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Jeffrey McBride's "Black Lynx"

Novel By: JeffreyMcBrideOfficial
Action and adventure

Jeffrey McBride's "Black Lynx" - with photos. High-school graduates Lynx and Kina, share an apartment together, while they find themselves working jobs to pay for college, and have adventures through-out the mysterious city.

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Jeffrey McBride's "BLACK LYNX"


© 2012 Vanaskala Network Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Book summary:

Me and my friend "Kina" live in a big city called,

"Colorine City". We live in a apartment building,

there isn't much to see in it, but we manage.
We just graduated the last year of high-school, and

now we are sitting back trying to find out which

college we want to go to. She already knows she

wants to be a counselor, but I don't know what I

want to go for yet. All this pressure gets to me




"Hey! Gives those back! I just want to rest, it's

Saturday." Lynx said as he buried his face in his


"You need to get up Mr.Meanie Beans!" Kina said as

she poked Lynx several times.

"For the love of Chips, leave me alone!" Lynx said

as he grabbed the covers out from her hands.

"Lynx, I don't know what I'm going to do with you,

you're so mean! I'm shocked I haven't moved out

yet." Kina said with a bit of sarcasm.

Kina walked away, and started packing a small

suitcase. "Okay, I'm leaving now! If you can't get

up on a Saturday to help your friend find a new

college to go to, then I'll go find a new friend

that will."

"No wait! I was just joking! ... Here, I'm up! I

can make you breakfast! I made eggs.. your

favorite!" Lynx said with a bowl with two eggs from

the fridge in it.

"Uh, Lynx.. I don't think that's how you make

eggs." Kina said while she started to laugh. "I

think I'll stay, you're so hopeless! Sometimes I

worry that if I weren't here, you couldn't

function." She added as she grinned.

"Oh, Ha-ha. Very Funny." Lynx said while he slipped on some pants and a shirt.

"But seriously Lynx, I'm starving! What sounds good

at eight in the morning?" Kina said.

"Anything, I am too!" Lynx said licking his lips.

"To the coffee house for muffins and Coffee!" Kina

said holding her finger up in the air dramatically.

"To the coffee house!" Lynx repeated.


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