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The Forest Chapterr Onee

Novel By: Jessicka711
Action and adventure

When Gemini's dream becomes real, she is found at a loss for words. She has no place to go- except a murdering Uncle's. No, instead, she goes to live in the forest where she practically lives anyway. View table of contents...



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Ash rained down upon me while the heat licked my skin which was damp with sweat from running. All I'm doing is standing here, watching, being too late to save them. To save my parents from the hungry flames that had consumed them. My house was on fire.
Two tears slipped from my eyes and raced down my face. I turned around and sprinted towards the woods which were now my only happy place. When I got there, I found a random tree and slid my back down it. I took a couple deep breaths and tried to clear my mind of everything. It was a tough job. I got up and my feet started moving automatically. I closed my eyes to spare the pain of where I would end up.
Out of nowhere, a bony hand seized my shoulder and spun me around. I took a few unsteady steps backward. The person was wearing a cloak the color of night itself. A hood covered its face but you could hear its hoarse breath being taken in and then pushed out. All you could see of it were its hands. They looked normal except they were a shade of ghostly white. I gasped and took a few more steps backward.
"Wake up, Gemini," a rough voice said. The voice sounded vaguely familiar. The person now grabbed both of my shoulders and shook me- hard. "Gemini, wake up!"
I coughed for air and sat up from my bed. My dad was sitting on my bed wearing his black night robe, smiling at me.
"Well, good morning, sweetheart! I was starting to get worried when you wouldn't wake up!" my dad chuckled. I smiled and nodded. My dad had light brown short curly hair. He had soft gray eyes that always lit up when he saw me as if a new star had just been born in them. His reading glasses were on his nose slightly listing to the side. My dad loved to read anything and everything.
"Breakfast will be ready in 5," he said standing up. "We're having bacon and pancakes."
He winked at me and left the room. I took that as a queue to start getting ready for the day. I slipped out of bed and stumbled over to my closet, still half asleep. I discarded my pajamas and traded them for my typical hunting outfit; jeans, hunting boots, camo shirt, and a black aviator's jacket. I grabbed my game bag and strawberry bucket.
I run down the flight of stairs and into the aroma of cooking bacon and pancakes. I smiled; bacon and pancakes always made me even happier than I already was. My mother loved to cook.

I sat down as Mother came trotting in carrying a pan of bacon and a plate of pancakes. Mother had beautiful long beach blonde curls that she styled every day. She had sparkly purple eyes and her friendly face seemed to have a smile glued to it. I had gotten my eyes from my father and my hair from my mother. She set the plate of pancakes in front of me and pushed off 4 pieces of bacon from the pan, a perfect number. I poured maple syrup all over the pancakes but making sure to miss the bacon. About 2 minutes later, all that was left of my breakfast was a few crumbs.
Mother walked back into the room, arm and arm with Father.
"Hey, sweetie! Are you going hunting today?" My dad asked me. I nodded as I handed Mother my plate.
"I'll try and bring home a big load today! I'll be back around 3 to 4, is that alright?"
"Of course! Just stay safe and don't get yourself hurt too badly," Mother winked at me.
As soon as the door closed behind me, Mother flung it back open and handed me a brown paper bag.
"You can't forget your lunch, honey! I love you," and with that she was gone inside the house again.
Finally, a few hours by myself. The familiar crunch of fall leaves under my boots leaves a good feeling in my stomach. I decide to start in the strawberry fields. After an hour of hiking through the jagged forest, the scent of the fresh strawberries made it all worthwhile. I pulled out my bucket and pick out the biggest, juiciest looking ones. Another hour passes until I fill up the bucket completely but with many treats of eating the red rubies right off of the bush. I decided to kill another 15 minutes and count the berries. There were 100… and 2.
The next thing I wanted to do was try and get some meat. I started trekking towards the nearest known snare that I had set up the previous day. It ended up empty. And same with the next 4. The 6th was the lucky hit. It had a rabbit that was still alive, but only just. I took out a knife that was hidden in my left boot and spared the rabbit any more torture. My game bag now had some weight to it. There were 4 left and out of those 4, only 2 had game. A squirrel and another rabbit were in those two. It was a pretty decent catch for the day.
I was within a half a mile of my house and I figured something was wrong. The sky was already a sunset orange even though it was only 4 in the afternoon. I started to sprint. No. No. No! No! This was NOT happening! My feet were running the fastest they ever had. I could feel the sweat drip down my arms, just like in my dream. Ash started to rain down upon me and the heat was almost unbearable. Tears just started to pour out. Screams echoed around the clearing where my house used to be. It took me a while to figure they were coming from my lips.
My house was on fire. But this time it wasn't a dream.


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