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The Adventure Worth One Billion Words

Novel By: King Goblin Smasher
Action and adventure

The challenge: to make a story with exactly 1 billion words. This is a story about a young squirrel eager for adventure but is secluded in his hometown, denied of leaving the area. Little does he know, however, that his wish will soon be fulfilled when he finds a white raccoon and a map of the area, thus beginning his adventure that spans one billion words. View table of contents...


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Just when things couldn't get worse, Nuttingham and his friends come across the general of the flames. The flame general possessed the power to spew flames from his mouth, capable of controlling it at will.
"So what will it be?" said the flame general, "Come with me peacefully or be shred to pieces?"
"We're never giving up." said Nuttingham. "We've come too far to stop now."
"You're completely surrounded. Not even you 4 can take on an entire army all at once."
"Oh yeah, well we...we...we got a secret plan."
"Really? Well out with it."
After saying this, a faint roar was heard. It was small enough to notice, but it kept increasing, louder and louder. "What's that sound?" asked the flame general. The sound kept coming and coming, louder than the previous second. Suddenly, from the sky above, an object appeared. It was Puggly's space ship, falling at a fast rate. The flame general said "What is that?" in a prompt voice.
"My secret plan?" said Nuttingham confusingly. Without a second thought, every soldier scrambled out of the way in a mass panic, tripping over everyone else. Our heroes jumped out of the way as well as the flame general. The ship crashed landed onto the floor of the area. The impact was so great that it caused another pit to appear on the floor and it was so grand that it split the very earth they were standing, leaving a huge crevice. The area must have been pretty shallow to cause this. However, the space ship did not sink because luckily, the hole, though being extremely wide, was only big enough to have the ship hold on by the thruster and the front. The thruster was at full power and the after burner ended up burning some of the elf soldiers that did not get out of the way in time. When the dust cleared, Puggsly came out of the ship.
"Hi guys." he said with a big smile on his face.
"What's the matter with you?" replied Nuttingham in an angry tone.
"You almost crushed us."
"I had to increase the speed of the ship to escape the bad guys and had trouble putting on the brakes."
"Alright, alright, just take care of him wont ya?" Nuttingham quickly handed his injured companion over to Puggsly so he could recuperate. On the other side of the big crevice, the flame general was at full speed with another surplus of elf soldiers running as fast as he could to reach our heroes. "Hurry up you slugs." he shouted to his men. "We got them cornered! What in the world!?" He suddenly noticed the large crevice on the floor, something he did not anticipate. Not only that but also witnessed the space ship that was already on it's way back to the skies. "What the heck? A space cruiser? When did that..." and to add to his confusion, the 4 leftover heroes were on the other side of the crevice, departing forward to their destination. "NO!" he screamed. "STOP! WAIT! GET BACK...THAT'S NOT FAIR!".
On the other side, Nuttingham tells his allies "Come on guys. Let's get to the castle before they manage to catch up to us. Oh no, not you." Before Nuttingham and his friends was the fiendish flame general who appeared to have been waiting for them. "Did you forget about little ol' me?" the general taunts. "Well, when I'm through with you and your friends, you will always remember me as the one who barbecued you."
Nuttingham replies as his comrade, the sharpshooter, joins him abreast. "I assume you have a huge army behind you."
"Of course. You are nearing the castle of the Overlord. We're not taking any chances on you trespassing. This is it for you. No turning back now. It's due or die."
"We spent years coming all the way here. You think we're going to give up when we are so-"
"GET DOWN!" screams the sharpshooter as he grabs Nuttingham by the shoulder and forces him to the floor. Just as sudden, a stream of flames barely brisk his tall and husky tail. The flame general was hawking up flames from his gullet while Nuttingham was talking. Truly he was not a patient, nor polite foe. As to show his prowess, the flames that were being shot out were brought straight up like a snake dancing and slowly returned to his mouth. "Sorry. Were you saying something?"
"Very funny." replies Nuttingham.
"Well I'm tired of you winning all the time." the general said, "The time to talk is over. Let's finish this once and for all." Abruptly after this, out of the corner of his eye, the flame general sees flashing lights of both fire and electricity. Just as quickly though, he leaps high into the air. The electricity and fire were coming from the little sorcerers with their magic broomsticks. They were aiming for a surprise attack but unfortunately the general noticed this in time to avoid it. The general lands as the sorcerers flee. "Nice try there, but I know all your tricks by now. I won't be ambushed so easily. Now where were we?" The flame general suddenly starts hawking up, preparing another attack from his flame breath. This time the sharpshooter was prepared and started shooting his arrows, but he was not quick enough for the general spewed out his flames just as fast. The flames and the arrows collided and explosions were being set off through the middle of the battle.
"What happened?" asked the sharpshooter.
"Why didn't my arrows go through the flames?"
"That was no ordinary flame." said the general, "That was a flame enchanted with magic cards. I used a spell that can change the density of the flames, making them thick enough to block any projectile. Care for another sample?" He charged up another stream of flames and let it all out. Nuttingham quickly ducks to avoid the flames and the sharpshooter jumps up and aims towards the general. He gives a shot, but the general was not there! The fire was a ruse to lower their guards because his aim was to use his teleportation spell. The general teleported passed the sharpshooter and sinked his claws around Nuttingham's throat. The arrow from the pistol bounces off the floor as the sharpshooter watches in horror the general choking Nuttingham. The sharpshooter lands.
"Put your weapon down," the general demands, "or your friend here will be burned to death." The sharpshooter had no choice but to abide the decision and drops his pistol unto the ground. "Good. Now, give me the card."
The sharpshooter replies "You mean the Card of the Sun?"
"Of course! What else would I mean!? Give it to me!"
The sharpshooter, with a fierce growl on his face, reaches into his vest. The general starts to laugh. "BWAHAHAHA! I finally did it. I FINALLY DID IT! I've captured the Card of the Sun and these losers as well. The Overlord will give me a handsome reward!" All of a sudden a giant white light covered the surrounding area. It was very bright that it blinded the general and he ended up losing his grip on Nuttingham. "WHAT THE-" the general stumbled. "THAT'S NOT THE CARD OF THE-", then on the spur of the moment, a giant arrow pierced his armor. The general fell from the recoil on his back while screaming from the pain. The sharpshooter was not aiming to take out the card but used his magical medallion which carried the spirit of a fallen warrior, in this case, it was a centaur with armor placed on his horse body but fully covered on his human side. He was also an archer who carried magical arrows that could pierce the strongest of metals. "How..." the general spoke, "could I have fallen...for...such a...urk...AGH!". The sharpshooter went over to Nuttingham, who was lying on the floor, to make sure he was alright.
"Nuttingham, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine but why did you summon the medallion for? We were only going to use it for emergencies."
"I think saving your life counts as an emergency."
Nuttingham started to get up. "The medallion only had a little bit of power left. It's gone to waste now."
"Don't worry. I'll put the last of its power to use."
As all this was happening, the blade general was trying to cross the giant gap. He ordered his soldiers to build a bridge for him; by linking their hands together and having one soldier grabbing one end of the chasm and doing the same for the other side. "Stand still!" said the general, "Don't wobble about! You're going to make me fall!". As the general struggled to keep his balance on top of his soldier bridge, he looks up and notices the sight of the centaur warrior. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF LAR IS THAT!?" No sooner that he said this, a barrage of arrows where heading in his direction. It was a shower of golden arrows, striking the soldiers down. One hit the general in the shoulder. The general screamed from pain as he ended up dropping to the bottom of the chasm. Our two heroes, covering themselves with their arms from the magical dust being left from the arrows, were joined by their magical companions.
"You defeated the generals." said the girl.
"Yeah." replied the sharpshooter.
"To think they have been harassing us for years on our adventure, and now they're gone."
Nuttingham suddenly exclaims. "LOOK!" He pointed eastward in an exciting manner. Everyone looked in the direction and suddenly a feeling came to them. Mixed feelings to be exact. No one knew what to expect at this moment, for they have finally arrived. They have finally reached the Demon's Castle entrance. The giant gates were upon them and they gazed at it feeling both a sense of pride and a sense of fear. However they were too preoccupied with the sight of the castle to notice the soldiers waiting for them at the bottom. There was a commandant along with his elf troops of a few 50.
"The two generals have been defeated, Commandant." spoke one of the soldiers.
"Yes, I know." replied the commandant.
"What do we do now?"
"We got no choice. Summon the monster to attack them."
"Yes sir."
The centaur warrior summoned from the medallion had used up it's last strength. It suddenly grew brighter and brighter then dimmer and dimmer. Finally only the outline was seen and slowly it started to vanish.
Nuttingham looked at the sharpshooter. "The medallions power is gone but at least we've defeated the generals."
"Yeah," replied the sharpshooter, "but don't forget, there is still an entire army within the castle."
As if to break the mood intentionally, the ground started to rumble. It was a very fierce tremor that cause everyone to lose balance. The little sorcerers got down quickly but Nuttingham and the sharpshooter fell down on their backs. "WHOA!" cried out Nuttingham. "What's going on? Is this an earthquake?" As the sharpshooter was getting up, the floor beneath him was starting to crumble. He prepared to jump out of the way before the earth swallowed him, but to his surprise, the earth suddenly shot up. No. It was not the earth that raised him, it was a giant knife!

999,995,702 words left.


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