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The life of Ephram Adams: Deception

By: Jalen Hill

Chapter 1,

My name is Ephram Adams and I'm a Nphilim. As a kid I possesed more mature feaures than most twelve year olds such as a deeper voice, gigantic feet, quckly grown facial hair, astonishing strength, and the height of a fourteen year old on steriods. During my first year of Middle School I wasthe nerdy outcast who almost always thought little of himself but, dreamt of becoming a hero or the "chosen" one. The selection of friends that I had was pretty limited, and I was shy fearing that if I even tried to be social I would somehow embarss myself in someway because I either didn't say or do the right thing. Girls I had cruhes on usually didn't feel the same nine times out of ten . I even felt like I would somehow embarss myself in fornt of my girlfriend which had ended up leading to our break up. Sometimes I regret the things I feared to do and did becaus I was so worried about what others might think that I never took the time to figure out who and what I really was or wanted to do. The best peice of advice I can give to thoe who are reading tis is don't think about what others say about you. Be yourself and... be careful who you choose to trust because I once had a friend who I trusted and turned out that friend of mine was the one who decieved me and inspired me to always keep my gaurd up.

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