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Louise has lived forever and she has become lonely, when she kills her personal banker she feels nothing until she falls in love with his long lost son. View table of contents...


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The man with the huge belly gave out a bellowing laugh and he cupped his glass of wine, I laughed with him too, I was having fun until he messed things up for himself "so as your personal banker I just wanted to know, how did a young lady such as yourself come into such huge amounts of money… you're not a bank robber are you?" he chuckled but I however didn't I walked slowly over to him and slowly whispered in his ear " being nosey is one thing I… hate" Mr Roberts chuckled nervously and I laughed over his shoulder "you really want to know" Mr Roberts gulped from behind "no no, it's your personal matter" I grabbed Billy from under my skirt "but it's too late, Mr Robert, hey turn around and face me when you talk" Mr Roberts slowly spun around only to find my gun in the middle of his head. "It's way too late Mr Roberts"

I comprised whether I should leave the body or bury it. I had my gloves on so I could get away with it. Who am I kidding I could get away from anything. I decided to leave the body; I want to read about him in the newspapers. I stroked Mr Robert's hair "sorry pal"

I got up early and walked down to the café on the corner, I picked up a newspapers and just as I suspected Mr Robert's face was on the cover, "Dead and gone… In his own apartment" I laughed at the heading and drank my coffee. Mr Roberts had nobody and I felt slightly sorry for him. They suggested that he may have committed suicide and they were looking further into it. Yes suicide. He killed himself.

I didn't want to go home this evening, I still felt a little bad about Mr Roberts, I remembered in the newspaper that they mentioned where they were burying him, maybe I should pay him a visit.

I ran towards the dark cemetery before it closed. It was getting darker by the minute and the wind seemed to want to blow people off the streets. I looked around the graves, at the names, soldiers, dear wives, husbands, daughters and sons. This place wasn't nice. Mr Robert's grave went around the corner and there was a bench next to it. Somebody was sitting on it he was looking down at Mr Robert's grave. I marched towards it and seemed angry "who the hell are you" I asked as I poked the person.

The person was a guy he looked up at me through tear soaked eyes "that's my dad in there!" he cried out and he pointed towards Mr Robert's grave "I'm his long lost son"


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