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A small country named Anastasia was once ruled by an amirable king and queen, who later gets murdered by someone they both trusted. The king and queen had a baby boy, name Lucifer, who later escapes the killer unharmed. After years pass someone finds out that the prince who everyone thought was dead is actually alive. With that said, can someone end up bringing back the prince before the killer gets to him first. View table of contents...


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The small country of Anastasia was a peaceful, but lively country inhabited by genuine town folks who cared for their king and queen. Anastasia was the type of country where the king and queen treated his people with utmost care, even if they were poor or rich everyone felt like they belonged.
The palace of Anastasia was the most lively place in town. Butlers searching for duties they can fulfill, maids darting around for dust to clean, pots and pans crashing on the floor when a chef drops their utensils. These little things created the comforting sounds that helped to calm the kings nerves during a crisis, like yesterday; while her was in his office writing a new bill for the country's military.
Yesterday evening at the town's square hall, the king and queen held a meeting with the country's government officials. The town's square hall is a building that was built in the middle of the town where the king always host a meeting. In the center of the conference room sat a long rectangular table where the government officials would sit on the sides of the table.The king's and queen's would sit on the head table. Before a meeting the king would gently hold the queen's palm under the conference table, because he would always sense the queen's fear of being alone in a conference room filled with only males. After an hour of discussing an issue about the country's military, the king decided to end the meeting.
"Since we made our decision on how to improve the country's military... I would like to call this meeting adjourned," the king says.
The room erupts with chatters from government officials about today's discussion. The king and queen were the first to leave with two guards escorting them out. The first guard, who had dark brown hair, were in front of them while the second guard, who had red hair, was behind them. When they were about to reach the door the king suddenly felt the queen's fingers nuzzle past him . Shock was the first thing that hit him hard on the face, but he knew if he didn't catch the queen from collapsing to the ground, she would certainly get hurt. Without thinking, the king caught the queen before she fell head first on the marble floor of the conference room .
"I'll carry the queen to the carriage, just go fetch the carriage!" the king frantically shouted to the guards while picking up the queen princess-style.
Even though the conference hall was chaotic with all the government officials talking loudly and some running out to get more guards, this didn't alter the king's motives.
The king didn't understand the reason why the queen collapsed. Just a week ago, he did feel like something was bothering her. For instance, the way she would not eat during dinner time and would complain about her massive headaches non-stop made him think something was wrong, but when he would confront her about the problem she would usually change the subject.
This is all my fault, I should have still taken her to the hospital the minute I knew something was bothering her, the king thought while frowning to no one particular, but to himself.
When he finally made it outside he was confronted by his black carriage.
"Your highness, please allow me to place the queen in the carriage, so you can get in," The guard, who had red hair, said.
The king didn't want to hand the queen over to the guard, but he knew he had no choice but to give her up. After handing the guard the queen's unconscious body, it only took a second for the guard to finish.
"You may go in your Highness," The guard said before stepping aside so the king can enter the carriage.
The king took hold of the carriage rail before entering the carriage. When the guard spotted that the king had successfully entered the carriage he proceeded on closing the door before joining the driver and the other guard.
"Please God let her be OK," the king murmurs to himself while rubbing his finger gently to the side of the queen's cheek.


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