gear by the door and quietly shut it behind him. His anxiety levels were skyhigh and his stomach was doing flips inside him.

Ever since Mr. Thatcher spoke to him on the drive, two days before, he had known it was 'The Babysitter', Adriana's kidnapper. Alan pulled his black 2013 mustang across from the road and gave Brandon the signal that he was ready.

Mr. Thatcher lived 5 houses down from the Kingsleys; so Brandon and Alan made sure to not leave tracks and to silently move through the dry grass.

All the windows in Mr. Thatcher's house was out...except one. The basement. Brandon had a sick feeling that that is where Thatcher was keeping his baby girl. They reached the window and Alan handed Brandon a tool with a curved edge. Brandon slid into the crack of the window while Alan quietly lifted it up. It didn't take them long to get the window open and they stealthly climbed through.

The basement was barely lit by a small lamp in the shape of a ladybug. The room sent chills down Brandon's back. It was decorated just like Adriana's room at their house.

Almost an exact replica minus the ladybug lamp. Alan whispered, 'Pss...Brandon, I think I found something.' Brandon walked over there in two strides and what Alan found was a bassinet. It was empty except for Adriana's little pink blanket. Brandon grabbed it up and held it tightly in his arms, holding back tears.

"Where is she?" Brandon asked panickly. Alan was walking through basement, searching for compartments or crevices in the walls. Brandon was walking towards him when he stepped on a place that was hollow. He stopped in his tracks and told Alan to not move a muscle. He stepped on it again and heard the echo of his footstep. He looked up at Alan with a look of pure relief on his face. There was a black rug covering the spot and when Brandon lifted it up, there was a little door leading to an underground room.

They quickly, but quietly, made their way down the steep staircase. When they made it to the bottom, they were in a cold, damp room lit by two lanterns. In the far corner was a cardboard box with a raggidy white blanket inside. The blanket was moving. Brandon slowly made his way over to it and smiled when he saw his little daughter's bright blue eyes shining back at him. He carefully picked her up and checked her for any injuries.

She was cold to the touch but other than that she was perfectly fine. Brandon turned to Alan and said, "Ok, let's get out-" When he turned around, Alan was held at gun point by Mr. Thatcher.

'Alright, gentlemen, let's start making our way back up to the basement. Leave Adriana in her bedroom.' At first, Brandon froze where he was at, but then his fear went away and he stood his ground. "No, Ted. My daughter is coming back home with me and Megan."

Mr. Thatcher sighed, 'Look, Brandon, I'm not the bad guy here. You are the ones that are in trouble for breaking and entering.' Brandon felt the anger rising up inside him and yelled,"You are the bad guy, Ted! You kidnapped our daughter!" Mr. Thatcher chuckled and replied, 'Hey, I wouldn't call it that. I walked into your house and found that ditz of a wife you have not taking care of a child properly.' Brandon tried to keep calm so he wouldn't scare Adriana. "You drugged my wife and took our daughter from our home. You are a criminal and you will be put behind bars..."


Megan awoke with a sickening feeling that something was wrong. "Brandon? Where are you?" She stumbled into the living room and found it empty. After searching the rest of the house for her husband, she opened the front door and peered outside. Everything was normal except..."Isn't that Alan's mustang?"

She thought to herself. She then put on her robe and walked outside to the car. She looked inside and found a pistol laying in the passenger seat. "That can't be good.." She tried the door and found that it was unlocked and gently picked up the gun.

She looked down the road and saw that Mr. Thatcher's basement light was on. She didn't think that this was anything strange, but then she saw three shadows in front of the window and one was holding a baby.

She gasped and almost dropped the gun. She forgot that she was holding it and quickly regained control of it. She started making her way down the road and towards Mr. Thatcher's driveway. She wasn't sure whether she should use the front door or go around back.

But, then she saw the lower window knocked out and crawled through it. She held on to the pistol for dear-life and scanned the room. Fear starting running through her veins as she realized the room she was in was Adriana's room. That's when she heard the yelling below her.

Megan bent down on her knees and pressed her ear near the floor. "I'm not leaving this house without Adriana and Alan and you're not going to see another day, Ted!" "That's Brandon!" Megan thought. She readied the gun and made her way towards her husband. She soundlessly made her way down the stairs careful not to make a peep. When she reached the bottom, she was standing behind Mr. Thatcher, who still had Alan held at gunpoint. She listened intently to the rest of their conversation.

'Don't make such threats at me, Brandon, when your friend's life is hanging in the balance.' Alan then spoke up and said, 'Ted, give up. We caught you red-handed! Man up and face your crimes.' Mr. Thatcher dug the gun deeper into Alan's back and yelled, 'Shut up! I will shoot you!' Megan couldn't handle this anymore.

She held up the gun and as boldly as she could said, "Drop the gun, Mr. Thacher..I..I will shoot this." Mr. Thatcher turned himself and Alan around to face Megan. He laughed and replied, 'Do you even know how to shoot that thing, Love?' She cocked the gun and yelled, "Shut up! Don't say another word! Put the gun down and let Alan go."

She saw Mr. Thatcher's boldness decrease some as he slowly lowered his weapon. 'Alright, Love, you proved you point. But, do you enough guts to shoot someone right in front of your newborn daughter?' Megan's hand shook as she held the gun tightly in her grip.

Brandon then spoke up, "Baby, think about what your doing. I am with you all the way if you want to shoot this bastard, and if he goes to jail he'll just get out in a few years. I want you to shoot him...It would be self-defense." Mr. Thatcher scowled and replied, 'I beg your pardon. I haven't done a thing to her...it would be murder!' Megan aimed for his head and readied her finger towards the trigger.

Right as she was about to shoot, Alan wrestled the gun from Mr. Thatcher's hands and shot him in the chest...


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