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The Adventure Worth One Billion Words

By: King Goblin Smasher

Chapter 1, The challenge: to make a story with exactly 1 billion words. This is a story about a young squirrel eager for adventure but is secluded in his hometown, denied of leaving the area. Little does he know, however, that his wish will soon be fulfilled when he finds a white raccoon and a map of the area, thus beginning his adventure that spans one billion words.

The Evil Demon's castle, floating high above in Castle's in the Sky. The Overlord who rests in this castle over a millennium, soaring the vast sea of stars, conquering planets, subjugating the people, and claiming the vast cosmos as his own. However, today was different. For the first time in a million years, since the last adventurer who has been lost to the tides of time, who has been erased by the Overlord's will, who has now never existed, a new challenger has set foot on the quiet grounds of the Demon's Castle perimeter. Yes, it was the least likely of heroes who has managed to survive the many onslaughts of the Overlord's attempts to vanquish him thanks to the young lads cunning and quick thinking. It is none other than Nuttingham the Squirrel. The young red furred squirrel, with nothing but his cap, shoes, and vest has managed to conquer all adversities. He has defeated all legion thrown at him. He has overcome the challenges that stood against him, and he has travel for many years to finally reach the Demon's Castle and stop the evil Overlord once and for all. But he did not do it alone, for he had allies. Along his travels, he has recruited many friends and thanks to their help, he has managed to amass a small band of adventurers to help him reach this final destination.
The Overlord's anger has reached its apex. The Overlord can no longer tolerate the rambunctious squirrel and his friends. He is overwhelmed by the fact that he has been bested by a mere animal when he has conquered many stars. To this, he responds by having a no holds bar final bout and sends all of his minions after the daredevils who have defied him time and time again. His elf army, amongst other creatures, adds up to immeasurable numbers and are now targeting Nuttingham's posse. All orders are to destroy or be destroyed. There is nothing left to lose but their lives.
Nuttingham doesn't have much in terms of power other than his supernatural strength, his sharpshooting friend's arrow pistol, the many knives of his second protege, and the magic powers of the two young sorcerers. He has many other friends, however they were left behind to protect the planet Ashtar from further problems by the late Geo's influences. Nuttingham and his 4 remaining friends have to either fight off the army by themselves and reach the overlord, or wait it out until their allies come to their aid. He knew, however, that time was not on his side.
Nuttingham and crew are being chased by what number of legion are on the Demon's Castle perimeter. As they run off towards their goal, a voice shouts. "HURRY! AFTER THEM! They are approaching the castle of the Overlord!". That rasped and burly voice, it is the general with the blade, the most skilled of the Overlord's sword fighters, though for this occasion, he has acquired a comet gun, which is strange considering his skills with a blade cannot be matched. He continues to march on along with his coup to chase around the very troublemakers that have been causing him problems for so long. After all these years, he has never once managed to cut off a bit of the red fur from that rambunctious young squirrel, and now he wants to finish him before they reach the castle, for his pride is on the line. "DON'T WADDLE ABOUT!" he screams to his minions. "Should they reach the castle, it'll be your heads on a mantle! They have grown powerful over time. Who knows what they can accomplish if they should get close to the overlord. This is our last chance to defeat them. Use any force you can unleash upon them. Hold nothing back and use any weapon at your disposal. Use any means to defeat them. Even if you have to KILL THEM!". The giant roar of the coup that stretches for miles echoes throughout all of Castle's in the Sky. Nuttingham's ears do not listen for he is preoccupied with his mission.
"Looks like they got their entire force on our tails", says the knife wielder.
"QUIT LOOKING BACK!" replies Nuttingham. "Just keep running! RUN, RUN, RUN,RUN- STOP!" screams Nuttingham as he just abruptly stops before falling down a pit he did not notice. "Whoa! That was close", he says as he regains his composure, however that motion would fall flat as his magical companions on their broomsticks slam against Nuttingham and the two proteges. Luckily enough, they landed on the other side of the pit, which was not too far. The magical duo were apparently flying at such a fast rate.
"Are you guys okay!?" asks the boy.
"Yeah, don't worry about it" answers Nuttingham. "OH NO!" he continued as he was getting up. "GUYS! Get up! We gotta move and we gotta move NOW!". But there was no need for a warning as the barrage of comets were being fired at them at an alarming rate. Nuttingham screamed as he and his foot companions ran for cover behind a giant rock while the two young sorcerers flew off on their broomsticks to safety.
The general orders his minions, "They're over the pit. Go and get them. YOU STUPID IDIOTS! JUMP OVER IT!" he screams as he witnesses his soldiers falling into the pit. Apparently they are not too bright to understand the meaning of jumping over a hole on the ground.
Over at the other side, the sharpshooter asks "Why did they stop shooting?"
"I don't know", replies Nuttingham, "but let's keep going before they start again."
They continue their progress, and the sharpshooter notices something in the distance. "Look guys, it's there. Right in front of us. The evil Demon's Castle".
Off in the distance, now clear as day, a blue castle, old and ancient, stands 2 miles away of their current location. "That's the Demon's Castle?", asks Nuttingham, "I thought it'd be bigger than that. Well that doesn't matter. Come on guys. Our long adventure is almost over. Let's go get that overlord."
Seeing the castle, Nuttingham's determination is now high as the skies they are on. After the giant trek of years, venturing and traveling through the worlds and stars, the many friends he has made, the many enemies he has conquered, the mornings of waking up for more adventures to come, Nuttingham is now witnessing the final destination. The end of the adventure that he so craved all those years ago.
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!". A scream is heard. The knife wielder. He has been shot by a comet! It was that nefarious blade general with his comet gun, who had the only common sense to jump over the gap.
"This is as far as you go", he proclaims as he approaches our heroes. "Off with you!".
A feeling of dread fills the air. The unexpected attack from the general was not anticipated. Had seeing the castle and his thoughts of the end of the adventure cause this? Did he left his guard down enough that his companion ended up getting injured? Well it didn't matter how it happened because the general had his comet gun pointed at our heroes and he was not hesitant to pull the trigger. Is this it? Is this the end of the adventure? All of this happened so fast that there was no time to counter. The trigger was pulled...
Click, click, click...
"Huh!?", the general was puzzled. The comet gun had ran out of ammunition. The sharpshooter wasted no time. He pulled out his arrow pistol and cocked it. "Oh no!", exclaimed the blade general. Without waiting a second, the sharpshooter started pulling the trigger on his gun. The blade general quickly pulled out his sword and started swinging it with his mighty speed. The arrows flew fast but the sword was just as quick and precise and blocked all the arrows that were shot.
"I'll hate to admit it", said the general, "but your skills with a pistol outdo mine. I'll praise you for that." The general lunged his comet gun into the air and with his sword, sliced the gun into two pieces with each one flying on opposite ends. "That is why I will fight you with the skill I happen to have mastered. Come at me with everything you got." The sharpshooter was not amazed at all but he knew he could not underestimate the blade general. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the general was shocked by electricity. The general screamed as he fell from the top of the boulder he was on. The sharpshooter jumped out of the way to avoid the general falling on his back on the same spot. "OW!" screamed the general as he landed. "Who did that?" and out from the skies, the two little sorcerers were standing in front of him. "You little brats. You dare oppose me? Fine. I'll enjoy cutting you to pieces." he threatens them. The sharpshooter regains his disposition and resumes his defensive stance which the general notices. "You're still here?" asks the general.
The sharpshooter demands "What have you done to my friend?"
The general responds "He's probably dead. I charged up the comet gun to full blast on the last shot."
"NO! That's not true!"
"It won't matter if it's true or not because you're next. I'll cut you down along with these pipsqueaks."
"You can't take us all on at once!"
"Oh really?". As he was saying this, his sword was already mid way to creating an air slash attack. However our heroes were quick to react as they noticed this and proceeded to attack just as quickly. The sharpshooter shot his arrows while the sorcerers shot electric and fire attacks but neither party retained damaged as the general not only had complete control of his sword but he knew how to control the speed as well and to top it all of, the sword was so fast, it was not visible to the untrained eye. However, our heroes have dealt with this foe many times before. They were not the same as when they first met. They've encountered the sword many times and had accustomed to the general's speed, which the general never thought of improving. This was a stalemate at best as the two parties exchanged blow after blow that hit nothing but the rocks all around.
Unbeknownst to them, Nuttingham had managed to carried the injured blade wielder to a clearing, away from the fighting. The arrows that recoiled from the fight, however, reached them. There is no safe spot in this final journey. "Hey!", says Nuttingham, "Are you alright? Speak to me!"
The injured knife wielder struggles but responds. "No I'm not. That shot...was too much for me. I can't...even...get up. Go on without me. I'll just slow you down."
"But...but..." answers back Nuttingham, unsure of what to do. The fight with the sharpshooter and sorcerers against the general continued to rage, however, dealing with 3 opponents at once has started wearing down the general because, even though his speed with his sword was incredibly fast, it required a lot of stamina. The fighting stops for a brief moment. The general begins to pant.
"Huff, huff. WHERE ARE MY MEN!", he screams, "WHY HAVE THE NOT COME TO HELP ME?".
The sorcerer girl responds "We took care of those guys after you got impatient and decided to go ahead of them".
"THOSE WORTHLESS WORMS! What good are they for!?". The general was showing sign of fatigue. This was not good, he knew this.
"Getting tired?" he taunted. "HAHAHA! Well so am I, so how about-", suddenly, out of the clear sky, a giant boulder lunges into the air and smacks the general on top of his helmet. The sorcerers and the sharpshooter take this chance to run away for they had another problem that had higher precedence. The general sliced the boulder in half as it was bouncing off his helmet and nearly cut the girl sorcerer as she was passing by at blazing speed. "HEY! COME BACK HERE!" the general screams. Just then he hears footsteps. He turns around and sees his men, who apparently have finally managed to climb out of the pit. "Oh for the love of..."
Running as fast as he could, the sharpshooter jumped over a rock formation to get where his partner was, lying on the ground, even weaker than he was when he was shot by the comet gun. The sorcerers joined in shortly on their brooms. "Nuttingham!", asked the sharpshooter in an urgent manner, "Is he alright?".
"Yeah," answers Nuttingham, "but he's seriously hurt. He needs some serious help."
"Quick. Call Pursee and tell him to pick him up."
"But what about the bad guys?"
"We'll cover you before the cruiser comes."
"Okay." Nuttingham quickly grabbed his communicator and contacted the space ship that his friend Pursee was piloting. "This is Nuttingham. Come in Pursee. This is an emergency!".
Above the skies of the Demon's Castle, roaming about in case of situations like these, the space ship that our heroes rode on to reach the Demon's Castle was waiting above. Because it did not have any form of offensive features, it was not allowed to get close, however, our heroes were in need of the space ship. Pursee was prepared for something like this.
"This is Pursee. What's going on?"
"We got a man down and he's severely hurt. Get down here as fast as you can!"
"Alright. I'm setting a course towards your location". Just then, a giant explosion was heard followed by the ship rattling like mad. "WHOA!" exclaimed Pursee.
"What's happening?" On the outside of the ship, cloud demons were using their lightning attacks on the space ship. "I'm being under attack!", shouted Pursee, "I'm having difficulties getting pass them."
Nuttingham replied "Well get through them somehow!" while carrying his injured comrade between his back and big bushy tail, running away from the force behind their backs. The stupid soldiers who fell down a pit have finally caught up to our adventurers along with some black shell beetles buzzing around them. However all parties stop dead on their tracks, for in front of our heroes stood the flame general.

999,997,608 words left.

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