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The Five Chosen Part 1

Novel By: KastOblivion
Action and adventure

Five people are chosen to protect the world with swords. However there is betrayal amoung them. Four of the five have slain the goddess. Roxi, the fifth chosen, needs to slay the traitors....but there is one she does not wish to slay.

(I'll post one chapter at a time. If it looks as though it is not among interest...I'll pull it out :P) View table of contents...


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Six people walked down a grand hall lit by beautifully crafted chandeliers whose arms branched out elegantly and held glass balls of light. Thick, gold chains with entwined rose vines running through the holes held up the chandeliers. They looked around the place examining various things. Pictures were lined across the wall of different people, and angel statues lined the wall as though they were greeting the people in. When they reached the end of the hall, they walked into another room that was just as beautiful. On the other side of the room was a throne furnished with silk that was on top of a platform suspended off the ground. The windows on the left side of the room were huge and arched with breathtaking stained glass. The stained glass depicted a picture of angels and demons waging war with a symbol of a shield and sword between them all. The carpet the people were standing on was soft and had many interesting designs on it that curved left and right, twisted up and down, and stopped at the center around the same symbol in the stained glass. Columns engraved with thorn vines and rose petals ascended above the peoples' heads to support the ceiling. The ceiling had outstanding artwork painted on them; the artwork was of war torn soldiers bowing to their blood-covered captain with graves in the background, a young girl holding a wooden sword with her father, and a young boy and girl holding hands with each holding a shield in their other hand.

"Roxi, Setz, Myc, Evelin, and Razael," said the one other person, pointing at each of them as he called their names, "the goddess of protection Shimimi will be with you momentarily. I am her servant Jaime. I will be back with Miss Shimimi."

"Right," said Roxi. She had a sweet, soft voice. "We will wait."

Jamie bowed to them and walked out of the room, closing the big, wooden door behind him.

Roxi looked around the age of 16 or 17. She was tall and had a slender build. She had beautiful emerald colored eyes. Her hair was straight, dirty blonde, and medium length. She wore a black belly shirt with a black and white vest on top of it about the same length. She wore skinny black pants that defined her legs and a black and white belt. She wore black and white fingerless gloves and her shoes were black and white. On her fingers, she had black fingernail polish on the first and ring fingers; and white fingernail polish on the thumbs, middle, and pinky fingers.

Setz looked around the age of 19. He had an average male build. The eye that was not covered by his hair shined like a ruby. His face had a friendly feeling about it. His hair was red and a little past ear length. His bangs covered one of his eyes. He wore a black shirt under the black trench coat he was wearing. The sleeves of his coat had straps, chains, and rings on it, giving it an industrial look. He wore black pants that had interesting designs on it. The pants had chains that suspended from rings on the pants and zippers that had no particular purpose. On his feet, he wore steel-toed, black boots that had many straps on it. He also wore a choker around his neck and a snake bite lip piercing.

Myc was around the age of 23. He also had an average build, but with a little more muscle. His eyes were orange like a bright pumpkin. His hair was dark brown and very spiky. He wore a dark blue headband. A scar traveled down his face through his left eye. He wore a black hooded jacket with black cargo pants. The gloves he wore had metal in the knuckles. He wore black and red tennis shoes. A bandage was worn on his cheek.

Evelin looked around the age of 35. Her build had an athletic look to it. Her hair was long and red. Her eyes were bright orange like a fire. She wore a white shirt with a red corset. Her pants were dark red and had many straps and pockets. She wore a belt that had a fire emblem engraved in it. The black boots she wore went to her knees. Around her neck, she had what appeared to be a burn mark.

Razael didn't really have a distinguishable age. He was fairly skinny but at the same time muscular. His hair was waist length and jet black. His eyes were exceptionally beautiful and had a golden glow to them. He wore a black jacket that had only one sleeve. On the sleeve, there was an interesting, unique white symbol on it; it twisted around the sleeve and then branched inward to form a circle in the center. He wore black pants that had numerous chains and straps on it. He wore a pouch around his waist. His boots were black and was heavily designed with many straps. His skin was somewhat pale and looked very smooth. Under his eyes, he wore black eyeliner, making his eye color more noticeable. A barcode was on his shoulder and under it read in tiny letters: "Undying."

"Well, guys, looks like we will have a bit of a waiting period," said Setz. "Roxi, how is uncle doing?" He looked over at Roxi and smiled.

"He is doing fine and he is the same as he always was," answered Roxi. "How is Uncle Jac doing?"

Setz's smile went away. "He is the same as always," he said. "Angry and lost as always."

"Are ya cousins or something?" asked Myc. His voice had a cocky sound to it. "I am jus' wondering since ya blab on 'bout uncles and the like."

"That is a stupid question, Myc," said Evelin. She crossed her arms and shook her head. "Honestly, you are a dumb ass." Her voice was fiery and loud.

"Well, sorry, hothead, I was jus' curious," said Myc. He stuck his tongue out at Evelin.

"How about we all just shut up," said Razael. His voice was dark but smooth. "You are all annoying me." He crossed his arms and walked away to examine more of the room.

"Whatcha say?!" questioned Myc. "I am not going to let ya talk to me like that, ya punk! Don't turn ya back on me either!" He cracked his knuckles and started walking towards Razael.

"Do you think you could match me?" Razael smirked while raising an eyebrow. "If you want to humiliate yourself in front of everyone, then come at me."

"Alright! Ya asked for it!" said Myc excitedly as he ran at Razael.

Myc swung at Razael, but Razael quickly ducked and jabbed Myc in the stomach with just his fingers. Myc flew backwards, landing on his back. Razael ran towards Myc and put his foot heavily on Myc's chest. Razael smiled evilly at Myc as Myc looked up at him with widened eyes.

"You are not--," said Myc in a scared tone.

"What is all this commotion about?!" interrupted Jamie as he came in. His voice was loud and commanding. "Shimimi is ready to see you five now." A young woman appeared behind him along with four guards.

Shimimi had curly, long white hair. She had a slender build. Her age looked to be around early 20. She wore a robe that fit her perfectly. It was white with purple stitching. Her eyes were a beautiful azure color.

"Thank you, Jamie," said Shimimi, her voice sweet and soft. The guards behind her were carrying cases lined with gold and made of steel, and Shimimi carried one. Shimimi made her way to the throne and sat down. "I am willing to bet you are wondering why I summoned you five here."

"No shit," mumbled Myc as he was getting up.

"I have chosen you five to become the new Chosen. Your job is to protect the people in need wherever you may be. This is considered to be a great honor among people. I have analyzed you all, so I know you all have the potential to do this. I have, in these cases, swords of various kinds that you will be using as Chosen. When I call your name, please step forward to get your weapon. These weapons are able to strengthen you and have special properties. The more you fight with these swords, the more you learn. As you progress in using these, you will learn new things. This will be indicated when your sword will have a word appear in its blade, thus indicating a new special ability. You may step into the teleporter on your right to go home after everyone has received their weapon." She signaled the guards to stand next to each other in front of the throne.

"Well, this was an unexpected surprise," said Myc. "I didn't know I had such potential for this kind of thing."

"Myc, please step forward and receive your weapon," said Shimimi. She pointed at one of the guards holding the case.

"Alright. I get to choose first!" said Myc, smiling. He stepped forward, opened the case that Shimimi had pointed at, and pulled out his sword. "This is an interesting lookin' sword."

"That sword is called 'Twilight Cutter'," explained Shimimi. "It can summon unearthly creatures to fight along side you under your command. This sword also makes you faster and more flexible. This blade increases in power when the moon is out. The more you fight with it, the more you will learn its capabilities."

Twilight Cutter looked much like a scimitar. Its hilt was wrapped in a cloth that had a midnight blue color and the hand guard was shaped like an eight pointed star. The blade itself was bright and it had a slight glow to it.

"Sweet!" exclaimed Myc. He took the sheath for the sword and put the sword in it. He walked back to the other Chosen and happily smiled. "I can feel the power in me already."

"Evelin, please step forward and choose your weapon," said Shimimi, pointing at the second case.

"Very well then," said Evelin. She stepped forward, opened the case, and took out her sword. "This looks too fancy for my blood, but I will take it."

"That sword is called 'Evening Dance'," said Shimimi. "This rapier gives you control over the element fire. It is most powerful during the evening, but only for a limited time. This sword gives you more flexibility, speed, and resistance to fire and heat--such as burning."

Evening Dance was a rapier. The blade was finely crafted and it had a reddish glow to it. The hand guard and hilt were made of a lightweight but strong metal. A little flame was embedded into the hand guard.

"It suits my personality," said Evelin. She picked up her sheath and put Evening Dance in it.

"No kidding," said Myc quietly.

"Setz, please step forward," said Shimimi.

"Alright, my turn," said Setz, smiling. He stepped forward, opened his case, and pulled out two swords. "My specialty…"

"Together these swords are called 'Soul Trap'," explained Shimimi. "However, separated, the one in your left hand is called Epidemic, and the one in your right hand is called Sheathe. These katana are very strong. They are able to drain the soul out of a person's body and trap it in the blade. The more souls it absorbs, the more powerful it becomes."

"That sounds interesting," said Setz as he picked up the two sheaths and put the two katana in them.

"Hey, Setz, dual swords are your specialty," said Roxi with a smile.

"Yea," said Setz examining his new weapons.

Epidemic's blade was white and the hand guard was shaped much like spiraling circle. It had designs in it, making it look like an abyss, and hands holding orbs were reaching out of the "abyss." The hilt was wrapped in white cloth. Sheathe's blade was black. The hand guard was much like Epidemic's, only the spiral was in the opposite direction. The hilt was wrapped in a black cloth. At the butt of the hilt was a skull holding a "soul" in its opened mouth.

"Razael, please come forward and take your sword," said Shimimi.

Razael silently walked up to the case and took out his sword as he smiled playfully.

"This sword is called 'Oblivia'," said Shimimi. "Razael, I want you to listen to me well. This sword can bring your soul and heart to darkness if you do not use the sword correctly."

"I understand, Goddess Shimimi," said Razael. "I will try to not let myself become corrupted."

"Good. Keep it that way," said Shimimi, smiling. When Shimimi finished speaking, a guard collapsed on to the floor. "Jaime, see what is wrong with him!"

"Right," said Jamie as he jumped from the platform onto the floor. He checked the guard. "He needs to be treated in the infirmary. He will be fine, but it seems he was working to hard earlier today. I saw him carrying many heavy objects and running back and forth for some of the other lords and ladies."

"Take him to the infirmary, Jamie," said Shimimi. "When he is there, please come back."

"As you wish, Shimimi," said Jamie. He took the guard and carried him out of the room.

"I am sorry about that," said Shimimi. "Now then, where was I?"

"I believe you were about to tell me what special properties my weapon has," explained Razael.

"Ah, yes that was it," said Shimimi. "Thank you, Razael. Oblivia gives you a boost in strength and intelligence. It can manipulate others to fight for you or against a certain group of people. It can shroud people in darkness thus making it harder for them to fight you or spot you for that matter."

"Perfect…" thought Razael.

Oblivia was a long sword. Its blade, hand guard, and hilt were black. A chain dangled from the butt of the hilt.

"Looks like there's nothing special looking about ya sword," said Myc.

"Looks do not matter to me," said Razael. "It may look plain, but I can still knock your ass around no problem."

"Now, now," said Shimimi. "Let's not fight." She sighed and shook her head. "I want all those that received a sword to step all the way back towards the door." All but Roxi walked to the back of the room. Roxi looked back and saw the other Chosen whispering to each other. "Guards, I want you to step in the back as well." The guards all bowed to Shimimi and marched to the back.

"Why's she being treated so special?" whispered Myc.

"I don't know," Evelin whispered back.

"Do we still stick with the plan?" asked Myc quietly.

"But of course," said Razael as he chuckled evilly.

"I can't believe I am going to do this," thought Setz. "I shouldn't but for some reason I want to do this. Something inside me wants to do this."

"When I say 'go', we proceed," whispered Razael. The others nodded their heads.

"Roxi, in this case that I carry is not your weapon," said Shimimi. "I seem to have brought something else by mistake. It was a careless error."

"It is okay Goddess Shimimi," said Roxi, smiling. "I can wait for it."

"I will get Jamie to receive it when he returns," said Shimimi. "He will understand--,"

"Go!" Razael shouted. When he shouted, Roxi turned around quickly and saw the other Chosen slaying the guards.

Razael ran at Shimimi and the others followed. Razael shrouded Shimimi in darkness as Myc summoned a few creatures to hold her down. Evelin snapped her fingers and engulfed Shimimi in an inferno. As the flames began to subside, Setz stabbed Shimimi with Soul Trap, draining her soul from the body.

"W-w-what is happening?" questioned Roxi. Her eyes were wide and full of tears. Roxi turned around and ran towards the door.

"No you don't!" shouted Razael. Razael caught up with Roxi and pushed her to the ground. He looked down on her and lifted his sword in the air. "You are not getting out of here alive."

"Why did you kill her?!" questioned Roxi. "What is wrong with all of you? This isn't what Shimimi wanted." Razael put his sword down.

"I don't care about what Shimimi wanted…" said Razael as the others crowded around.

"What did you come here for then?" Roxi questioned more. "You didn't have to come here!"

"I know that," said Razael. "I came here to get revenge. Shimimi didn't come to my aid when I needed her. Because of her, my whole family died and me along with them. I was devastated. This whole place is filled with lazy cowards! When I get out of here, I am going to destroy this whole world!"

"Wait a minute," said Myc. "My suspicion was right? You ARE dead! How the hell does that happen?"

"Setz…?" Roxi said, looking up at Setz with tearful eyes. "Why did you do it?"

"I don't know, Roxi," said Setz sadly. "I honestly don't know… Razael, let her up please."

"…No," said Razael. He raised his sword up in the air. He was about to strike Roxi; however, Setz quickly kicked him away from her.

"I thought you said you wouldn't hurt her!" shouted Setz. "You gave me your word!" Setz reached down and lifted Roxi up as Razael lifted himself off the ground.

"I lied," said Razael.

Razael ran at Setz with Oblivia pointed at him. Setz blocked Razael's attack with Epidemic, and then swung at him with Sheathe. Sheathe struck Razael in the shoulder. Razael jumped away from Setz while holding his shoulder.

"You are very good," said Razael. "I think you may be the only competition in this room."

Roxi started to walk away from the group and towards the door. As she was walking backwards, she heard the door start to creak open. She looked back and saw Jamie walk in with a case.

"Ah, Jamie, you are just in time to die," said Razael in an eerie tone. "You missed it though. We just finished killing Shimimi. Well, most of us did anyway."

"What?!" exclaimed Jamie. "Why have you committed this treason?"

"I don't feel like saying it again," said Razael. "Just die!" Razael sprinted towards Jamie.

Jamie stuck out his hand. "Stop where you stand!" A pulse of energy shot out of Jamie's hand. Razael and the others froze where they stood. "There is not much time, Roxi. Take this case and go home! Quickly, before they break the spell! In that case is the sword you were going to receive. I noticed it sitting in Shimimi's room. Its name is Divine Light."

"O-okay," said Roxi. Roxi ran towards the teleporter. When she entered, a light blinded her and she felt force upon her body. "I will avenge you Shimimi!"


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